September 30, 2017

This is an active publication of “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, BOOK 3.” This title will be a collaboration of wisdom and messages shared from our Sasquatch and Star Elders to 12 human Ambassadors. Chapters will be updated here as they are written. When the third book is complete around Spring 2018, all proceeds of the sales will go towards funding the 2018 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat (formally called the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference) in Chewelah, WA.



by Kelly Lapseritis

I have recently connected with a high ranking Elder of the Teh’Dza-ah’tem race named Ah-Liah-Toe. This connection began after I visited a favorite place called Crystal Falls on August 11th and was alerted to his presence as he shared information with me about the area. He is a beautiful hairy man with an elongated head, and he has a very inviting and nurturing spirit. He told me that he had more information to share with me and asked that I return alone with pen and paper and that he would be my escort in the learning journey.

Yesterday (8/24/17), I returned to this sacred area and did as he suggested. He led me to a spot near the water that I would have never found on my own. Thick trees and giant megalithic boulders above me blocked most of the sunlight, but a brilliant beam of light was hitting a moss-covered rock near the water which I took as an invitation to sit and transcribe his message to me.

This is the message that I channeled and transcribed and was asked to share:

“Welcome back to this beautiful and sacred space we refer to as Ank-ta-neewa. Your people renamed this area Crystal Falls for the quartz caverns that surround it. Your ancestors helped to establish and shape the land as you see it today. As I told you before, my people, the Teh’Dza-ah’tem, were seeded in this very area, a hybrid species of the native Shaska (sasquatch) People and the long-headed race referred to as Anu’tins-ah’nae, who were evolved star elders that were builders and genetic engineers. They are the ones that created my hybrid race to assist in building this outpost and many others nearby. Because my people were created with great strength and endurance, the Anu’tins-ah’nae created more of us for this work in order to focus more on their genetic engineering. Over time, the Anu’tins-ah’nae lost their connection with the reality of Oneness and began treating my race as slaves rather than neighbors and allies. Over time, their empire began to crumble as they became more disconnected from the Council of Star Elders which seeded their race here with purpose.”

“Below your feet and throughout this sacred land is an abundance of pure quartz crystal which the Star Elders use to build high technology devices such as ships and interdimensional radionics machines. These advanced devices are high power energy sources that could create a harmonic balance within a wide radius of the area that it is programmed for. The Anu’tins-ah’nae taught my people how to use these devices, and once we noticed an imbalance in the mechanics, my Teh’Dza-ah’tem people commited to do this sacred work which thus allowed us to collectively raise our vibrations so that we were able to move onward, setting up these beacons to continually do the job without a physical being present. Most of the beacons and technologies are still place here in caverns and beneath the falls. As you can feel, this area is peaceful and balanced, a place of serenity that we revisit to re-charge. This is why you also feel the same about Ank-ta-neewa. For you, not only is it the sacred energy and balance, but also a connection to yourself and your ancestors. Sitting in this place, and on the same rock that you have sat many times, brings up ancient memories and awareness of who you are. “

“Eventually the Anu’tins-ah’nae abandoned this place as their collective reality took another turn. For reasons of safety and protection, the Star Elders asked my people to destroy some of the structures and hide secret entrances so that lower density civilizations would not find and misuse the sacred energy and objects that remain.”

“My people have not been involved with your human people except for the few like you who have ancestral links to us. But now, as we enter this new dawn, we are reaching out more to your people who remember your connection to us and Ank-ta-neewa. As many portals have been open and bridges built to link up our realities and memories, many more of your people will remember your other existences. This also plays an integral part in understanding our interdimensional nature. One day soon, this sacred area will once again be inhabited by races of highly evolved beings, including your new human people. We ask you to hold the space of love and balance as you come deeper into this awareness.”

“It is with the greatest pleasure that I deliver this message to you as it is a turning point in your own personal journey, as well as for all of Humanity. Thank you for your service and for sharing this message with your people to assist in your collective awakening. Blessings abound.”



by Kelly Lapseritis


Greetings, dear sister, and thank you for your dedication to transcribe these spiritual messages on behalf of the Sasquatch and Star Nations. You have been doing this for quite some time, receiving personal and collective memories that you have published for the benefit of many souls. As you now move into higher frequencies, you are ready to understand and relate many more interdimensional lessons for your people to advance your individual and collective spiritual development.


We would first like to explain to you why you have been “chosen” and why we have stated that it is now your turn to disseminate this information. Besides a long history of teaching and scribing, you have also asked for this duty, both through passion of the heart and personal manifestation. We are very excited for all beings that this information is now coming forth; you are aligned with your heart center in such a way that the words you share are not merely words to the reader, but can also be felt with their own hearts. When heart and soul combine to create words and wisdom, it activates energies and dormant DNA in those who dedicate the same energy towards reading it.

As you experienced from this past weekend during your second annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch gathering, Love is a universal language. It does not need to be written, spoken, or seen; only felt. Feeling is truly the only emotion that exists. Of course, you are able to see, hear, taste, and smell, but these senses are only activated with the emotion of feeling. So you are not hearing but rather Feel-Hearing. You do not see, but you Feel-See since all of these senses exist without a physical body having to be present. This is how my sasquatch people and other interdimensional beings are able to know what is happening on multi-dimensional levels, it can all be felt through the energies and frequencies put forth through those emotions. The souls attending your conference, those embodied and those who are not, could all feel the powerful love vibrations and portal to peace that opened as a result of your unconditional love for one another.


We have been working with many people to prepare them for this coming gathering, so whether they realized it or not, their prayers to Universe to understand and feel this connection were heard and answered. Many more will be waking up with this call in their hearts and will be joining the community of divine universal love. My people have been working closely with the hearts of many of our ancestors and twin mates to inspire these memories and soul connections with each other. The people attending the conference had tremendous spiritual experiences ranging from physical sightings, vocalizations, drastic healing, escalating vibrations, downloads of information, DNA activations, new perspectives, and several having strong psychic encounters with my people, Star Elders, and star ships that were visiting for the occasion. We thank you all for following your hearts and putting this into action as you share this growing love with all the souls you encounter in your life’s path.  With your open sharing and emanating Love Light, you will touch the souls of many more who are open to receiving this gift.


As I mentioned Twin Mates, there is a common misconception that each soul has only one perfect match for themselves out there in the Universe. This is a false idea as all souls are connected to the Divine Light, the Source which many refer to as God. Twin Mates are actually a group of like-minded souls that are connected through their cosmic work with the planes of Earth and the heavens as servers for divine love and healing. Twin Mates were created together, in a high vibration of Love frequency, but not all incarnate in physical embodiments together. Many of you will notice a very close bond with other interdimensional beings and guides whom you have never seen with your eyes, yet you know that you are family and connected through the soul. Every soul is connected to at least 144 Twin Mates which is where the biblical idea of the 144,000 was born – it is a Soul Family rather than a race of people or followers of a belief system. This is how many of your own Twin Mates may be found in the Sasquatch or Star Nations or even in Elemental, Spirit, or Animal Kingdoms.


Likewise, Twin Souls are beings who match a certain vibrational frequency. Twin Souls are more rare than Twin Mates and many may not meet theirs on Earth, but there twelve within your own personal Twin Mate Family who are dedicated to the same lightwork on earth, and more are recognizing each other as you move into these higher frequencies.


The most familiar of these terms to your people is the Twin Flame connection which is very far from a Soul Mate connection. The Twin Flame connection is even more uncommon, yet those with these connections have at least seven special soul connections. Twin Flames are always connected at the heart, a very special relationship of memoires and love whom you have worked with in higher dimensional planes and here on earth as well. Your twin flames do not change; they will remain the same throughout your eternal soul existence. Even more infrequent is the Twin Ray connection for which there is only one special soul that was created with the same Spark of Light from Creator Source. Most humans will never meet their Twin Ray as an embodiment, this wisdom comes once ascension has been achieved and can usually only be understood in non-physical dimensional realms. However, as consciousness continues to shift into higher vibrations, this connection can sometimes be found on the earth plane. The mission and responsibilities of the Twin Ray relationship will be identical.


Each soul has many Soul Mates who have arranged to incarnate together. All beings have many interchangeable Soul Mates that vary from existence to existence. Soul Mates enter our lives at necessary times to teach us lessons and assist us on our life path, sometimes personifying a positive or negative experience. Soul Families are large and Soul Mates could be male, female, animal, or spirit. All of these soul and twin connections may or may not be a romantic connection, the purpose of these connections are for soul advancement.


This is where the concept of marriage and commitment to relationships vary greatly between human laws and spiritual laws. Human societies condition us to believe that we should have one romantic partner for life, but this idea is causing a great disservice to souls. Like all relationships, our souls are meant to experience and grow but not all will do that at the same pace. Soul Mates enter our lives as a divine expression to self; to inspire and teach so that we can advance to the next level of understanding. There is no shame in allowing a relationship to take different paths; this is how the individual soul can truly grow. Once we have discovered that our mates are a mirror of our own vibrations, and a commitment is made to move yourself into a higher level of being, your relationship may change to allow room for a greater one ahead. Light cannot separate from Light, we are all One, no matter how our experiences may differentiate.


As many of you advanced souls have noticed, these are changing times and the foretold prophecies are upon us. Do not allow fear, doubt, worries, and negative emotions control your thoughts. Now is the time to remember your divine connection to Source and each other. The love you share for yourself and one another is more than enough to see you safely through these changes. Your perceptions of good and bad are changing by looking at the larger cosmic picture of events. How can you rebuild a broken house without starting with a new foundation?

We celebrate the loving souls who are dedicated to changing themselves in positive ways and thank you for your contribution for the collective soul advancement on this planet. We are all connected, all One.



It has been 10 days since I transcribed the first chapter from Kamooh for this third book in the series that was started by SunBôw. Within this time, I have been busy with many activities and guests that were still visiting after the second Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference and Retreat, learning amazing interdimensional lessons and doing dream-state work, and then recovering from a sinus infection and head cold I developed last week. Kamooh and our Elders have been waiting patiently for me to regain strength and to sit with them to share their messages for all.


“Thank you for taking this time to hear and transcribe our message. You have been ill but now healing after taking the opportunity to rest. This is an important lesson for all of your people to know and understand. While there are many reasons that a body may be at unease, ranging from spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental, and energetic reasons; it is often a combination of many of these factors. These down times allow you to reflect within to discover and heal the imbalances causing the dis-ease. As we have stated before, now is a great time of change, and many things will come to the surface to be dealt with so that they may be healed properly and permanently if you so choose.”


