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March 7, 2011

and Their Interdimensional Connection
280 pages; ©2011
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Preface by Christopher L. Murphy
Foreword by Lee Trippett
Afterwords by Jann Weiss and Kathleen Jones

Kewaunee Lapseritis
P.O. Box 1384
Chewelah, WA 99109
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Kewaunee’s new book is the ultimate book on the Sasquatch phenomenon. Because the Sasquatch are genuinely people—not animals—Kewaunee is a crypto-anthropologist, not a crypto-zoologist. He elaborates on why they are humanoid beings and their purpose here, based on 32 years of interacting with the giants (and ETs) (out of the 55 years researching them). Kewaunee draws information from 187 witnesses who also experienced telepathic communication. Quantum physics describes the reality of mental telepathy, invisibility, inter-dimensionalism, and other PSI phenomena, and is actually juxtaposed with psychic Sasquatch and ET behavior.

Kewaunee has been successful in his research because of his benign, spiritual, field methodology (no guns or cameras)—not unlike Dr. Jane Goodall’s approach with chimpanzees, except the Sasquatch are highly evolved nature people. They are terrestrial extraterrestrials, living inside giants’ bodies. In his book, the forest giants reveal a salient message to humanity—that the planet is dying at the hands of exploitative man and in 2012 there will be a huge shift in human consciousness that most earthlings are ill prepared to face. The Sasquatch people, who are the ultimate environmentalists, want to share their ancient wisdom with the human, but few are listening.

Although there is a chapter on the Bigfoot/ET/UFO connection, the UFO phenomenon is woven onto every chapter, since many of the Sasquatch work with several races of friendly Star People as they prepare to assist humanity for the coming cosmic Earth changes.

“I’ve always known that there was something more complex to the Sasquatch phenomenon than it just being a wild animal.”
—Bob Gimlin, witness to the 1967 Bluff Creek Patterson film

“There exists a growing network of contactees like Kewaunee who now know from personal encounters that the Sasquatch’s cognizance of reality seems to surpass our own in mind/matter relationship that our young science is just beginning to consider.”
—Jeremy Lynes, Sasquatch experiencer

and Their UFO Connection
248 pages; ©1998
$20 U.S.(includes tax) + $5 U.S. shipping ($15.00 shipping to Australia, Europe and other countries outside the continental USA; $7.25 shipping to Canada)
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Preface by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD
Foreword by Dick Robinson
Afterword by Standing Elk

Kewaunee Lapseritis
P.O. Box 1384
Chewelah, WA 99109
Or call (509) 935-0606

This book is about a scientist/researcher looking to empirically prove that Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists as a living primate. Kewaunee’s paradigm of the world abruptly changed when, in September 1979, a Sasquatch and ET telepathically spoke to him, revealing their psychic reality. Later, he found other “experiencers” who had also been approached by Sasquatch who had communicated to them their concerns about how modern man is destroying the planet. At times, there were Starpeople and/or spaceships involved. The book is a well-documented, fascinating account that already has become a classic since its publication in 1998.

The Psychic Sasquatch provides us with revelations about these gentle creatures and the astonishing truth about their connection with extraterrestrials and why they cannot be found.

“Once in a while a book comes along of such magnitude that it brings about a new look at what exists out there besides ourselves. This book will certainly bring forth thought-provoking concepts to contribute to a positive human transformation.”
—Dick Robinson, Originator of “Grizzly Adams”

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Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis talk about Sasquatch and their Cosmic Connection with Rex Bear on Leak Project  11/25/16



Mark your calendars for next year’s 2nd Annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event for Friday, September 1st through Sunday, September 3rd (Monday the 4th is Labor Day)! The location will be the same beautiful facility as this year’s event, the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington.

SunBow began to transcribe new Messages to Humanity as given by Sasquatch Elder Kamooh on October 16, 2016. The completed chapters will be posted here as they are written. These are a continuation of the first 50 chapters that were transcribed and published. Many thanks to all of our Elders for this blessed wisdom.

"The Exponentials" by Ben McGuire

“The Exponentials” by Ben McGuire


Chapter 1

My dearest Sasquatch Elder Kamooh has been around for a few days, sitting by and smiling, waiting patiently for me to get ready to work with him again. Tonight on Full Moon, following his instructions, I attached to my sacred pipe some of his hair that he gifted me one month ago on the site where I was to conduct the opening ceremony of the first Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference, a couple days before the event. I just smoked the prayer pipe, as I try to do at least once a moon, but for the first time with his hair on it. Afterwards, he came by, opening doors, walking with audible footsteps around me, and telling me: ”Let’s get to work.” So tonight I sit with this Eldest Elder of the Sasquatch People asking me to talk on his behalf.


