The Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering in Slocan, BC, Canada on Oct. 21, 2017

October 24, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended, helped, and supported us in our first international extension of the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat!
DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBôw) and Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis presented about the spiritual, psychic, healing, and interdimensional aspects of the Sasquatch People for an audience of beautiful kindred spirits in Canada (and some US travelers) with the help of many great allies such as Clayten StedmannSherolyn Haakstad, Evie Clare, Daniel Airth NelsonLeo Carpio, Jules Delaney, Annie Gleason, and many more. Much gratitude to all that helped make The Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering and sharing of truth and knowledge a success!
Here is a link to photos and short video clips of this gathering:
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