“Practicing meditation regularly assists in conscious communication with your own Higher Self, including your physical body, so that you can allow yourself to heal through compassion and understanding. This is achieved by entering different alpha and theta brain wave states in the mind, but we will share more of that aspect later. For now, we would like to discuss the importance of intentional thinking and thought projection.”


“We are pleased to see more of your people practicing positive thought projection and gathering to discuss and manifest your highest intentions together. You will soon be gathering in your community to help facilitate a new group, and many more are being called to gather in circles to take part in sharing and creating the experiences you wish to have. When a person writes down what they wish to manifest and then states them out loud, it focuses that energy and your thoughts towards the creation. When this is done with two or more people, it is magnified more with each person that contributes to the thought.”


“This is why we also see so much collective negative thought projections where a majority of your uncivilization believes that war, racism, and beliefs of control are justified and the only sensible resolve. However, that mindset is primarily fed by medias, governments, and religions that your human people allow to control their thoughts by neglecting your own power of divine discernment and discrimination. By staying in a space of compassion and gratitude, collectively supporting one another’s ideas and trusting them to manifest, you send magnificent waves out into the Universe and increase the toroidal energy created with your collective thought projections, creating realities at stellar speeds.”


“As mentioned in the previous chapter, many of you are connecting with souls and mates from previous incarnations, walking the same path of higher consciousness and spiritual dharma in service to others. Most of these connections were previously arranged and cosmically aligned to occur during this time of awakening for many of your human people which is why you instantly feel familiar with each other, as if you have known them forever. Up until this time, your people have been stuck in a pattern of history repeating itself, due to belief systems of disempowerment. There are many ancient stories of doomsday scenarios which stagnate energies from arising to positive change in consciousness; causing humanity to be trapped in a repeating pattern of destruction and “end times” scenarios as prophesied.”


“As we now shift into higher dimensions of consciousness, your people are learning that you are the Creators of your own story; and it is time to write a new story based in love and divine awareness. The choice is yours to repeat history or to create a new reality, in the Now moment, for Now is the only moment that exists.  We, your Sasquatch relatives and Star Elders are here to assist and guide you into this new space of existence. We are all a part of your own higher selves, existing in all time continuums and probability realities, so in actuality, your own future selves are guiding you, as well as your ancestors and angels, to co-create and witness this marvelous awakening of ourselves as one unified consciousness transcending time and space.”


“Mother Earth is changing rapidly, and your people will change with her as she is reborn into a new higher vibration. As she heals from the destruction that has left her battered and bruised, you will see an increase in events such as storms, floods, fires, and earthquakes; so too will your people feel a need for cleansing and healing through the sentient being, our Mother, known as Gaia. Grounding and anchoring your energies directly into the earth is necessary for your people to connect with the higher vibrations and frequencies that we are moving into. Grounding is beneficial for yourselves and your Mother who sustains your life, and it is also strengthens your connection with the vibration of higher realms where your guides, angels, ancestors, and elders reside. If you choose not to align with these higher vibrations, you will not have the awareness of their presence, nor will they be able to reach you effectively.”


“Many of your people are hearing the call to connect more deeply with your Earth Mother through personal lifestyle changes or working with high energy areas such as sacred sites or places that contain ley lines or vortexes. My Sasquatch people have done much work to be care-keepers and balancers of earth’s energies, and now more of your people are also shifting into this role as you remember this knowledge inscribed in your DNA. Connecting and re-aligning with energies, elementals, and gridpoints on earth, at specific sites and during certain time-portal openings or gateways, can be done by visiting in your embodiment or etherically by anchoring your energy and intentions to these places. As we re-integrate with these energetic/consciousness systems, we are connecting wisdom and technology from many ancient civilizations, which is what sustains communications with all life forms on earth and beyond.”


“Your spiritual sister, Katie IndiCrow, has recently prepared a guideline titled “Connecting In: A Gridwork Ascension Basics Handbook” that offers a wealth of knowledge on the grid systems, dates, and exercises to assist your people in connecting and anchoring sacred energies within earth. We have assisted her in the transmission of this work as well as escorted her to many of the sacred sites that she has worked with. We are grateful for this opportunity to share this knowledge with your people and look forward to the ascension energies that these actions with bring. Please proceed to share her handbook now for the greatest good of all.”


Connecting In: A Gridwork Ascension Basics Handbook,’

Prepared in Loving Service by Katie IndiCrow:



Connecting In: A Gridwork Ascension Basics Guide

Prepared in loving service by Katie IndiCrow

From her active online publication titled “Connecting In: A Gridwork Ascension Basics Handbook”


This is a simple information guide that seeks to introduce some basic information about Gaia’s planetary grid-system. It is designed to provide those interested in participating in ascension by intentional vibrational raising and re-connection of these grids with the basic information they require to do so. I have been coordinating a series of activities around this effort, and am engaged in this work on an ongoing basis. This piece complements that work, and you are invited to join in with it should you feel called. I will release additional information in response to mission ascension and the types of group activities and service coordination that I am called to contribute. These words began being penned in fall 2017. It is entirely possible that the techniques described herein may need to be adjusted as the vibration within which they are used continues to shift.


I am Katie IndiCrow. I am a gridworker, energy aligner, and gatekeeper. I have worked with the grids for as long and in as many lives as I remember. I am pleased to relay what I have learned to you. Gridworking, very simply put, has much to do with managing various flows of energy, information, and travel connected to (and through) the earth. The time has come for gridwork to begin being acknowledged and understood by those who are ready to take a more active part in supporting the next phases of mission ascension, and healthy function from there. This is but a snippet of material, created as an introduction/refresher for those seeking to get a better understanding of this process and are seeking ways to contribute to it.  


What I share with you in this and all my pieces are humble offerings based on the knowledge I have built over my lives, as I understand it in these moments. There are many different sorts of gridwork, techniques, and focal points that extend beyond what is introduced here. These tidbits are versatile and this basic knowledge is one upon which you can build over time. I remind all of you that no act of love is too small. Every heart and act in alignment counts. Even five minutes a day anchoring light into the grids is a help.


*Please note that this is the condensed version of an ‘active’ publication. It has a multi-media component, with access to live links and the larger body of work from which it developed throughout. Be sure to click them as you come to them, for they offer a dynamic and light encoded component to the topics that are up for discussion.*

The full version of this handbook can be accessed here:



1.1 Introducing The Grids

Simply put, the grid systems are the consciousness and energy systems of the earth. As has been understood through most of the 20 into early 21st centuries, there are 3 of them: the magnetic grid, the Gaia grid, and the crystalline grid. We are currently in the process of reactivating/connecting an integrated grid system that connects technology from multiple civilizations which is the most efficient and cohesive way of sharing information, transportation, and sustaining energetic distribution and flow throughout the earth.


The grids form an information/energy/consciousness system which sustains life and communication on this planet. What they do now is not what they have always done, nor what they always will. What we understand about the grids today is incredibly limited HOWEVER our continued efforts clearing and aligning continuously reveal ever more specific instructions on how to work with, support, and service them. (And when I say them, I mean us. We are the grids and they are us.


You know how we require air to live? It is that kind of relationship.) They can be used as travel points, communication networks, frequency and knowledge holders, and of course serve the very special purpose of supporting life here on earth. Although not everyone spent their lives dedicated to gridworking in societies past, a general knowledge of how this system worked was present. This recognition/remembrance is there for us to reconnect.


Many of you are familiar with the term ‘ley lines’. In short, these are the energetic pathways that form an interconnected energy system that links up at little nodal and intersection points throughout the earth. These nodal points are sometimes highlighted by sacred sites, mounds, or natural features such as rivers or trees which dot intersections/vortexes/sites that can be used for various aspects of energy or information management. The appearance and interlinking of the grid systems has been shifting over time, and we are currently in the process of aligning points of intersection for New Earth. Some people view this system as resembling a mandala of criss-crossing lines that encapsulates the entire planet. Others feel it. How you connect to the grids largely depends on you.


While there are many more structural and functional capabilities of the grid system, it is the notion of vibration holding and reconnection that are the focal points of this piece. The vibration on Gaia has increased significantly since the beginning of 2016. Evidence of this is found in the continual rise of the Schumann Resonance, the increased visibility of light spectrum which is reflected in the beautiful ‘light photos’ and videos so many of us are sharing. Much is possible now that was not one short year ago, and a big part of the reason for this is that the energetic heaviness that was weighting us down have been shed. Yippee!!!! Now a new wave of work has begun.


1.2 How Gridwork Supports Ascension

As just about everyone finding this piece would be aware, we are currently in the midst of a process called ‘ascension.’

So what is ascension? At its most basic description, it is the process of raising the vibration of ourselves and this planet. In order to personally ascend, many of us born pre-2012 have had to work through and release accumulated energetic baggage that was keeping our vibrations down, veils on, and connection to our true I AM selves at bay. In the process of personal ascension, we connect to and clear out our energetic and then astral bodies. As we have done this, we have shifted our energetic vibration. As within, so without. Working with the gridsystem is a way we can facilitate this process at a planetary level.


Throughout the darkening/veiling period, the energetic capabilities of the grids were impacted in that they could not function in the lowered vibrational state and without maintenance/care. Knowing the importance of the gridsystem for the creation/return to 5d earth, obstructing its function became a key suppression strategy by Cabal and other interests who did not stand for the freedom and freewill of Gaia and her children. In addition to working on taking over control of access points through the grids, they intentionally created energetic depressions upon key points to obstruct future flow and connection of information and energy. This was done through many acts including pollution, wars, burying bodies or hosting imprisonment centers, dark magic rituals, and more on sites located at key points on the ley lines. The Black Forest in Germany and Cathedral Grove in Canada are two examples of this. Its result was to obstruct, block up, or fracture the spokes of the grid network that weaves within/throughout Gaia and those who live here. Many beings worked to protect the grids during this time. Our purpose was to maintain energy/information points, and as such preserve that which was built so that we may return to, revive, and continue to build as we enter our New Earth experience.


As the veiling progressed, and the Cabal/dark agenda(s) took hold, a grand hunting of those beings connected to gridworking occurred. Our knowledge of the grids and the system fell away from public memory and practice. The craft was lovingly kept alive by generations of lightworkers who quietly went about keeping the ley lines of the earth connected, preserving the knowledge and ways of being that we had so carefully laid within them which would be awakened in the future by people like you and me.