Kamooh says:

”Thank you Little Brother. On behalf of the Sasquatch Elders Council, we are very happy and grateful for the work accomplished and the way we have come through together in the last year. Just one year ago you were finishing the transmission our first message. We made four promises to you that we have kept. So let’s have a brief look at this last year. This first part of our new message will describe your experiences with us and show the validity of our word. This review is to remind you of the progress done and to help the readers understand your connection with us, and why you have been given this mission, to help them develop theirs.”


”First, we promised you that our relation would keep growing stronger and deeper, that you would keep meeting more and more of my Sasquatch People, that we would manifest to you in many ways you would recognize, and that we would be by your side and keep teaching you.”


”Well, when you finished writing our words one year ago and traveled east across the continent, you thought that our contacts would cease but you were met where you first lived by the local clan, and its leader Sepmemtuc taught you about interdimensional portals and how to open and guard them. He first showed himself to you with half of his body materialized, and his clan appeared to you twice with yellow shining eyes. He explained how they are an earlier type of Sasquatch and their Lemur-like features have them being called wolf faces or baboon faces, so they show more often only their eyes as not to frighten us with their non-Human traits.”


”The local clan came by daily, making sure they were heard, guarding the portal behind your house. One day, you received a complex glyph made of branches at the foot of the stairway. Another time you were gifted a bright red gem that appeared on your table. Your friend living there, who is the one who passed on to you the sacred pipe you are carrying, witnessed with you signs of their presence, hearing them around. Once she asked you who was throwing pebbles, you said ‘Sasquatch’ and you were answered with a handful of pebbles landing at your feet from nowhere. Since you have left that place, they have continued to visit your friend.”


”You then moved to the city with your son, thinking that we would not manifest out there. You were surprised to find out that we can be there as anywhere with you. You heard us walk around, saw us in the astral and in dreams, felt our touch, and we even left a footprint in fresh snow on your doorstep. We have given you many signs of our presence and messages, as well as to the people in your surroundings who have been open and interested in knowing us.”


”Last March, I Kamooh told you to write our dear sister Kelly that I would go visit her and Kewaunee. The next day, before she read your message, they both saw me in their local area. Another time, our relative Bolo’Bolo standing behind you told you to write to Kelly that he would go visit her. You saw him stretch his arm and before you had written your line, Kelly wrote to you that someone had just touched her. Since a year, there have been too many such paranormal events to report them all here. We have been teaching you intensively about interdimensionality through a series of psychic experiences, dreams, astral travels and information downloads. Our Star Elders are also involved in your Soul education process.”


”In a series of vivid dreams, we took you on astral travels aboard mother ships to teach you intensively about cosmic matters, different kinds of star people, dharmic evolution of souls, history of the universe, healing energies, advanced technologies and interdimensionality. You were allowed to be instructed by the Council of Star Elders to help you on your mission.”


”Then we sent you Sheelah, one of ours who had great sufferings to heal from because of your people who took the life of her child. You saw the red shining eyes and heard the hiss of a hurt Sasquatch, and learned that not only do we also have to work on our healing, but that you can help us with compassion and respect. We can help and teach one another. Then she took you to the portal on a rock platform surrounded by boulders, where you found in the moss a collection of single tracks of all sizes from many of our Elders, all pointing toward the center of the circle, sending you their interdimensional signatures to let you know that we are all working together in gathering the souls ready to evolve further in cosmic disclosure.”


”This summer, you left with your son on a pilgrimage which took you through many communities and sacred places, as we had told you it would happen. You went in the sweat lodge with Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle, where was chanted the Sasquatch song and you passed your pipe around. Several of the younger ones who accompanied you strongly felt our presences after the ceremony, some even hearing and seeing us, while with our sister Jenny, you went around talking with us and watching the many bright blue orbs flying around you.”


”We manifested ourselves to you and your traveling tribe several times during your journey. You heard footsteps on the roof of your bus, knowing from experience that I love to surprise you this way. We often appeared in the dreams and thoughts of your traveling companions. The night one of us broke branches near your camp fire, they all knew who it was. When you arrived on the ancestral homeland of your Hopi relatives, it didn’t take long before we showed up to you. You saw me healing you of your pain one night. Then, on the last night before you left, I gave you a small streak of my hair at the portal where you were guided.”


