January 21, 2015

Michelle Emerson, Faith O’Toole and Martin Schulman Hosted an Amazing Seminar and Field Research Event at The Sanctuary at the Haven, 112 West Market Street, Charlottesville, VA on April 4, 2015 featuring Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH, Crypto-Anthropologist/Health Consultant
Topics of lecture:
1. History of Hairy Giants 2. Science and Evolution 3. The Bigfoot/UFO Connection 4. Personal Encounters
5. Research Statistics 6. Healing and Light Workers 7. Slide Show 8. Sasquatch Meditation using “Shungite” stone
9. Dynamics of Mental Telepathy (discuss 3 types of Mind-Speak) 10. Interdimensionalism and the importance of Psychic Communication
4.4.15 Charlottesville VA 03

4.4.15 Charlottesville VA 02

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