The pains that were taken to obstruct the grids and silence those of us who cared for them serves as an indication of just how important they are to the re-creation and re-connection to Gaia, and the god-self of which each of us is part.  Turning them back on to ‘full’ power is an incredibly important part of ascension. Why? The frequency of her vibration is held within them, the collective consciousness which is to be the basic operating system of Gaia’s children is within it, and so too are the remainder of the knowledge and activations stored there by us to be reconnected now to support the creation of new earth (and return to the creator self). That is just a short list.


1.3 Anchoring and Aligning Helps Turn the Grids Back On

As within, so without. This means that just as we have had to clean out our own energetic and astral bodies to connect and align to ascension, we must also support Gaia (and for some of us, star populations) through this process by cleaning out, activating, and aligning the grids and the spaces they connect. The re-connection of grids and energizing of the crystalline grid is incredibly important part of our growth and is a task that requires widespread effort. It is one of the initiation tasks that lies ahead of us as and I believe whole heartedly that we can do this.


I previously mentioned the intentional disconnection of key grid and mound points to obstruct energy flow and consciousness. All places that have fallen out of alignment have not necessarily had something terrible happen on them.  Some have simply fallen out of connection and/or worked so long holding space without support from us that they eventually lowered their vibration and went to sleep. There are many trees, rocks, bodies of water and elemental beings that are connected to them who have served as energy cleansers, teachers, and vibe raisers out on the grid points. Some of these live on energy vortexes, like Sedona, where people go to actively feel and participate in experiencing the flow of energy. These spaces serve us through raising and holding vibration. As part of the veiling, many people forgot about the importance of giving love back, providing ‘tune-ups’ and service to them when needed. These sites and beings can get tired, their vibration may lower, and sometimes they go to sleep. When they go to sleep, they fall out of alignment and thus, we wind up having stagnant and blocked up points on the grids.


One of the main reasons I created this offering is to provide seekers with an understanding of the importance of caring for and connecting back in these points on the grids.


Re-connecting and re-aligning gridpoints and the elementals/energetic beings supporting them is a hugely important task that each of us choosing love has the potential to do. Sites have varied and multiple and complementary capabilities. Different dimensions of service facilitate various extensions of threads of re-connection, information sharing, and energy flow. Keeping it general for the sake of introductory discussion, every connection re-made and every space cared for is an additional thread in the tapestry of the system of the grids which ultimately creates a more strongly woven web of connection for us all to enjoy.


For example: Connecting to a tree with Christ light and simply thanking it for its service while it has its body cleansed (much like we do ours), is a powerful activity. Once being refreshed, that tree becomes a stronger anchor of light for its area. The more trees, rocks, blades of grass, elemental beings, animal friends, soil – whatever it is – that you connect in and share love/Christ light with in that environment, the more high vibe it gets. This type of activity is an incredibly important yet oft overlooked aspect of service. (See exercise 3.2 for detailed description of how to do it.)


This mission is so important that I have been consistently sharing about it through IndiCrow Energetics, Love Wave (mission now concluded), and Rainbow Guild. Thank you for taking the time to read this, participate, and share in this work.


1.4 How To Light Up Your Area

As we move about our lives, we often times find ourselves being drawn to visit a grove of trees or to sit on a particular bench. We like being in these spaces because they have a ‘good energy’, which can often be related to the flow and connection of the grid-system and the beings that serve Gaia’s energy system there. As I have found over the years of doing gridwork, the act of connecting in and offering ourselves to share love and service in the spaces we frequent is a simple yet profound activity that helps keep them balanced and flowing freely. The world around us is very much alive, and taking the time to get to know it is a really fun and rewarding activity. I how to connect in to this process in the exercise entitled, ‘Hearing the Call’ (see section 3.4 for further description).


When you begin to open yourself up to feeling and connecting to your environment, you will also learn how to speak its language. The best way to hear and understand Gaia and her children is to allow ourselves to get to know them better. As you get more comfortable with this process, you will start to understand and hear the land in new ways.



2.1 What Alignment Dates Are and Why They Matter

The gridsystems have been the focus of service and social and energetic organization for many lifetimes, spanning multiple cultures. There are sites in each continent which align with celestial bodies including constellations, the sun, and the moon. While the depth of the capabilities of many sacred sites like Hill of Tara and Newgrange in Ireland, pyramid systems in Egypt, various doors and various mounds in the USA, South Africa, Canada and beyond remain to be recovered, we can agree that they are built in direct connection with that which occurs above (and below).


Building on what was begun in the past (and most often kept alive in Indigenous tradition), many members of contemporary lightworking communities honour alignments, today. Notable ones that many of you may have heard about include Lion’s Gate (August 8, with a portal alignment date spanning roughly 3-4 weeks), winter and summer solstice, fall and spring Equinox, and the Christmas timed gateway (December 21-25/26). One of the key factors defining a gateway or alignment moments are the cosmic and planetary configurations and the energetic transmissions that their positioning provides. Many of you reading this piece have likely experienced significant personal energetic transformation around these dates. The same type of energy that catalyzed that growth within you is available for us anchor into earth. 


Aligning in collective intention is an important part of/component to achieve certain parts of planetary ascension. Why is this? First and foremost, planetary ascension is being brought about through a series of actions which are based on free will. This means that we must make the knowing choice to ascend as a collective.



Many lightworkers have come here to facilitate this process. Choosing to connect in and be an anchor and/or conduit for ascension energies as discussed in part one on any day is a way to do that. Turning in on alignment days and with collective intention allows us to super-charge the impact of such actions. When we connect into the crystalline core of Gaia, secure ourselves in primary ascension timeline energies, and allow ourselves to be a conduit for these energies into earth IN UNISON, we are able to move mountains (and perhaps even raise a few sites)


2.2 Selecting Sites For Connection

How do we know where to anchor in and do service as we move through seasons of alignment dates?


In previous sections, I described how to connect in with sites in your area where you may contribute to alignment and ascension. These can be canals, riverways, city structures or any place that you feel called to consciously anchor light to. There are times when some of us are called to work on sites that were designed to harness energy from the configuration to funnel and distribute it into the gridsystem. Have you ever felt like you needed to travel to pilgrimage sites or very specific locations at notable points of the year or your life? If so, you may have been hearing ‘the call’ to participate in anchoring as part of your soul’s journey and personal activations/service work (which we know are pretty much one in the same).


When you find these places, a similar process applies to connecting in to where you might like to work on ‘alignment’ dates (or in their preparation). The typical stories that people hear about gridwork include a small number of sacred sites and secret ancient work happening in far-flung regions. It is not always about big trips to sites like Stonehenge or hiking through Peru. Many of you reading this piece live in close proximity to sites that bear energetic significance for the maintenance and activation of the grids. They exist in all continents, and serve to form an interconnected network whose function we need to re-discover and activate them.


How do we find the sites in our areas? A little bit of intuitive research goes a long way. As part of the veiling, many of us have forgotten that there are features that have been created in alignment with one another and celestial bodies scattered throughout each continent. Because of this, it is not always immediately apparent where to look. We are collectively rebuilding and returning this knowledge through service and caring acts like the ones being suggested in this offering. A reliable place to begin your search is to consider which areas were being honoured by Indigenous populations and/or which are written about in folktales and local history. Examples of the manifestations of these sites may be where there have been mounds, petroglyphs, pyramids, medicine wheels, or and crystal caves. Visiting them, helping to clear and align them, and getting to know them will help you understand when and how to use them. It is important to respect and honour these spaces. When entering them, remember to honour their needs and specifications as described in section 3.4.


A main reason why gridworkers like me travel between sites and train people how to work with them is that we are continuing to maintain or re-building their connection. As ascension continues, it becomes increasingly important for people to become involved in the activation, maintenance, and understanding. This is going to take embodied participation and cooperation on an international level. I have created Rainbow Guild as part of my service to facilitate this process.


2.3 The Power of Coming Together

In the coming months and years, the importance of magnifying our intention and ability to anchor energy by coming together in cooperation, in physical and astral space, will continue to grow. Choice, embodiment, and aligned intention are the hallmarks of intention.


Joining together in sharing information, intention, and space is one of the most satisfying and joyous parts of this form of service. In addition to contributing to anchoring energy into Gaia, we are also gaining the chance to make friends and contacts to share this passion with. We are not alone, and getting to share stories and understanding with one another is so crucial to growth.


Throughout this piece, I have spoken in the context of ‘outdoor’ connection activities. It is possible to connect in to the grids to anchor light from wherever you are. ‘Together’ does not always have to happen in physical space. Joining in during unity meditations or taking a moment to anchor energy into the grids when you feel waves beginning to flow are great actions that you can take from any place, at any time. Consistent effort is important, and having a variety of tools that you use to ground in and connect makes you more able to creatively respond and serve in any situation.


2.4 Working on Ourselves as We Work the Grids

Working on gridwork also involves working on yourself. As you begin to become more intricately connected to alignment dates and the energy they carry, you will find yourself becoming more aware of their flow and power. The best way to understand how ascension energies work is to observe and ‘nerd out’ on the process as it occurs within and through you. Part of the fun of ascension is getting to understand how it all works, which contributes to our own mastery and I AM embodiment.


One of the final thoughts I would like to leave this section of expression and move into the next with is the importance of dedicating to yourself through your own personal practice. Making sure that you are in your highest possible vibrational alignment and taking the time to care for yourself is part of this, too! Taking the time to secure your energy to primary ascension timeline energies, and allowing your body to be cleared and aligned throughout your day (and especially prior to service) will ensure that you are progressing in the most efficient way you can.


Part 3: EXERCISES (volume 1)

3.1 Connecting to the Crystalline Core/Grids as a Personal Anchor Point

Taking care of clearing, aligning, and lifting the vibration of your energy body is an incredibly important part of the lightworking process. Prior to every act of service, I connect into the crystalline core of Gaia and allow myself to adjust and raise my vibration.

  • Connect to the crystalline core of Gaia and align yourself with your main energy point (galactic centre/great central sun for many);
  • Release that which no longer serves you, including secondary and tertiary timelines
  • Call in the highest vibration of energy that you are able to hold and allow it to begin ‘charging’ your body;
  • Call in your aspects/astrals and allow this energy to align and calibrate your energy body as a ‘whole’;
  • Connect to primary ascension timeline energies and allow your energy body to embody that vibration as part of its operating system


After having done this, you have taken care of aligning and calibrating your own energy body. From this point on, you are now able to begin acting as a conduit for high vibe energy that you are ready to work with or pull through.