”That same night, you saw many of our clan Elders surrounding you and calling you to our gathering up north. The next night on Mount Shasta, your traveling partner had his first encounter with one of us, after asking to meet us. The next day you met more people who had met my people, as it has been happening increasingly all along your journeys all year.”


”With most of those signs received, there are witnesses who can confirm your words and experiences. The first day you arrived on the site of the awaited gathering, I appeared clearly in the photo Kelly took, behind her and you. When you returned on site days later, you saw me waiting for you in the woods, and as you sat where you were going to do the opening ceremony two days later, I left for you a large piece of my hair roughly braided, with a knot.”

9-8-16-peeker     img_0674


”This is the ultimate gift of trust and friendship that we can offer, apart from our spiritual support. If all the many signs and manifestations given were not enough to convince you of our presence, this hair will stay with you to remind you that we are never separated in the spiritual realm and that our interdimensional interspecies friendship is as real as you are.”


”I told you to give some of my hair to a few trusted friends who have carried it to Australia, Russia, Canada, the Midwest and other locations. I asked you to put the rest of it on your sacred pipe and smoke it tonight, as I wanted to join my spirit and prayer to the many Elders and relatives who have smoked it in many ceremonies since decades, and with the white buffalo she-calf named Prophecy whose hair is also on this pipe, of which you are the sixth carrier, following five Native sun dancers. It was given to you to carry, to signify the importance of your mission, and to remind that pipe carriers cannot lie, because they share the breath of Great Spirit, just like the medicine of Sasquatch is honesty and transparency.”


”So we have fulfilled our promise of being with you everywhere, manifesting in many ways. On the night you put up the Sasquatch tipi and spent the night alone on the site of the gathering and conference, Elders and representatives of many of our clans manifested around you, either with calls, sounds close by, physical appearances, astral projections and telepathic communications, letting you know of our joy about the manifestation of this event.”


”This was the second promise we had given you, that we would gather your and my people. At that conference and gathering we had called, many of the participants felt our presence and received signs from us. This is the beginning of a long term process of cosmic disclosure in which awakened souls worldwide are taking part. New portals are being opened for your collective consciousness to access interdimensional understanding and spiritual evolution.”


”So tonight, we are glad to be ready to start transmitting another chapter of the message we carry for Humanity and ask you to help us in delivering it, by translating our thoughts in Human words and speech. The third promise we made you last year, when we asked you to write down our message, was that a growing number of your Human people would be ready to receive it and that the time was ripe for it to be brought out at large in the general public.”


”Well, you have noticed that since before you completed the writing of the first message, it had already reached a large international audience on many web sites online. The comments and feedback received were the most encouraging and empowering that you had ever seen. Just two moons ago, the message was made available into printed form and has continued to be distributed, reaching out to a growing number. This is another promise we have kept.”


”The fourth promise we made was that we would reach out to more and more, and that you would meet a growing number of your people who would develop their connection with us and come forward to share their experiences. Well, since a year you have been put in touch with literally dozens of communicators who have had ongoing contacts with Sasquatch, several of which are just starting recently to know us, and many of whom you have helped with guidance and advice, answering questions. You see another of our promises fulfilled.”


”You have learned with Elders from distant lands, with the guides of your Human allies and interdimensional communicators you work with on different planes, just like many of them, a dozen, have met me since and let you know that I visited them or messaged telepathically. Just a year ago, no living Human had heard of me, this is why I hesitated for long before giving you a name for me at your request; but today my name Kamooh is on thousands of lips. I knew the challenge it would pose as an empath, but I am satisfied with the general reaction.”


”So here are four promises that we made in our first message and have kept within one year: first, many of us have been manifesting in many ways around you regularly, guiding you; secondly, we have gathered with Sasquatch communicators from around the world one moon ago in Chewelah, and this enlightening event which was a great success, will become annual; thirdly, we told you that our message would reach out and be well received, as it happened; fourth, as we said, these experiences and the new understanding they bring are shared by a fast growing number of interspecies communicators worldwide, connecting in a circle.”


”Why did we start this new message by looking back on the last year? Because the promises we gave you were kept, showing that our word is true, because our Sasquatch medicine is honesty and transparency. These are more signs we are giving you and your people so you know that we really are reaching out to help your spiritual evolutionary path.”


