March 4, 2018



SunBôw, author of the first two “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” books, is launching a new website:

SCENIC: The Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication!


Our purpose is to show the world that our Sasquatch Elders are peaceful and wise beings, who can become great teachers.

Mainstream researchers and media too often depict Sasquatch as a primitive primate, a dangerous monster to be hunted down.

There are hundreds of first hand experiencers around the world, from those who had an encounter, to those who have developed ongoing communications and friendly relations with Sasquatch.

It is time to show to truth to the world about the Sasquatch People, our closest relatives in the universe, who remind us that we are not alone, but part of a long lineage of intelligent species.

We send a call to all friends of Sasquatch, experiencers and communicators, to come forward and share openly with the world about the peaceful relations they have developed and the messages they have received from our Elders Sasquatch.

Your stories and accounts can be recorded in video or audio files, or in written documents. Texts size can be anywhere between a few lines to a few pages. You can sign or remain anonymous if you prefer. We will give due credits to all contributors. Interesting links to existing files are also welcome. We will publish your stories in a special section on our website.

Send your Sasquatch stories either to me personally in private messages, or subscribe for free to our website and submit your posts there for approval. Thank you gratefully for helping us in educating the world about who truly are our Sasquatch relatives.

Visit our website freshly launched this first weekend of March.

Having another interview with Regina Meredith today, I will mention the new website and this initiative to gather testimonies from people who know, respect and Love the Sasquatch People.

Best blessings to all. We are all relatives of One Family…


Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication (SCENIC) website:


Our objectives:


  • To facilitate a peaceful and spiritual approach to interspecies communications and relations.

Promoting non-violent spiritual ways to contact non-Human intelligence and especially Sasquatch.

Helping people to develop connections with Sasquatch, providing information, counseling and support.

  • To document communications between Humans and non-Human intelligence, mainly Sasquatch.

Offering a website for experiencers to share about their communications/interactions with Sasquatch.

Recording in written, audio or video files, the accounts of Sasquatch experiencers and communicators.

Making available to the public the first hand accounts given by a number of Sasquatch communicators.

  • To create a network of Sasquatch communicators and other paranormal experiencers.

Encouraging Sasquatch communicators to connect together and share experiences and knowledge.

Promoting public education about Sasquatch through online networking, documents, videos and events.

To produce intensive research, interviews, documentaries and texts, from encounters in many regions.


To support SCENIC, please send your donations:

via Paypal:

via e-transfer:


Our website:

Thanks and blessings to all. May our consciousness rise…


Promo Video for SCENIC featuring excerpts from SunBôw’s first interview with Regina Meredith (11/17) and from the 2nd annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, WA (09/17):

“After publishing two books and giving a few speeches about my close encounters and communications with Sasquatch, within international circles of Sasquatch experiencers online as in events, the Elders have inspired the launch of a new network (SCENIC) to promote a peaceful spiritual approach to interspecies communications and to facilitate long term ongoing connections between communicators, the Sasquatch and an interested public.”

– SunBôw


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