3.2 Calling in Christ Light/Ascension Energy and Preparing Spaces

Building on the process described in 3.1

  • Once you have cleared and aligned, you are able to call the Christ light into your energy body (which is always a great way to continue the process)
  • You are already connected to the crystalline core. Further your intention and connect fully into the crystalline grid.
  • Intend to act as a conduit for that energy, allowing yourself to act as an anchor point allowing it to spread into the grids all around you (variation one)
  • or if you are working with a tree, body of water etc Call in the Christ light and visualize it connecting to the top of a tree (or whatever you are bringing it into). Help bring it down into the tree (or whatever it is) and visualize the light filling up, clearing, and aligning into highest good – Intend for the light to extend and connect into other gridpoints

(see exercise 3.4 for more information on hearing a space and how you know what to  bring into it)


3.3 Gateway Gridwork

This is a topic that gets shared about heavily in my personal forums. The types of energy we work with on these days and how we use them can be influenced by the alignments we are in. People like me share strategy in alignment with these dates. Stay involved by joining us on FB or our various other forums.

  • Using the basic strategy outlined in exercise 3.1, align yourself to primary ascension timeline energy and ensure you have taken care of yourself first
  • Continuing with the basic strategy described in 3.2, call in the energy and serve as a conduit for it
  • Imagine yourself and the light you are anchoring ‘reaching out’ to connect with other lightworkers sharing in work around the globe.


3.4 Hearing the Call: Determining What To Do and Where

One of the most important parts of service work is ‘hearing the call’ to a place or space.

Service, in many instances, begins with humbly connecting to spaces and the beings who live and work there.

  • Connect into and align your energy to the space as described in exercise 3.1
  • Connect into primary ascension timeline energies and intend to only speak with/connect to beings in the space who have the freedom, freewill and autonomy of Gaia and her children in their intent
  • Introduce yourself and state your intention
  • Hang out in the space. Connect in and see what is required of you. Does an area feel like it wants to be sat in? Head over and anchor in some love while having fun with a friend.
  • If required, you can use the technique from 3.2 or 3.3 to bring in various sorts of clearing, aligning, or connecting energies.


Over time, your relationship with spaces that you frequent and the beings that you work with there will grow.


***This activity is incredibly versatile and works well in stabilization moments as well. They key here is to listen and act in primary ascension timeline energies***



By Kelly Lapseritis


“You have experienced many instances of multi-dimensionalism through shared encounters with others in your soul group. During the 2017 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event, now referred to as the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat, many in your family experienced extra-sensory perceptions of unusual sights, sounds, smells, and feelings simultaneously. Several witnessed star ships dancing in the skies while others collectively could hear sounds like tree knocks, vocals, drumming, singing, and other-worldly dialect. Many more of you could see visibly the orbs of light that surrounded you at the campus which were also captured on film by your soul brother, Derrell. As you noticed with our naked eye, shapes and colors appeared before you and when the camera flashed and captured that moment, the developed image showed you exactly what you all witnessed.”


“It is evident that the veil is thinning and that as your vibrations rise to align with higher frequencies, you will experience many more multi-dimensional phenomenon that your scientists still do not have solid explanations for. The study of quantum mechanics and spirit science is on the rise, and with our previously transcribed messages from SunBôw, these facts can be tested in real-time and space to prove these anomalies to yourself for a deeper understanding of trans-dimensional existences.”


“A few days after the gathering, you and SunBôw sat on the back porch of Mary Alyce’s home, a sacred land with much ancient history, and encountered many magnificent revelations together through bi-location in multi-dimensional realms. Together, you could hear small voices speaking a star language just a few feet in front of you. You both experienced the same beings, voices, and messages as you were both tuned in to the same frequency and heart-space. Immediately after hearing these sounds, we assisted you in astrally projecting your consciousness elsewhere as you were away of leaving your body and flying in a northwest direction towards our Mothership. During this time, your physical body turned to auto-pilot and your consciousness was fully with us in another realm. Moments later, your astral body returned to your physical body with an obvious jolt as you settled back in. This sudden jolt in the re-joining process did not perfectly align and therefore, your light body was moved 3 degrees off center, enough to allow your physical body to respond with sensations of feeling ill. It was at this point that your physical symptoms of a sinus infection began. This was an important lesson for you to remember so that you can consciously align your astral and light bodies to prevent further dis-ease. Even with physical illness though, it allows your body to respond in ways that you can clear and heal that which does not serve you, so sickness always offers great opportunities for growth, alignment, and ascension.”


“When your consciousness returned to your physical body, you wanted to explain your experience to SunBôw, but found that you could not find the words to describe the incident. We channeled through you audibly that you were taken aboard a ship and then we escorted you back on board with your Bi-location Light Body. You then stood in awe in the lobby of the spaceship, studying the magnificent architecture and materials of which it was made. As you gazed upon the fluid, interlocking walls and ceilings made of strong shell-like material (found beneath the surface of earth’s oceans), you became aware that you were fully conscious in two places at once. Your mind was fully intact and aware of every physical surrounding, where you sat, the sounds and smells encompassing your embodiment, but you were also fully conscious of all ten of your senses within the ship. You were able to feel the presence of SunBôw beside you and asked aloud, “Are you here? Do you see what I do?” for which no answer was necessary as you were able to perceive him immediately at both places at once. You both were able to see the glowing indigo plates of the Terrapin Spaceship and the gigantic room that it opened up in to. Your guide, Nak-Tung of the Intergalactic Alliance Council greeted you both and escorted you on a tour around the ship. The tour was a series of astral projections also as you did not need to walk the corridors of the ship, he simply showed you the different rooms and stations that you were to view that day.”


“Nak-Tung showed you different parts of this ship, which is usually located beneath bodies of water on the earth plane, which includes a vast terrarium of modern and ancient earth plants and flora with great medicinal values to all native species. You then both took to private sections of the ship for your own unique lessons in understanding elements of your higher selves. SunBôw verbalized his meeting with a sad yet healing entity named Gaia, the being that is your Earth Mother, as he channeled a message from her about her feelings and current state of affairs. While you were listening to this message, also still aware of your physical presence on the porch, you were also shown a maternity ward on the ship for your first conscious memories of meeting your own hybrid children, who were of many races and levels of maturity. You have been here many times before, but your memories of your visitations and birthings before this time were protected from your e-motional body until you were ready for this conscious memory. The delivery process aboard is easy and painless, nothing compared to the sufferings your earth women experience. You can recall the physical sensations, the labored breathing and feeling of release as we assisted this new life into an astral realm but without the pain or emotions that your physical body experiences during childbirth. You felt nothing but honor and pride for a higher purpose as you delivered this new life, this new soul, as a part of the new humanity. This act bonded you as one, rather than feelings of separation and you developed a new understanding for your own role in this important hybrid program for new civilizations.”


“As you remember, we explained to you that you chose to involve yourself in this program to heal of past karmas and to create great spiritual dharma for yourself, humankind, and all beings throughout the Universe who wish to see interplanetary ascension of Christ Consciousness. Many of the hybrids that you assist to create through tantric alchemy are of different earth species including my sasquatch people, dolphin people, some evolved human people of your soul group, and many different star races including avian, reptilian, and ichthypods. You have met many human people in the last few years who have contributed to, in some way, to the creation of these hybrid beings, most of whom you feel a deep soul connection with and whom you would innately call your Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, etc. You have also noticed that many of these people have expressed to you that they do not feel that they are human, that they don’t “fit in”, or cannot understand the ways of the human world. That is because they are inexperienced on the earth plane and can genuinely not relate to human matters. These people are treasured gifts and wise beyond their young earth years. Open your heart to their feelings and concerns, for they have a lot of wisdom to teach experienced humans. Compassion and understanding are key to acceptance and peaceful interspecies relations.”


“Because this was quite a shock to your physical body, to consciously be aware of and remember this process and to meet these new souls, we immediately took you to a healing chamber upon the ship. The time spent there was far longer than the birthing process took and you could feel the etheric and physical sensations of this renewal and healing in both your physical and Bi-location Light Body. It felt like a day at the spa, getting pampered and refreshed as you deserve. It is an honor and celebratory event when full waking consciousness can accept and remember these simultaneous existences and the important roles that your higher self plays in the betterment of your planet and collective consciousness. For this, we honor you and thank you.”


“Once you exited the healing chamber on the Terrapin Spaceship, your consciousness was returned to your physical body. It took some time to settle back into your skin after such an experience, any you and SunBôw discussed your shared experience. While he channeled his message from Gaia and you were in the healing chamber, you also simultaneously learned the same information together, that your bi-location experience was actually a tri-location experience. You did not immediately tell him about what you learned in the maternity ward, but he later told you that he was informed of the same information regarding some human DNA, including his own, being used in the creation of hybrid races for the new earth humanity.”

“For quite a few months, you have been joining with other races and councils in other time continuums to learn of the impact of (linear) past and future impacts on the current state of consciousness. You have journeyed into past existences, probability realities, and future (simultaneous) existences for a deeper understanding of how it is all interconnected and the impact that every moment makes. You have been reminded of past human lives so that you may release and heal of any emotional traumas that you have assigned to yourself so that you may move forward in a space of love. You have also journeyed thousands and trillions of years into the future to see the impact that your current human embodiment has made on the future generations of earth’s humanity. You have seen that races evolve into others, passing the torch to the next highly evolved race, and you have seen that the human race will transition into a new race of humans.  This is nothing new as the people of earth have been doing this for eons, but we are now entering the fifth cycle of this major shift. Each one of you is here for a reason during this time; you chose to incarnate now to assist in this awakening.”


Chapter 5

By Kelly Lapseritis


“Your Earth Mother is experiencing many changes as several of you have felt especially in recent days. Not only are intense magnetic storms affecting human consciousness, but it is also waking up Gaia from her slumber into a new awareness for which she must also heal. Her awakening allows mass consciousness awakening for all beings so that we may align with Selfless Service energies and the higher density that we are shifting into. Mother has been neglected for quite some time, but the intentions of positive thought, prayers, and meditation is allowing her to break her chains of bondage.”


“There are eleven other sister planets that are undergoing the same kind of conditions. Two of them are prison planets like Earth, but she is the place with the highest maximum security, making it nearly impossible to free yourselves of karmic cycles. However, this is rapidly changing as well as your people are quickly realizing the truth that you have the power to decide the outcome.”