”We have sent you to Kewaunee, a great friend and ally of our people for many years and lifetimes, and famous as the pioneer who has made our people known for who we really are. When you received his books last year, the day after you had finished transcribing our message, it was no coincidence that you found so much concordance with what you wrote. Likewise, he recognized the truth of our message through you and decided to help share it. We have guided him, his wife Kelly, and many others like you into this cosmic convergence.”


”Now that we have proven our word to be true by keeping all of our promises this year, we are ready to carry on transmitting our message to Humanity through your services and words. Some of your people can know us, because they open up and try. Others never will because they refuse or choose denial. When you start to know your spiritual Self, you understand that interdimensional beings with higher intelligence like us and the Star Elders do exist for real. If we were not trying to help you, we would not send you all the signs and help you receive. We would not give you all these teachings with the spiritual understanding they can bring.”


”You have witnessed that our connection has brought many beneficial blessings for many. The Great Spirit of all things wants it to be this way. He/She created a set of natural laws to maintain the cosmic order and a plan for creation to be for the spiritual evolution of the soul. So let’s get started together with another round of information download to be transmitted.”


Chapter 2


Eleven days have passed by already. Eleven intense days, rich in events and activities, that did not allow time for writing. They included four days at the Okanogan Family Faire, where Kewaunee, Kelly and I had a table with our books about the spiritual Sasquatch. We were met with respect and interest by a large number of people, many of which had their own stories to share. Tonight, Kamooh is happy that I am available again to write. As usual, his wise eyes and loving smile appear to me, while he starts Soul-speaking softly:


”Greetings beloved Little Brother. It is always a profound joy for me, just as it is for you, to sit and work together for the best interest of all life. In the last few days, since we talked, you were again given powerful signs of our spiritual support. On the night following your Full Moon pipe ceremony, you were called outside to notice a bright star ship hovering not far. After observing it for a while, seeing it move back and forth, with a smaller ship flying near it, you sent telepathic greetings to the visitors and asked where they were from.”


”The reply you received was beyond all expectations. You saw many faces of all different types you had never seen or imagined coming down toward you from the ship, and soon, you were surrounded by many star beings of various species greeting you as their friend. They told you: ‘We are from many star systems and galaxies. Our diverse origins don’t matter so much. We are known as the Council of Star Elders, for the spiritual balance we keep throughout the universe. We will assist you in the transmission of the message.’ This happened to assure you of the mission we are giving you and the support we offer.”


”These very intense and highly significant experiences are stepping stones on your learning path. We understand your frustration of not being able to share them with your Human peers, other than through your own account. Although you have helped many of your people to connect with us, our most intimate encounters have been when we are alone with you, as it is with most Humans. And there are good reasons for it, because those who have no fear and come alone to meet us show clearly that they are ready to communicate. That’s why, even if we can manifest just about anywhere, your people first must learn to meet us in the wild, because they have to feel at peace with Nature first.”


”So the next night, we gave you another gift to share with everyone. You walked out to take photos of the sunset and heard our telepathic call to come meet us by the woods where you saw one of us last month. You felt we would be there waiting for you and you were right. As you got closer you started seeing us lined up along the edge of the woods. You asked us if you could take images and we agreed, as we decided this would be a sign for those who know us, while remaining meaningless for those who have no clue.”


”When you took photos you noticed that the camera was flashing strangely and you saw later that the pictures all came out highly pixelized and blurry, due to interdimensional frequency interference. But on the footage we let you take of us, you hear clearly our conversation in the coyote language and many of us showed ourselves to the camera. You first zoomed on me and my beloved Wohola, as we appeared. Then to the right, our relative Bolo’Bolo materialized completely as you were filming, for all who have eyes and wish to see. As always, many see us and many do not, refusing to believe their own eyes.”


”These images were a gift from us to your people, especially to those who are already working on knowing us and developing interspecies peaceful spiritual relations with us. They are a confirmation for those who love us that we are really working closely with you. They also carry teachings and information for you to decode about interdimensionality.”

14991976_1698970197083135_4752950658750739003_n          14992034_1698995240413964_7292896395483791542_n

”For instance, the camera can never show what your eyes see, but if it shows something you see, it confirms it is really there. You have noticed through our many encounters and interactions that we can manifest in various ways, in different densities and dimensions. That’s why in photography, which is a fixation in form of a light reflection in linear time, we often appear blurry, pixelized or transparent, vibrating at a different frequency than 4D. Your eyes and brain catch eighteen images per second and your camera about thirty, but if we vibrate at a higher frequency, what the eye and camera capture is a vague outline.”


