January 21, 2017

We are excited to announce that Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis will be speaking at In5d’s “Lifting the Cosmic Veil” conference in Seattle, WA on March 18, 2017 about the critical Sasquatch Message to Humanity.
They will be presenting among some other wonderful speakers such as:
Michelle Walling – Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, & radio show host
Brad Johnson – The Reality Whisperer & channeler of Adronis from Sirius
Eric Raines – Energy Healer & Implant expert
When you attend an In5d event with like minded people, something magical happens. Many people experience activations of psychic abilities and healing or energetic balancing. Many of the speakers (as well as the attendees) carry cosmic codes from the star systems that they are from, and have worked really hard to have a clear energy field that will resonate to everyone around them. To be in this kind of energy with many people is simply invaluable.
Many multidimensional beings join in as well. It’s always fun to ask the “seers” in the room who is joining us. Be prepared for a lot of fun and great information. Many people enjoy the satisfaction of meeting people like yourself that you can carry lasting relationships with far beyond the conference.
The In5d Lifting the Cosmic Veil Conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel, 18220 International Blvd.,Seattle WA 98188 in their main meeting room. The phone number for the hotel is (206) 246-5535.
The tickets, event schedule, and other details can be found at
We hope to see you there!
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