April 16, 2019

We have signed up with Meetup as a website to update and invite members to upcoming events for some special interest gatherings that we will be planning (both local and remote).
If you are local or have special interests in events happening for “Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gatherings” (not exclusive to NE Washington) or interest in joining or participating in the “Children of Earth Coalition (COEC)” for nature and spirit based educational gatherings in Stevens Co. Washington for children and families, specializing in inclusion for all cultures and special needs, please add yourself as a member to these groups for notifications on upcoming events and gatherings.
Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gatherings on Meetup:
Children of Earth Coalition (COEC) on Meetup:
Please join us on Meetup and we hope to see you at some future gatherings!

Thank you and best blessings,
Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis 

Great news! Some of you may remember the yummy, delicious, and healthy food we served at the 2017 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat that was made by our friend and local food artist Jodi Hodgden. Well, my friends, she will be our chef again this year for the 2019 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat serving up lots of wonderful dishes!

Thanks to the donations we received towards the food costs, we are able to offer healthy, vegetarian and meat options, organic and non-gmo food at the same affordable rates as last year, but much higher quality nourishment and bigger portions and without the time restrictions to serve. Some of the meal themes will be Italian, Mexican, and Asian.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is available in the lodge on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and we are also arranging to have pre-packaged meals like salads, wraps, and sandwiches for Thursday evening and Monday morning and for night time snacking options.

Meal tickets are now available on Eventbrite so that you can buy for all 9 meals for $100 or select per meal for $12 each. We encourage everyone to please prepay for your meals so we can best estimate how many to cook for.

Thank you all for your patience and thoughtful donations towards making this possible. At this kind of high vibrational event, high vibrational food is a must, and we received so much positive feedback about Jodi‘s cooking in 2017 that I’m sure everyone attending this year will love it too!

You can purchase meal and event tickets at

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