”Let us explain briefly about these densities and dimensions, as a short introduction to the more elaborate teachings we will give you later in this message. The less dense a mass is, the less particles it will hold, so you can somehow see through it, and it will take less pixels on a photography. You have noticed that when you tried enhancing or enlarging the images we gave you of us, we seem to fade out and disappear from the pictures. No matter how hard you try to doctor these images, the original footage remains the clearest. This is because we have control over our etheric print on temporal support and especially electronic medias, so you will always only see what we allow you to see. That is why we sometimes appear on photos of friends, even when their camera is off.”


”Those who have to see us already see us in the footage we gave you. Others will never see us, even when we stand in front of them, because their consciousness refuses to. We can only see what we allow ourselves to see, it’s just a matter of focus and priorities. So as you know by now, any kind of images of us will never be a proof for the skeptics, but just a confirmation for the seekers who have trained their eyes to see beyond matter.”


”Your scientists know now that physical matter constitutes only about four percent of the energy of the Omniverse, leaving a similar proportion to what they call anti-matter and the most part of the rest being defined by the terms dark matter or black matter, made of infinitesimal particles such as neutrinos that travel through physical matter at speeds faster than light. The names dark or black matter, which are synonyms, only come from the fact that traveling at speeds faster than that of light, these particles do not reflect light as physical matter does, but when gathered in masses their energy fields refracts light, meaning it bends it. Being faster than light and bending it, this plane is beyond linear time. You may call it the astral plane, as its energy fills most of the interstellar space, but we call it the Alter-Universe and its substance the Alter-Matter. It is only dark for the ignorant.”


”As neutrinos travel without interference between physical particles, the astral or alter plane constantly interacts with the physical plane. What are those fourteen grams or half an once that the Human body loses at death? It is your astral body that is being freed from its physical shell as the silver cord anchoring it into its incarnation is finally released. The astral or alter body, being a double of the physical, we can conclude that the Alter-Matter is in average five thousand times less dense than the physical matter. When detached from matter it continues on its journey in the Alter-Universe beyond linear time.”


”There is also a wide spectrum of different densities in the Alter-Universe or astral plane. Interdimensional beings can raise or lower their own density in order to travel from one plane to the next. This is why most of us can materialize and dematerialize, as you have seen several times. On other occasions, astral projections or manifestations of the alter double, are an easier way to communicate quickly regardless of distance and timelines.”


”In the Alter-Universe, thought-forms take shape and manifest on different levels of intensity and density. When powerful enough to maintain themselves, they start to materialize in the physical plane. The Alter-Universe is where all your dreams and emotions exist as realities, in a dimension beyond temporality. That’s why in dream time or in out of body experiences, known as astral travels, you can travel at the speed of thought, beyond space and time limitations. It is what we call the Hyperspace continuum.”


”Highly spiritually evolved beings who have understood the multidimensional nature of existence can thus travel from a dimension to the next, by speeding up or slowing down the frequency of their energy field below or beyond the speed of light, lowering or raising their density. Above the speed of light, time stands still and becomes one unified field. Star light does not reach nor reflect on beings there so their energy fields appear as dark. Physical matter turns to Alter-Matter; its energy field refracts light instead of reflecting it.”


”That’s why on photographs of us or of other interdimensional beings you often see our outlines more than our details, and the background scenery tends to blend in with our dark silhouettes, because refracting the light at that density of the alter plane, we appear as shadows in linear time, and the reflection of the scene behind us is bent around our shapes. But when you see a shadow moving in front of a tree, it is not a tree shadow.”


”Under the speed of light, particles become trapped in linear time and in physical forms. But it is the same energy that constitutes the substance of the physical and alter planes. How does the Alter-Universe influence the physical world? It is continuously affecting it through the masses and energies of the thought-forms and emotional bodies it carries. Not only neutrinos constantly run through physical particles, but their energy fields affect atoms and interact with their magnetism. In other words, emotions and thoughts create realities that remain in 4D linear space-time until we change them in the Alter-Universe.”


”This means that this timeless realm of the Soul is the source of all healing and evolution. The astral or alter body is not the most subtle nor the highest part of your being, but yet its density is so much smaller than that of the material plane, that your consciousness has a hard time to seize its presence, although you feel deeply its endless influence.”