“The lower lords have devised many systems of failure for the human race to ensure, within their power, that humans are not successful in remembering their divine connections. Whenever a soul incarnates into the Earth plane, they are created with a trichotomy within; Body, Soul, and Spirit. Many religious texts cover up this personal connection with similar misinformation that the trichotomy exists only within the spiritual realms and not within our souls themselves. Babies are born with this trichotomy intact which is why they are so much more open and accepting than adults. They are born with this divine wisdom within but it is taught out of humans unless great efforts are taken to avoid exposure to the false human paradigm. When a person is taught or subscribes to religious indoctrination, they are accepting the false ideas and practices that one must succumb to a higher power or rely on an outside Source for divine guidance. The divine is within, most easily accessible through your heart center, which every being possesses, whether embodied or not.”


“Souls are able to shift to higher frequencies by re-establishing the trichotomy state and locking in those changes so that the false ideas do not return to your consciousness. This is most easily achieved by your state of awareness in the Now Moment. Being in the moment is when you will experience the biggest shifts. So many people regret their past, are not happy currently, and fear the future, never realizing that these are all just concepts of the mind and a hologram which you have created for yourself. We have explained many times that all timelines and probability realities occur simultaneously, all in the moment of Now.”
“We are pleased to know that your people are realizing your connection to past lives and experiences, for this knowledge is pertinent in understanding who your true divine self is. It is equally important to understand that these “past” and “future” realities are all happening Now. You ARE who you have always been and always will be. There is no need to wait for things to occur or to wish to go back in time; they are happening all right now. Linear time and space is merely an illusion. Your perceptions of them vary depending on where your viewpoint is on the torus-shaped reality hologram.”


“Many of your people are feeling this extreme shift in timelines. You may be more forgetful or notice how fast time is going by, or you even lose time that cannot be accounted for or end up in a situation that you cannot remember occurring. That is because time is accelerating and space is contracting; a hallmark sign that Earth is moving into another density (level of consciousness awareness). This is also why things and facts seem to change. Like the phenomenon your people refer to as the Mandela Effect, letters, words, and names change depending on your point of view in the hologram. Words and images that you perceive are dictated by the associated level or degree at that moment. Humans also see this reflected in what you think is solid scientific fact. The truth is that nothing is solid, everything is created by the flow of consciousness and is subjective to change. While some of your people may view this as problematic or unwanted experiences, it forces humans to live in the Moment of Now which is necessary for your ascension.”


“Many new humans are entering the Earth realm whose consciousness resides in higher vibrational densities. Your people put medical labels of disabilities on these children and young adults, but they are really much more grounded and connected with their higher selves and divine ancient wisdom than the generations before them. You will notice that most of these people, whose brains function much more differently than your average human adult, are often very connected with nature and animals. Nature and animals do not suffer from the idea of separation and are pure souls, much like these new humans with different ways of being from your modern societies. These innocent souls do not think in terms of separation, timelines, fairness, ego, and greed; they just ARE. There is not a grand ruler over them that tells them how to think or behave, they just live in the moment of Now. Their attention goes to Be-ing in the moment, nothing more and nothing less. They do not harness negative thought forms nor do they fight or destroy. Like an infant, they respond only in the Now Moment to their current concerns. Babies do not warn you that they will be hungry or dirty in 30 minutes, they respond only to the moment.”


“The lower lords are aware of the truth that humanity cannot evolve while living in past and future timelines which is why the fear-based ideas are pushed so heavily from the systems your people believe in such as religions, governments, hierarchies, and good versus evil. These ideas of separation also take you out the realm of Oneness and greatly affect the collective consciousness of humanity. The current race of humans have been genetically manipulated, more with each generation, to include many physical restrictions to keep you separated from Divine Cosmic Order. One of these alterations is the corpus callosum which is a dense fibrous structure in the brain that separates the right and left hemispheres of the mind. This was created as yet another technique for isolation and separation. Most evolved star races have a unified mind and do not have this structure in their brain. Many more of your human people are now entering this earth plane without a corpus callosum as well, and most of these souls are viewed as disabled or very talented, such as being able to paint two pictures or play two songs at once.”


“Humans such as yourself who have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), channel messages from divine sources, or have telepathic communication with interdimensional beings, have bridged the gap between their left and right hemispheres of the brain to allow these abilities to manifest. This bridging is done in the Moment when it is necessary to go into an ESP state. This bridging of hemispheres does not occur naturally in most humans and it should not be forced but allow to naturally happen when necessary.”


“Some of your human people experience conditions you call Grand Mal seizures or epilepsy which often stems from an incomplete remembrance of their ability to bridge their hemispheres. If the memory is incomplete, the bridging is partial which can initiate an electrical short circuit between the hemispheres which can manifest as an epileptiform seizure. This is not always the case, but can occur which is why we advise not to attempt to force this bridging. If you should ever encounter another having a seizure, you can often stop it successfully by placing your index finger on their Third Eye (central point) area and drawing and infinity sign on their forehead until the seizure eases.”


“The Lower Lords also genetically modified neurological functions as another attempt to cause more ideas of separation for the human people which is why you see more medical phenomenon occurring such as autism, zika, and many brain and neuro chemistry anomalies. They were created for selfish purposes to fit their agenda, but it backfired on the lower lords as they forgot to take the consciousness factor into consideration. This new race of humans, which your people refer to as Rainbow or Crystal children, are more deeply connected to the Divine Cosmic Order because they often function in deep meditative states and are great teachers of wisdom and compassion. Often their behaviors are not typical in regards to society’s expectations, and this is an opportunity to learn from their innocent way of being and practice respect for all life.”


“The new humans often choose to incarnate into situations or with souls who they know will care for their delicate human needs while reciprocating with unconditional love, teaching their elders and peers a pure perception of the divine. Most often, their parents, mostly mothers, would also be called a Star Seed by your definition, meaning that they also have an awareness of Divine Cosmic Order. It is time to honor the differences and unique talents and qualities that every being has to offer. There no humans, sasquatch, ascended masters, ultra-terrestrials or any other being that is above any other; all are equal and contribute to the Whole. No matter which density or level of consciousness you personify at any moment, each soul has gifts to offer in that moment to help co-create reality. We all hold a space on this Sacred Spiral of Life.”




By Kelly Lapseritis


As I have humbly agreed to receive and transcribe these messages from our Elders, I have been experiencing some intense downloads of information and real-time interdimensional encounters. Kamooh and many elders have been present and communicating many important lessons to be included in this transcription. The knowledge is so massive and comes so quickly, that it is a challenge for my physical self to keep up. I decided to ground and center myself inside a sacred teepee and brought my notebook with me to document my experiences. Just before walking inside, a tree beside flung out a bunch of colorful leaves in front of my path. They looked like a condensed ball exploding orange, yellow, red, and green foliage, but in such a peculiar way that it could not have occurred naturally; they were moved with force as a sign to me that the Elders were waiting and ready to give more guidance.


Once inside the teepee, I was joined by a sasquatch called Sa’nah-tah-re’ll, a 15 foot tall gentle giant, who identified himself as a member of the Sixth Tribe of Sasquatch families from the Density Level of 5.6. He explained that there are twelve sasquatch tribes in total, that reside on and off earth. He was very excited and almost child-like in his enthusiastic demeanor, bouncing and laughing and very joyous for the opportunity to connect. He addressed me with the following message:


“Glorious day, Sister. Yes, that was I who left a gift of colorful leaves, graciously given from the Tree Person. It is an honor to share this space with you. I am the spokesperson for my tribe of the Shaska’neatoo clan, assigned to work with you and some of your people. I have practiced connections with nature realms and human consciousness for quite a while and have been chosen to contribute vital information with you to share among your people. I am kin to your soul brother, George (an Ancient One/Sasquatch) and give you fair warning that I like to play and keep a happy laughing energy amongst my lessons. We will discuss many heart and spiritual matters; be prepared to engage with us in your open heart space. I look forward to this journey, and I and my people are always available and with you when you call. I like your braid and these apples. With a blanket of warmth, I welcome Us.”


Sa’nah-tah-re’ll also informed me that two more forest people that he is closely connected to will be assisting in the transmissions of wisdom for this book. Today as I sit here and call upon him and our Elders to share whatever knowledge they feel is important, Kamooh is looking on with loving guidance, along with many other forest people that I have been connected with throughout the years. At this moment, the concept of Oneness is felt and experienced as never before for me. I can feel and see each individual yet they blend together as one consciousness within my own. He is ready to share, and I can already feel within his energy field that he is jovial and I expect the message to reflect this.


Sa’nah-tah-re’ll says:

“In the last two days you have experienced many encounters of interdimensional time travel, timelines overlapping and bleed-throughs, and linear time expansion and contraction. We have assisted in the guidance of these lessons as we understand that it is beyond the realm of regular human perceptions. My people and the Star Elders are familiar with these concepts, we live them constantly, but for you, it was an introduction so that you could first experience these shifts in real-time so that they could be more easily explained to others through your encounters.”


“One of the first things that we would like to explain regarding timeline/hologram shifts is that NOTHING is ever standing or solid fact. The Multiverse is ever-changing and ever-flowing, with each thought, idea, or action that is applied by consciousness, it changes everything within and without. Some may argue that your intentions or personal manifestations are only for those experiencing it, but this is an untruth, an idea imposed by your current linear systems of belief. Every event affects everyone and every thought affects everything.”


“For example, as mentioned in the last chapter by Kamooh, your perception of reality is based on your viewing point within the hologram that you created as your reality. Each soul has a different view, and you encountered first-hand multiple views of your own and others. There are many more realities existing simultaneously since time and space are not linear.”


“If you hold Time constant and vary Space, you create a Probability Reality. This means that you exist in your present location at this time but also coexist in another location in a different time. If you hold Space constant and vary Time, you create Parallel Existences that allows you to experience past and future events simultaneously.

When you focus your energy, either in a conscious or unconscious state, you create another self, living the reality that you dream of, so in essence, you can live simultaneous lives within this reality.”



“Our planet and the entire Multiverse has an unlimited number of Probability Realities. Realities are created on systems of belief whereas Knowingness lies beyond that where Truth can be accessed directly. This is why you often just KNOW that you know something even if you do not know how you know it. Yes, that was meant to add a little fun to this serious topic. That’s right… SMILE!”


“When there is more than one person in a room, a Consensus Reality is always formed. You can perceive this reality whether there are 2 people or 2,000 in the room where every aspect of consciousness will agree that an object is the same. But much like an apple, each person’s perception of the apple is different. The color, texture, taste, etc. will be different for all. I told you I like apples, I will be using more in examples.”


