January 1, 2015

Kewaunee has written seven pages of the latest issue of FATE magazine, now available. Below is a sample of the new material he shares with FATE readers:

W ake up! Come outside! Come outside,” a friendly female Sasquatch voice telepathed to my wife Kelly. We were camping in a wilderness area in Washington state where a tribe of forest giants live. On the night of July 7, 2014, the beings woke us up so we would have the opportunity to see a spaceship landing near our tent. However, we lingered while gathering our thoughts and missed what could have been a rare view of a spacecraft. We were fortunate enough to hear the craft and see the lights from the ship departing as we stepped out of the tent. The Sasquatch said that three of their people had been dropped off.

Please click the image below for more information and to obtain either a paper print copy or an e-mag copy.


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