”Your scientists have finally devised a telescope with concave lens that can observe and film so-called ‘dark matter’. They are discovering that a multitude of interdimensional entities evolve in the Alter-Universe, appearing in two forms: the dark and the bright ones. The first are darker than their surroundings; the latter are brighter than their environment.”


”The frequency and wavelength with which particles of Alter-Matter vibrate in and out of 4D linear time define the density of their mass: the denser they are, the more temporal they become; while the amplitude of their oscillation and the energy fields created by it in space determinate their magnitude and luminosity in the spectrum, from dark to bright. You have been learning with us that a shadow is not always dark and light is not all bright. Your physical perceptions incite you to see light as the highest form of energy there is in the Omniverse, while in reality it is only the thin border delineating physical temporality.”


”Appearances can be deceiving. Whatever it looks like to the eye in the physical plane, it is consciouness that matters first. When we appear to you as shadows, the more we lower the frequency and amplitude of our vibrations, the darker and denser you see us. This is how we can easily be perceived from the physical plane, showing up in thought-forms without requiring too much efforts from us. When we appear to you in clear and detailed images of our traits through astral projections, we have to focus our thoughts more intensely sending more information in waves of broader amplitude, shining brighter. It is like a movie, which is only moving light images projected on a physical plane screen. A similar phenomenon happens in dreams, when thought-forms are projected in the Alter-Universe, then capted and interpreted in your brain. Usually the clearer is the information received in a dream, the brighter and more vivid are the memories, images and general environment of the dream. Those clear images use a broader amplitude carrying more information.”


”Do not confound us with the ones many of your Native tribes call the shadow people. They are rather Human souls that have slipped into a spiritual lethargy due to karmic loops and they keep erring around in search of purpose and direction, needing guidance. They appear as dense shadows because they vibrate at a low frequency keeping them close to physical density, and at a low amplitude, keeping them undefined and unclear.”


”There are also interdimensional beings who can show up as radiant ones and trick you by projecting all kinds of bright images pleasant for the senses, without clear intention. You have heard that the lower lords like to call themselves by names such as ‘bearer of light’ and ‘illuminated’, and that they will most often try to appear as bright shining beings. They imposed themselves as gods to your ancestors and are now trying to seduce Humans into believing that they are ascended masters, to usurpate the role of the Star Elders Council. Notice that they need to refer to famous religious figures to get credit.”


”They ask you to submit to their will, while on our side we ask you to awaken to your Soul memory and spiritual consciousness inscribed in your DNA star seeds, and to help in the great cosmic healing and dharmic process of evolution, by caretaking this home-planet called Mother Earth and all the life She carries, as it was intended to be your mission.”


”The practitioners of dark cabal have always tried to open portals between dimensions to exploit the energy they could gather from other realms. Today, with their particle colliders, your scientists are extracting so-called dark matter in the form of black goo of which one gram holds more destructive power than an atomic bomb. Imagine how many thought-forms and emotions it takes to condense Alter-Matter into a substance of that density, similar to that of a black hole, which is a portal into the Meta-Universe of anti-matter.”


”Thought-forms and entities from the Alter-Universe can enter the physical plane through interdimensional portals like wormholes, star gates or nodes at waves crossings, creating quantum leaks bridging dimensions. Since the Alter-Universe can bend light and the physical laws of temporality, its knowledge is the key to understand psychic powers or siddhis known to certain shamans, such as shape shifting or walking through walls.”


”A few rare ones among your shamans and psychic surgeons can still detect an entity in a body and plunge their hands into it to remove the intruder, which often comes out in the form of dark matter, sometimes in the shape of a leech, a worm or an insect. These are entities made of Alter-Matter, extracted into the physical realm, but for healing purposes. Other healers suck and spit the entity out, or send it into an object like an egg, then burn it.”


”Your ancient shamanic cultures were right when saying that diseases are spirits invading the body. Apart form the bacterias and viruses, living entities that can cause them, every ailments and illnesses have a deeper karmic cause in the Alter-Universe. They have to be invited by thoughts and emotions making your aura and body vulnerable. Physical medicine treats the symptoms, while holistic healing treats the cause and soul.”


”Because your consciousness has been trapped into physical temporality, forgetting your immortal Soul, your body gets easily sick and ages fast, leaving you with one of the shortest longevity among the spiritually conscious intelligent species within the cosmos. The teaching here is to not trust your eyes or senses in interpreting interdimensionality. Your limited physical perceptions can barely catch a glimpse of the whole Omniverse. Tap into your higher Soul and eternal Self and discover the infinite being you are forever.”