“In a larger scale, all humans are in a Consensus Reality with all of Creation but you are not aware of it on a conscious level because your people have been conditioned to believe that we are not all connected to each other and everything else in the Multiverse. You must remember not to place a judgment or value on reality or it will vary even more. You have the opportunity in each moment to shift into a pre-existing Probability Reality by being aware in the Now Moment.”


“So as you encountered yesterday, you were able to experience with all of the senses with your physical body, a person in front of your home who did not appear to be from your current time or place. This young man was dressed in gear that did not match up to anything known in your current reality. You were shocked to see something that did not seem to exist, in full physical form, much different from the spirit entities that you have grown accustomed to. You captured a photo of this young man, and was even more surprised to see that it developed as you saw with your eyes. You shared this photo with a few others and communicated with a woman who believed that this photo was of her current young son but was adamant that it was impossible for the photograph to have been taken at the time it was since he was somewhere else at that time.”


“This was a prime example of these probability realities and bleed-throughs from other timelines. You experienced angry attitudes that tried to debate and even attack this Truth who were responding out of fear because their consciousness has forgotten the entire concept of interdimensionality and non-linear time to the point that they deny its existence. These fear responses are caused mainly by the unintegrated polarity in this density which does not promote peace, balance, or Oneness and causes the idea of separation and control-based linear belief systems.”


“After some time spent in a space of Higher Wisdom, you saw that the young man does indeed exist in the current local reality and that he does dress in the attire you saw him in, but the photograph was taken during a shift in the holographic reality as his consciousness merged with another time continuum at the moment that the photograph was taken. In other words, in your linear time system of belief, he was not physically in the place that you saw him, but his consciousness was. At the moment his image was captured, his consciousness had returned to the other reality, living a current probability reality that he created with his active daydreaming. The reason that you were able to see this with your naked eye is because you merged with that probability reality, which also existed due to the fact that his physical body has also created this by walking in the same space-time before so that it was, in essence, a manifested shadow-memory.”


“What this young man was not even aware of is that he is the embodiment of himself in another time continuum who walked that very path in similar clothing in another incarnation. His connection with this other aspect of himself is so strong, that without realizing it, he shifted timelines and merged with this past self, in the same consciousness. In that moment, he was not aware that he was a young man in the year 2017, but he was living the reality of a past life in the year 1859. In addition to this lesson, it was further exemplified when you checked back to view the photo later in the evening and it was gone. The file folder created, the sent records, and the original on the camera no longer existed. This was because the young man shifted back into another probability reality timeline that did not include your own in the consensus.”


“This young man is also one of the new humans we talked about which is why he is able to access these core memories and multiple realities within conscious meditative states with such ease. Now that it has been brought to your awareness, you will notice more of these people seemingly living in a “fantasy land” as your people so often call it, but it is actually a much more grounded connection to the Divine. Your current paradigm of control, greed, and separation is the actual fantasy; it only exists in the minds of those who believe it. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality and you have free will and choice in what you allow your reality to be. Will your apple be green, red, or yellow? Will it be soft or crunchy, worm or no worm, made into apple sauce or cider? You decide.”



Transcribed by Kelly Lapseritis as channeled by Sasquatch Elders
     Since publishing the last message from Sa’nah-tah-re’ll, many people have given praises and support for the knowledge shared as well as to Sa’nah’tah-re’ll. Many have expressed that they can feel his fun and loving energy as they read his message and they appreciate the light-hearted energy felt in the lesson as it’s easier for them to grasp the concept that way. It is wonderful to hear affirmations of what I am feeling as well. In addition to the positive comments from regular connections, it seems that chapter reached a broad new audience from all over the world. Viewing the online statistics and comments from strangers, this message has reached tens of thousands of people around the world from The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, many of which have not shown an interest in this topic before now or at least had not found these messages from our Sasquatch and Star Elders prior.
     Sa’nah-tah-re’ll tells me that part of the reason that his last message in particular is drawing in many more souls to find and learn this Truth. He has been chosen as I have to be a participant in this project, largely due to his light-heartedness and experience working with human consciousness to deliver messages in a way that reaches directly to our heart centers. He uses laughter and joy as teaching tools, just like many human teachers might use as they have discovered that children learn best when they are having fun. He says that many feel a closer connection to him because they are aligning more with the density level he is at (5.6) and also because he has more human counterparts and qualities than other Sasquatch Elders. He is an Ancient One, meaning a newer race than the original sasquatch people, like Kamooh. Sa’nah-tah-re’ll is both sasquatch and homo sapien which is more easily relatable for many humans because they can feel their recent connections with his race. He is very happy to see the impact that this message has had on so many and he continues to be in service for the greatest good of humanity.  
     Tonight, I sit in front of a warm fire as Sa’nah-tah-re’ll and Kamooh together join me to deliver messages of shamanic ways of healing that we can all practice for a greater way of life benefiting all beings.
“Good evening Little Sister. It is an honor to connect and share with you at this time. It is apparent to you and humanity that there is serious imbalance and dis-ease within your race and home planet. The history of human consciousness has always been a battle of Love and Fear, but you are learning that you create your reality through your consciousness and experiences. Many more of your people are awakening to this truth and walking between the worlds of matter and energy, and those that apply this wisdom towards developing themselves into a way that is in service to others are true healers of humanity.”
“Many ancient civilizations from around the world have carried, mostly through oral traditions, great wisdom taught to them from our Star Elders. This wisdom included healing practices, ceremonies, rites of passage, and other ancient teachings that existed before the human race, which have been kept to this day. Your people that choose to practice and help others integrate this ancient wisdom are often called Shamans, Witches, Sorcerers, Medicine Men and Women, and Healers. Sometimes the descriptions carry a negative connotation from selfish energies that wish to instill the idea of fear or evil to such sacred practices. For purposes of this transmission, we will refer to them as Healers and the practice of Shamanism.”
“Healers are not to be exalted for having special powers over any other person, but they are teachers just like every member of the human race. These Shamans are not always human either, my people and many races of Star Elders are considered great healers as well and we are here to assist humanity in re-membering. Healers practice being in service to others and stewards to nature and all life on Earth. Healers and Shamans are souls who dream their world into being by applying their energy and senses towards the reality they choose to create; like many of you that read these words.”
“You already know that you attract towards yourself whatever vibrations that you put out, but many of your people have forgotten that this applies to healing themselves as well. It takes effort to heal and create peace within yourself; for you cannot live in a world of peace if there is conflict inside you. To practice shamanism successfully, one must stop looking for the Truth and instead bring Truth to every experience. An example is someone who is looking for the ideal mate, but they must first BECOME the ideal mate for the right person to find them. Shamans bring meaning to every encounter to bring holistic healing and balance of all Bodies.”
“Healing is much more than eliminating symptoms or curing, which are very different definitions; cures seldom result in healing. Healing works on four levels: the bodies of Soul (spirit), Energy (etheric), Mind (mental), and Body (physical). Everyone has seen evidence of people that have been cured but not healed, especially if they do not eliminate life stressors or change their lifestyle or belief system that does not allow for growth. Generally unwanted symptoms will return months or years later if one does not flush and cleanse the ideals of old traditions or habits within these four bodies. Modern Western medicine focuses on curing symptoms through warfare by encouraging terms such as battle or fight for health. Holistic shamanic healing assists souls in a transformation process to heal from the source of the dis-ease to ensure that it does not return.”
“Healing is interdimensional and non-linear as well; one has the ability to see their Light Body outside of space and time to a place that has never known any kind of illness.
Your Light Body is also referred to as your Aura, a luminous field that surrounds your physical body with imprints in your Energy Field ranging from emotions, to early life or past-life trauma and environmental conditions. Your Light Body is often the source of dis-ease and dis-harmony at the core level. Humans are born with imprints of former existences that often determine personality traits, fears, and genetics in future existences.”
“In many cases of dis-ease or illness of the physical body, it is often due to the person allowing something to determine their Fate. Fate is the idea that someone or something else is responsible for your destiny due to circumstance such as culture, status, gender, genetics, or traumas. Fate only exists if you believe and allow it, but you are the author of your own Destiny. Healers practicing shamanism assist in removing these imprints in the Light Body and recalibrating it so that it is free of karmas and aligned with all four levels of Soul, Energy, Mind, and Body in balance.”
“Healing is like a nurturing art; it takes love, time, and practice to be successful. All souls have free will of choice and intent and the ability to manifest their desires. Experienced Shamans can assist by working with the Light Bodies and energy fields of others by teaching methods of holistic healing within the four bodies to keep them clear of traumatic imprints so that vital health can be restored. Life significantly improves on all levels when you remove dis-ease, karma, emotional baggage from past experiences, addictions, and conditioning. These are best to deal with as preventative strategies and may be more of a challenge to heal from the level of dis-ease. In other words, prevent the cancer rather than waiting for the cancer to form to deal with it later.”
“We will not share all of the methods that can be used to assist in holistic healing as there would be too many to mention, and it is wisdom that is attained at the time it is needed for that soul. Spiritual matters must be experienced to be understood. Shamanism and healing of Light Bodies has been practiced in many cultures for millions of years and they all have their unique traditions of healing for different imbalances. Many of you are already connected with great Healers who practice the use of reiki (energy healing), natural healing with herbs and whole foods, crystals and other healing devices, sonics and harmonics, color and light therapy, visual aids and patterns such as sacred geometry, numerology, and the power of intention. All of these methods allow for spiritual growth and healing your DNA and Light Body as you move through higher levels of consciousness. You may seek out one of these Sages for assistance and lessons to apply them for yourself, but you must first discover the source of the dis-ease, remember who you are, and desire positive change with every facet of your being.”
“It is no easy task to see outside of the conditions and traditions that keep you in a comfort zone; it will often bring about feelings of fear and denial. Many people are not living in their own truth because they do not want to see themselves as needing improvement in some areas. Some examples of this are a person suffering from diabetes who continues to consume sugar, an addiction that you know is unhealthy but are unwilling to change, or the idea that you are not capable or worthy of transcending the current mindset like a culture that is told repeatedly that they are less-than to a point that they actually believe that other humans hold a higher order over them. Although this higher awareness and truth may be unpleasant to those who “fight” it, awareness is actually a divine blessing that provides the opportunity to change. If you didn’t know about it, how could you act on it?”
“Your people are conditioned to think that time is running out due mainly to your linear timeline beliefs, short life spans, and the illusion of responsibilities towards things that do not concern you. The good news is that as long as you incarnate, you are given opportunities to learn, heal, and evolve; there is no time limit. You are the storyteller and will always be able to write and re-write your script of experiences. Despite negative patterns, beliefs, or genetic traits, you can always change your habits and re-code your DNA and Light Body to no longer allow negative imprints to affect your energy field. Having the awareness that we are on a great spiritual journey to self-discovery and healing is the first step in balancing the bodies to allow ascension of our consciousness.”
“If you are reading this and desire to learn more or connect with a teacher to assist you in your own healing, set an intention that the materials or person has already manifested itself in your life. Give thanks for the lessons as if you already know them and to the Universe for providing you with the tools you needed at just the right time. Those who seek wisdom will surely find it.”
“Thank you all for your desire to change yourselves and evolve your consciousness and raise your vibrations for the greatest good of all life. This message was important and quite serious, but I have not forgotten to incorporate the playfulness into these lessons. As an example of what we shared today, I would like to leave you with some wisdom regarding delicious apples, my favorite.”
“Do you know how amazing apples really are? You have all heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but you may not realize how true that statement really is. Apples are what you call a superfood that has the ability to heal the body in many ways. The consumption of apples has been proven through many biomedical studies to heal several kinds of cancers like liver, breast, stomach, esophagus, and many other types of dis-eases and imbalances within the physical body.”
“Apples remove radiation and effects from nuclear exposure and heavy metals as well. They cleanse the body through detoxification and remove carcinogens and aid in healing various illnesses that humans experience such as removing plaque from arteries, weight loss, infections, skin conditions, brain-wave activity and cognition, diarrhea, tooth decay, tumors, influenza and other viruses. Apples even contain vitamins that promotes hair growth, not that I need any help with that! There are so many other healing aspects of the apple, not to mention the incredible benefits of apple cider vinegar. The list of healing properties for the cider is even more extensive, creating miraculous results to those who use it in various ways.”
“The next time you crunch into a tasty apple, use it in recipes, drink its juice, or use its fermented cider for the many benefits it offers, give gratitude to these beautiful beings and Mother Earth for providing them for us in such great abundance. Allow the experience of the fruit to be enjoyed and savor the Now Moment with this precious gift. You will find that you can connect with these beings on a level never imagined, merging with the vital energy of the fruit and becoming One with it, the tree and land it grew on, and the animals and people that feasted on the same apple tree as you, and the care keepers of the growth of the plant that allows it to provide for us year after year.”
“And to close on a light note with a human phrase: How do you like them apples?”


