October 24, 2017

This credo was channeled from Sasquatch Elders to Seth Buoymaster in Florida, who graciously shared with us to distribute to all who may benefit from these words and clearing protocol. Kelly Lapseritis shared this credo during her presentation at the 2017 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference Event on September 2, 2017 as well as during the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering in Slocan, British Columbia on October 21, 2017. Many people have commented how much this has helped them and asked that it be re-shared, so please feel free to copy, print, or distribute this as you see fit. 


Shift the Paradigm of Destructive-Life to Constructive-Life. A credo has been formed by the collective Elders which facilitates the conscious co-creation of Constructive- Life. This credo assists us to transform ourselves so we can shape a constructive reality instead of a destructive reality.
Remember, wherever you focus your attention, you align with THAT reality.
A common pitfall in redesigning realities is the attitudinal behavioral pattern of victim and blame, which both come from a place of powerlessness. Some common expressions are, “That Person/Company is greedy”, “they are bad”, “they are uncaring”, “they are evil”, etc… This reinforces and projects that energy onto the company and the people involved which adds to the destructive-life. This makes it harder to change anything. Make sense?
Instead, perpetual forgiveness and discernment keeps your energies from entering the victim and blame modes and realities. Retain your personal power, keep yourself aligned with powerfulness, then and only then will you be able to create change.
Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t have any problems with what is stated.” I encourage you to understand that we may not always be entirely aware of our inner workings. Choose to give what follows a try just to make sure your energies are untied from the destructive-life paradigm completely.
It’s simple. The more you play victim, the more you align with powerlessness and you can’t do anything except complain and add to the inappropriate energies already playing out. When you forgive, you end the victimhood within and you stand in a more powerful position to create change. You become the solution because you have stepped outside of that reality and entered a reality where solutions are prevalent. When you are on the outside looking in and no longer lost in the victim of destructive-life, you are initiating great change in the world.
Each attitudinal pattern you play out is part of a larger collective matrix, and the more you play it out the more you add to it. Once you see this in yourself you have a choice to keep indulging in it, or cancel your agreement to play it out in any way. A tool for you to transform yourself follows.
The first step to mastery is to be aware, all day, of every thought, word, emotion, action, reaction and intention.
Once you recognize an inappropriate attitudinal behavioral pattern, say to yourself, “I cancel that (Attitudinal Behavioral Pattern) and I choose for all of it to be healed, including the cause, 100%… “Now I choose to live my life 100 % in eternal life alignment without that pattern.”
Sit with the energies as your request if fulfilled. This helps untie your energies to that field and can recreate your life without it. If you don’t know how then just command/intend your Eternal Authentic Self for help every step of the way.
FYI. The Eternal Authentic self is an aspect of yourself that has been blocked due to distortions in the morphogenic fields. Due to the recent corrections in this field we are now able to access this aspect of our self for healing, guidance, and creation assistance.
Next is an essential clearing to make at this time to shift a paradigm within yourself and beyond. Say, “I command/intend all my ‘destructive living’ agreements I have ever made with myself or anything else to be null and void, now… Anyone or anything that continues to align with ‘destructive living’ to leave my entirety now and never return… and all the damage be 100% healed and integrated to align myself 100% with Constructive-Life, this or something greater!”
Feel that shift the best you can. Be with yourself for a little while noticing the changes within and without as your command/intentiion is fulfilled.
The two parts of the credo that transforms those who choose it are:
1) The Re-membrances– Energetic dispensations from the Creator as Friendly Elders aligned with Eternal Life. They help us to re-member what has been lost, buried, distorted or unknown. Re-membrances are akin to the “In-Breath”, of life. Internal Self Re-Creation.
2) The Choices– Activations based in the energies of the Re-membrances. By choosing to allow the consciousnesses to flow into your day to day life you take a new “STAND” and become a standing wave disseminating to all through your actions and feelings. The choices are akin to the “Out-Breath” of life. Action.
From a creation mechanics point of view, the more we hold the energetics of Constructive Life the more it spreads out for others to shift into as we are all connected. This builds a life that is self- sustaining. This credo is designed to spread from the creator, to our elders, to us, and finally to this world and shift the angular rotation of particle spin out of the old Destructive-Life death science mechanics, to “Constructive-Life Eternal Life Mechanics”. This honors the earth’s free will as it has chosen life.
An exercise has been developed for you to gain the most from Constructive-Life Creation Mechanics. This exercise helps realign your being to Constructive-Life
First relax and let go of your daily stressors and become present…This helps to loosen your assemblage point and make it more pliable for shifting into a new position reorganizing your personal power. Command/Intend “My Eternal Authentic Self assist me in sovereignty alignment for this process for maximum effect”… Remember, “CHOICE” is a command/intention and a technology that has been developed over eons. Empower your choices by realizing that EMPOWERD COMMANDS CREATE REALITIES!
Next, say the following commands/intentions mentally our audibly, slowly and meaningfully. Allow for a minimum of 30 seconds to experience the backflow return from your command. This helps you to gauge, feel, and hold the alignments that manifest energetically from your command as you go through your day. Once you’re immersed in the energies, you can think and physically create solutions to issues and manifest a new life for yourself and others.
Let’s begin:
1.) Today I choose to Re-member my Eternal Authentic Self and allow it to guide my every thought, word, action, reaction, feeling, and intention from this moment forward forever…
2.) Today I choose to Re-member the values of Oneness…
3.) Today I choose to Re-member perpetual forgiveness to bridge the gap between myself and others…
4.) Today I choose to Re-member Joy and create from it…
5.) Today I choose to release the grip of fear and victim and Re-member Sovereignty…
6.) Today I choose to Re-member the actualization of the highest and best, brought about in the highest and best way, producing the highest and best for myself and others…
7.) Today I choose to Re-member healthy loving interspecies relations…
8.) Today is what I make it and I choose to create the highest and best for all…
Now hold this alignment as you go through your day. Do your best to deepen the feeling of each part of the credo. Let the consciousnesses that flow around and through you to guide you in Constructive-Life.
To further amplify this alignment as you go through your day, repeat the phrase, “I Choose Constructive Life”.
To release and heal internal conflicts to the above audibly proclaim the following to your Eternal Authentic Self: “Clear and heal everything I don’t need to experience in order to learn, heal, and grow from my entirety… purify it… return and integrate it to me as pure creative energy this or something greater”…
The Bigger Picture of our Existence. The more you keep yourself “Standing” within these alignments, the more you enhance this consciousness field. As you live this Constructive-Life Stand, you add to the collective soul and deepen its understanding and consciously add to the healing process of our species. This will be used as a gift to be added to others for the further continual development of awareness, which is the main purpose of life. Increasing awareness creates Eternal Life.
“These words are alive let them enliven you” -Ancient Ones

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