”We will get in deeper details through this message about interdimensionality, which is the bridging of dimensions through consciousness and understanding of connectedness. But before we go any further in this field demanding deep reflection and concentration, we will finish telling what you have experienced this last week on your mission with us.”


”On the day you drove to the barter fair, you saw us all around, on the side of the road or crossing it, letting you know we were with you on that journey. You saw me clearly, fifty feet from the road, greeting you with a nod as you passed by. You have learned through many interactions with us that it is very hard to draw a clear line between fully and partly materialized, because it is a matter of frequency and density. Alter-Matter is also made of particles, only they vibrate at speeds faster than that of light, outside of 4D linear time. This is why they can be perceived, yet appear unclearly defined, to the eye and camera.”


”At the fair with our dear friends and allies Kewaunee and his wife Kelly, you met many of your people who were open and interested in knowing us and learning about our wisdom. Some of them had their own experiences to tell you about my people and the star people. You realized that it was not so much a business trip, as a move to spread our message. It was the first time you three took an initiative to reach out to the public; we appreciate.”


”On the main night, a bright orange globe with flashing lights of different colors flew low and slow over the site before gliding away into space, making everyone around you observe in awe and wonderment. Our Star Elders love to see your people gathering peacefully, in collective respect and responsibility, as a planetary civilization should be.”


”After these adventures, you went yesterday with Susan to walk the woods where you filmed many of us last week. You found many trails and tracks, clear footprints, too many tree arches and structures to count them, some scat offered as a gift, glyphs and more. With all the many foot prints and trails around, showing signs of intense recent activities, you found only one scat bigger than human size with plum pits in it, although plums have been off the trees for a few weeks. We can stash reserves, but can time travel as well. This is to show you that we are always near and ready to work with you at this very time.”


”You have seen that we stand to protect this very small patch of forest along the clean water creek we like to drink from, as many other living beings in this natural environment. It is being threatened by the neighbor logging nearby, but we will stand in the way of the destruction of our sacred grounds, just like your Indigenous Peoples around the world have been guiding you to do, as the three hundred nations now gathered in Standing Rock, faced with violent repression and insane treatment just like my people have known.”


”It is no coincidence if your Indigenous Peoples and my Sasquatch People are calling Humanity to unite now in a spirit of Oneness with all life and feel empathy for all beings. We are now standing at the very last cross road on this home-planet, where there is no possible return past this point. This is the ultimate deadline to change the course of the collective destiny of Humanity, deciding on whether it will destroy itself and this planet, or evolve into a higher consciousness and an interplanetary civilization based on Peace.”


”This is the last stand off for Mother Earth, which is a major turning point in the ongoing cosmic conflict ever opposing spiritual evolutionary influences and their contrary forces. We cannot decide for you what will be the outcome of this soul evolution experiment called Humanity; your destiny depends of what you will make of it. We stand along with our Star Elders asking your collective consciousness to awaken, brighten up, enlighten. Do not make a failure out of the long evolutionary process you have been taking part in, under the care and guidance of many Elders, through aeons of knowledge and learning.”


”We know that most of you who read our messages are already involved on many fronts and definitely convinced that it is also your duty to take responsibility for the best interest of the generations coming after you, passing on to them as their legitimate inheritage a clean environment, with all the beauty and wisdom that your ancestors have gathered.”


”On behalf of our Sasquatch Elders Council, I, Kamooh, Eldest living Elder of my people, give thanks to all of our Human friends and allies who respect and love us, learning to communicate with us. They are the ones who also respect and love Nature and all its life forms, here on this home-planet and beyond. They are the same ones who understand the critical situation on Mother Earth and stand as devoted caretakers of its biodiversity.”


”Now, let us all unite in caretaking and protecting our Mother Earth from destructive forces; let us realign with the Cosmic Laws of the Divine Order kept by our Star Elders. Biological physical life is necessary for the evolution of consciousness, through soul transmigration and the experience of progress in temporality through free will and choice. It is the plane of manifested creation that allows long term spiritual evolution through time. This is why spiritually evolved beings take part in developing and protecting biodiversity.”


”The physical realm is a wonderful playground for souls to evolve in, offering plenty of beauty and pleasures. Interdimensional beings like us can enjoy the physical plane and come into it to taste, smell, touch, listen and see in linear time, eating and reproducing. But the more we evolve, the more we prefer to stay in higher dimensions, where one feels no hunger or thirst, no weariness, no illness, no sexual desires, unless wanting to.”