Chapter 8

by Kelly Lapseritis

Since Sa’nah-tah-re’ll is so fond of apples, I decided yesterday to pick one off of the tree for myself to enjoy. I noticed that all of the fallen apples beneath the tree were gone when there was at least thirty of them on the ground the day before. In place of the missing apples there were several large piles of fresh scat from an unidentified creature. There are deer pellets all over as well but this was significantly different and did not match any known animal that would have access to this property; I speculated that it might be bear but they are not around here, and if one was, it would not have made it to this tree. To me, it really looked like human feces in shape and color except that it was very unlikely that someone squatted several times around the tree to relieve themselves. I really knew all along that it must have been left by the sasquatch, but I had to try to properly debunk it first. As soon as I acknowledged who it belonged to, it was confirmed by an interdimensional sasquatch by the name of Beh’nor-ah-tah.

     Beh’nor-ah-tah introduced himself as kin to Sa’nah-tah-re’ll and explained that he is one of the other two Elders that would be contributing to the messages that I will transcribe. I was aware of the presence of three other Elders, including Kamooh and Sa’nah-ah-tah-re’ll and an unknown being, but this was an opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with Beh’nor-ah-tah while others observed. I could sense that he was open to conversation and looked forward to the back-and-forth exchange.

     When he initially gave me his name, the last part of it kept changing and shifting as I was trying to understand it. The way I perceive names, it is usually given to me by “seeing” the letters with my third eye vision rather than hearing the name. At first, his name was Beh’nor-ah-tril, then the “tril” changed to “thor,” then again changed to “thur,” and finally settled on “tah,” which I will use for purposes of this message. I asked him why his name kept changing and this was his response:


“My name changes for you because your consciousness is active in multiple dimensions. It also changes due to the impact it has on your energy field and the feelings that are experienced with each sound as well as the intention behind it. Tril represents a number, Thor represents power, Thur represents time, and Tah represents ancient teachings. Each sound has different energetic meanings.”
“Every soul has an assigned constant name (vibration) that is considered a “secret” except for on the personal soul level – it is the name given at the time of original creation reflecting your connection to Source. This name is not secret to your Higher Self, but it is intentionally removed from your memory for purposes of protection. If another soul learns this original name from Source, they can use it to control and manipulate the being by using his/her name in different ways. The names that interdimensional beings give to your people to identify them are like nicknames that match the frequency and vibration of the person it is given to. Much like how someone by the name of James might use that name or identify with different people with various names such as Jamey, Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, or another nickname altogether.”


I then asked Beh’nor-ah-tah how the sasquatch could eat a physical apple and make physical scat if they themselves are not in the physical realm. His response was:


“We are able to do this for two main reasons. The phenomenon of making physical impressions in your realm is due to our ability to mask, or as your people often call it; cloaking. When we mask ourselves, we are still fully physical on the Earth plane, it is the bending of light that allows us to go undetected. In this masked state, we are still solid matter, so if you should bump into one of us, it would be felt.”


“The other phenomenon is the ability to change our frequency so that we are vibrating on a different scale than what your eyes are able to see. When we do this, we exist in a parallel dimension beside yours, so while you may not see us because of unaligned frequencies, you can still feel evidences of our existence. We can affect things in your physical realm like the breeze that comes through an enclosed area. We are not able to affect physical matter in other frequencies though because it is necessary to vibrate at the rate of the physical object to affect it physically. One must be of the same vibration of the apple in order to eat it. For safety, my people often toggle in and out of these states while in the 3D realm. We are able to sense energies and anticipate potential danger, so we can quickly shift all or part of our bodies into a higher dimension to go undetected.”


“These interdimensional abilities must be taught to us when we are young, with the exception of a rare few. This is why our youth are more susceptible to danger in your world and require extra protection; they have not yet mastered their psychic or interdimensional abilities. When we teach our young these lessons, it allows this dormant DNA to be activated. Just like with humans, just hearing a spiritual concept often awakens hidden knowledge within. You need only to have the confidence and knowingness of its existence.”


     I recently read an article online claiming that the men who filmed the infamous footage of a sasquatch on October 20, 1967 in Bluff Creek, CA, referred to as Patty, had a more sinister story behind the film. The article claimed that Patty had a baby and that when she left it alone for a moment, the child was killed by the men and used as bait to lure Patty back to be filmed. I asked Beh’nor-ah-tah if this was truth or not. He replied:
“This story of Patty’s baby is not a truth in this reality. The Council of Star Elders met and discussed ideas of showing tangible proof of the existence of my people to your human people as a means of activating the knowingness of the connection between our races. The reason that this footage is so clear and able to be studied above any other evidences is no coincidence – it was allowed to occur and Patty graciously accepted to participate even though she was aware of the energetic and empathic results that she would feel. Patty was indeed a new mother at that time, as you can see from her milk-filled breasts, but her child was kept in safe-keeping during that moment, and there were many assurances in place to be certain that the situation unfolded safely for all. Our Star Elders would not allow this kind of exposure during that time without their blessing and protection. If the film was not intentional, it would not be clear at this frequency, but would be a blur like so many other photos of our people. However, as we have talked about probability realities before, because thought and energy was given to this story, it does exist in another probability reality.”


“All souls have the ability to arrange to have the effects of an event to occur in another probability reality of consensus ideas so that it does not have the impact in your local reality as it would in the other. In other words, you have the choice to allow events to affect your world and life. This is reflected also in today’s current events and the increase of awareness of parallel existences and timeline overlaps.”


“You often hear of one of your well-known people that has crossed over from this realm, but it is not always true in your local reality. But in another probability reality, it is true, much like how so many of your people were sure that Nelson Mandela died many years before he did in the consensus reality, even though another consensus reality existed at the same time. Hence the term “Mandela Effect.”


  After this channeling, I took a short break to take a walk for some fresh air. During my walk, I could feel the presence of many Sasquatch and Star Elders with me. In a message from a source of collective consciousness from many beings, it was communicated to me that a grouping of Overseers would like to work with us as a shift in density level takes place. The Overseers help to guide the completion of the event that will occur by supplementing certain alignments of thought patterns and awareness such as allowing the unfolding of some causal events to occur in cooperation with any entities, such as other planets, that are undergoing density shifts.

     This grouping of Overseers suggested that it was Divine Timing in that moment to realign myself as well as the three forest people present together to the Cosmic Pulse which is likened to the Heartbeat of the Multiverse. The entire Cosmos pulses and fluctuates within different densities, all for different reasons. These fluctuations can easily be felt and measured by scientists, such as solar flare eruptions, spiritual activations, and catalysts that affect frequencies, behaviors, thought forms, and even cosmically aligned events. Calibrating with this Cosmic Pulse will allow our Light Bodies to easily flow in and out of these density fluctuations rather than becoming agitated and responding in a way that is not in alignment with this natural heartbeat.

     As this was explained to me, Sa’nah’tah-re’ll, Beh’nor-ah-tah, and a female Sasquatch gathered around me and we stood in a circle, holding hands. This occurred in a higher dimension, so while they were not physically visible to me, I could perceive what they looked like, their energy, and how their hands felt in mine. I greeted them and stated my excitement for this occasion.


Collectively, they stated:

“Yes, we are here. Sa’nah-tah-re’ll, Beh’nor-ah-tah, and Naen’silah accompanied by Great Grandfather Kamooh. It is an honor to connect with you in this alignment with the Cosmic Pulse.”


As this was said, I could feel my body responding to this shift. I temporarily felt dizzy, out of body, and my senses were so on-edge that it was uncomfortable and difficult for me to express or relate how I was even feeling. The ground seemed to move far from my feet and my mind was hyperactive in trying to understand what I was experiencing.


The three forest people said to me collectively:

“It is a different sensation of heightened awareness and senses, causing the feeling of Oneness yet encourages Self exploration of aspects not yet discovered. We were chosen to undergo this transformation today so that we were all re-born at the same time, strengthening our bond between cosmic siblings. The re-birth and alignment with the Cosmos will further allow activations of ancient teachings and Divine connections.”


“The physical sensations of this alignment are very intense and demanding of the physical body for a moment in time. You brought a piece of Bloodstone with you today, a last second epiphany suggested that you bring it. Hold it in your left palm and let it absorb these energies to realign and balance your frequency. As you do this, you will feel the same sensations as the stone. Imagine a ray or beam of light connecting your energy with this stone with us, with plants and animals (and apples) that surround you. This ray of light works as a beacon or portal connecting thee energies and realities. By following the projected path of the light beam, you can also observe multiple probability realities that exist within this connection. From this space, you easily create the reality that you choose to experience.”


The realignment only took about a minute or two but it had lasting effects that prompted me to sit down and drink some water to re-balance myself. Within 20 minutes, I felt normal again but was aware of the change; I do indeed feel more aligned with the reality of Oneness and also have a deeper understanding of my own Divine Self.

Artwork by Shirley McDaniel


Chapter 9

By Kelly Lapseritis


As our planet and human consciousness continues to go through dynamic shifts, many of you are feeling or noticing the separation between these different dimensions. There is much hostility and new belief systems emerging daily to support the polarity between many schools of thought. People are dividing themselves based on their false ideas of ego and what is “right” or “wrong” to them. You see this in every aspect of life now from religion, politics, genders, laws, medicine, and even the existence of other life forms.


     It is important as humans to have an understanding of what the Ego is and what it is not since this is the force that is most often blamed for the imbalance of energies. Elder Kamooh as well as a Sasquatch Shamaness named Suni, whom is the first Sasquatch that I ever encountered on a conscious and telepathic level, have shared messages about the topic of Ego so that we may begin to understand how to transcend this in our minds. Collectively, Kamooh and Suni say:

“The ego is caused by a false sense of beliefs but it is neither negative nor positive; it is the mind that determines the affects it has to Self. The Ego is a survival mechanism based on Fear, and always starts from the beginning of life on Earth, and it is elicited by those who raise a child from infancy. When a parent or caregiver raises a child, their first priority is often to safeguard that child from any kind of physical harm or danger that may come to them. Whether the caregiver is aware of it or not, they use a strategy to induce fear into the child under the aegis of looking out for their safety. They will use phrases such as “Don’t run into the street or you’ll be hit by a car” or “Don’t touch that hot stove or you will get burned. This evokes an automatic fear response in the child.”

“These type of fear-elicited responses carry over into adolescence and adulthood. Because of this, an adult always reverts to the childhood conditioning through fear when placed in certain situations. The act of responding to this fear produces the negative thoughts creating a negative ego. The end result is the outward appearance of aggressive attitudes or feelings of being better-than or less-than someone else. The hard-wired survival mechanism induced in childhood comes to the forefront when any perceived threat is felt, thus there occurs an over-compensation to mask that fear that is being felt in the moment.”

“The word ego means “I” which is expressed by a sense of self-worth or self-importance and is often interpreted often as arrogance in humans. Feelings of Self-esteem, respect, image, confidence, etc. is a dynamic part of every personality and is the cause for most “drama” that is experienced. Negative fear responses can be felt through emotions like anger, jealousy, insecurity, the need to be “right,” or feelings of worthlessness or being unloved. However, as stated, the Ego is not a negative entity in itself because positive beliefs also reside within the ego. It is possible to feel confident without being arrogant and humble without being insecure. Ego is simply just how the mind identifies itself interpreted through thoughts of belief.”

“Conditioning from childhood can be manifested in many different ways. For example, an individual with a poor self-image may recompense in various ways that are fear-induced and thus ego-driven. Some examples of results from negative egotistical emotions are anger, jealousy, judgments against others or self, feeling betrayed or victimized, or the idea that rewards should be given for good deeds. These thoughts create emotional blockages and will cause people to not be able to relate or understand this truth.”

“You will notice that my people always refer to ourselves as “we” and don’t identify the source of thoughts or ideas as coming from one individual mind. This is because all consciousness is connected, divine truth and wisdom is constant and resides within all things, so there is not an individual that can take credit for such ideas. Your ego tries to convince the Self of grand illusions such as that you are solid matter restricted to a body, or that time and space are linear, or that everything is separate rather than part of the Whole. We share this knowledge about ego with you today because having awareness is the first step in changing an ideology or reality.”

“In order to be a clear channel of truth, one must overcome all aspects of the Ego because ego and desire can block Divine Truth. The Ego wants to be in control rather than allowing the self to serve Spirit. Most humans are unaware of this and think that the ego comes from themselves rather than from their belief system, so they feel guilt and shame for their responses. It is not a quick and easy task to extinguish the ego, but it can be worked on with each ego-driven situation that arises. By using discernment, you can learn to recognize these situations and detach from these thoughts so that your subconscious can eventually become neutral and no longer effect your consciousness in a negative way. As we have said before, if you change yourself and your thoughts, the whole world around you changes.”

“The best way to practice the detachment from these distorted ideals is to disentangle yourself from beliefs that support the negative ego, release limiting belief systems, and separate from the false sense of ego that has taken years to develop. When you feel that your own emotions are contradicting one another, then that is a sign that your ideas are ego-driven, for the Authentic Self does not negate itself. This takes a lifetime of practice to transcend egotistical qualities, but it should be looked at as taking delicate care of oneself; what more do you have to live for than to lead a happy, fulfilling, and peaceful life? As long as it took to learn these conditioned beliefs, likewise, it takes a long time to unlearn them. Like growing a plant takes great care and commitment by pruning it, giving it the appropriate amount of food, water, sunshine, and air, eventually, it becomes an unconscious effort and you will be able to benefit from the fruits of your labor.”

“In order for your personal and collective human consciousness to evolve into peaceful and respectful relations with all kingdoms of life, your people must change the core beliefs that cause the controversy. Disconnect from the emotional responses and criticism that you have of yourself and of other people, events, organizations, and systems of belief. But rather than to tell you to stop your thoughts, we would like to encourage you to take some actions that can help release these conditionings.”

“There are many ways that one can disconnect from false belief systems. From our observations, we find that your people learn easiest when there is some kind of tangible, physical experience to relate to when it comes to spiritual matters. Although spirit does not require a solid form or proof of existence, we will share a practice that you can apply to see and feel the effects of your intentions to release the ego.”

“We always suggest connecting through Nature for spiritual lessons because these energies support the deepest connection with your Soul Self and the natural Earth elements from which you were created from. You ARE a part of the water, trees, stones, berries, wind, and fauna, and the perceived disconnection from nature is the main cause of fear, stress, and depression among your people.”

“So for this lesson, we suggest finding a quiet, wooded location and bringing a notebook and pen along for taking notes. As with all spiritual practices, it is best if not rushed or filled with expectations. Take a walk or find a place to sit in a meditative state in these woods and reflect upon the conditioning that may have created the ego self. You will contemplate four ideals of thought which can be represented as the four directions or the four elements or the four seasons.”

“Ask yourself what kind of negative conditioning you may have been subjected to through childhood elders such as parents and teachers. What kind of experiences from your youth do you feel you blame for having an adverse influence on you? Anything that comes to mind, write down in your notebook by assigning a name or identity to it. If you choose, you can also find a natural element in your surroundings to represent these conditioned beliefs such as a leaf, branch, rock or anything you feel is an adequate portrayal of this idea. Please be mindful to be respectful of Nature and to select only items that cannot be damaged or disturbed from their natural state.”

“Next, think about your desires or aspirations that you have had throughout your life regarding personal situations such as relationships, career, or a preferred environment that have not come to fruition. What is the cause or obstruction that did not allow these dreams to manifest in your life? Again, assign a name and write it down or select a different natural element in your environment to represent this ideal.”

“Now consider the conditions that have hindered you physically from creating the material world you desire. Is it an injury or illness? Is it money or lack of support from a loved one? What is limiting you from allowing yourself to make positive change in your life? Assign a name to these conditions and again, write it down or collect another object to portray this thought.”

“Lastly, it is time to face your own conditioned fears. Look deep within and examine the thought forms that you know now to be deceptive. What perceived limitations have you imposed upon yourself to sabotage your own happiness? What false belief systems did you subscribe to that does not allow you to be at peace? Identify it and write it down or select another item from nature that best describes this idea.”

“Take as much time as needed to ponder these thoughts and enjoy your connection with all that is. Once you feel satisfied that you have represented the source of ego-driven thoughts, you may return to your favorite personal space to complete the rest of this exercise. This might be your alter at home, your vehicle, or the place that you feel most comfortable being yourself without interruption or judgment from others. From this place of solitude, it is time to face your fears; approach it with an attitude of satisfaction and self-achievement rather than a fearful situation in itself.”

“Realize that the conditioned fears you face are not real; they exist only within your mind. Most of the time, the fearful situation has never even occurred, it is only an emotional trauma that you have assigned to an imaginary situation that does not exist. So what are your fears? Are you afraid of losing friends? Losing money? Disappointing someone? Fear of excess or repetition? Identify and acknowledge those fears and write down anything else with your previous notes that may come up with these perceptions. If you choose to collect items in your environment, work with these elements by creating a structure or effigy. Envision the words that you form or actions that you take in your creation to work these fears and negative conditions out of your body and life. They no longer serve you and it is time to release them.”

“Now recognize the source of those fear-induced ideas and forgive them. Was it something that someone did or did not do to you? Was it an idea that was imposed upon you? Forgiving releases any hold that the person or belief may still have on you. You may write this down as well or you may also choose to visualize these beliefs being cleared and removed from your energy body. You must also forgive yourself and let go of the beliefs that bind you. You may want to draw a picture of the disconnection of these conditions over you, seeing yourself revived and exhilarated with a fresh new perspective on life. You can also visualize cutting the chord that connects you to these beliefs and the fear dissipating in the wind.”

“It is time to finalize this transformation by watching these ideas and fears you have represented on paper or in an effigy by observing their transmutation into positive lessons and opportunities. Now you have the power to overcome these false ideas and allow a new strength and wisdom to take its place. In a safe environment, you can take this paper or structure that you carefully created for your personal relevance, and burn it in a releasing ceremony. As you ignite the representation of your conditioning, watch with awareness that all of these fears are going through metamorphoses and changing into positive aspirations. The fears and conditioning that you have carried throughout your life have now evaporated and are removed from your energy bodies. You have now returned to a state of self-awareness and unconditional love where your Ego is once again supporting your intentions to serve the highest good for all life.”

Artwork by Ben McGuire


These chapters are a part of the third book in the “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” series, the first two of which were written by SunBôw (DawaOutah LomaKatsi) as told by Kamooh and other Sasquatch Elders. The first two books are also published at Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website here:

Also available in paperback and Kindle:



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