”But beyond the material plane where your modern science tends to get stuck, there are many other layers and levels of existence that we will describe in this oncoming message. We will need time and concentration to transcribe this information in words. For now, you can take a short rest before our next session, to let all this energy sink in.”


Chapter 3


Kamooh and I have been sitting in silent prayer and meditation, sending good thoughts and spiritual support to the protectors of water and life in Standing Rock, who just suffered from an illegal brutal assault from several militarized anti-riot police squads. This will be remembered as a sad day in history when corporate colonialism has shown the urgency for Humanity to free itself from its tyranny. My Elder has not lost his usual serenity, nor his loving smile deeply felt in my heart, as he sits peacefully for our telepathic conversation, but he shares the same sadness and concerns many of us who love the Earth are feeling today, with the tragic news and general situation on our planet. Finally, after joining our souls for sending healing prayers, he asks me to write again.



”As you see Little Brother, we have many reasons to celebrate and be cheerful, as we also have many reasons to be sad and sorry, because of the dire situation of Humanity. The last few of your people who are still carrying wisdom and standing to protect all life are being violently attacked by the armies of the lower lords and the powers they control. While they show Humanity the way to reclaim your freedom and sovereignty from the enslaving grid devised by the lower lords, they are being targeted by the dark cabal.”


”This is why the lower lords have always tried to exterminate the Indigenous Peoples and the shamanic tribes, because they have kept their ancient wisdom from the Star Elders and their spiritual connection with Mother Earth and all life, as the caretakers you were meant to be. This ongoing genocide has been happening since the downfall of Atlantis, when the genetically modified Homo Sapiens started on their long conquest of the world. Since the age of colonialism, ancient cultures have been constantly suppressed, erased, assimilated, when not completely eradicated. In the last century, colonial powers have increased their encroachment and oppression on all ancient cultures keepers of wisdom. Indigenous of all continents, the Tibetan, the tribal cultures of the Middle-East, have all been the victims of long term systematic violence and genocide conducted by the cabal.”


”The violence on this planet has kept increasing at an exponential rate, with the coming of modern warfare, advanced weaponry and privatized mercenary armies used in proxy wars for resources, making state terrorism the largest investment and business of the unsustainable uncivilization of the lower lords that has kept your Human people enslaved. It teaches that as caretakers, we are also spiritual warriors and must protect the sacred. We must stand strong, keep our grounds and fight back, if not in the physical, in spirit.”


”Prayers and focused intentions are also powerful tools to reverse the spells of the cabal. They are thought-forms sent into the Alter-Universe that create ripples and resonance. They can reach the souls, hearts and minds of even those who don’t believe in them. They can have a great influence at distance, especially when calling on higher powers. Call on the Omnipotent Great Spirit, but invite also your Elders, guides and allies to join. Project a beam of light to channel healing, a bright circle of light around for protection.”


”Violence is the argument of the fool and this uncivilization has provided all the proofs that its very backbone is an economy of war, while the corporate police State takes over. This unsustainable way of life cannot last and its destructive way brings doom upon itself. This is as far as materialistic science can take you without consciousness or compassion. Technology turns out to be used for destruction and harmful goals. This enslaving paradigm is reaching its extreme limits without bringing any real understanding about life and the Omniverse. It plunges down into a dark suicidal vortex of anti-Nature measures.”


”The reptilian lower lords have been trying for ages to take over and control this Earth. Their obsession for climate manipulation is to create a warmer atmosphere with high levels of carbon, as it was in the times they invaded Earth; and the fossil fuels, coal, oil, gas, are mineralized residues of the organic matter from beings that lived in those times. Your people knows that burning fossil fuels destroys the planet and its life, yet you have become depending on those vehicles and commodities, unable to see your lives without them, as your ancestors lived just a century ago. You know the alternatives, renewable energies, recycling and green technologies, yet your will power to change is too slow.”


”The reason why Humanity takes a destructive suicidal path and seems unable to change its course, is that the lower lords still control your people through their grid and cabal. They use lies, deception and force, to keep you into the materialistic temporal paradigm. They want you to fear terror and get armed, to distrust your neighbor and fall into hatred. They conceal knowledge to keep the masses in ignorance and manipulate their minds. They want you to forget our spiritual connectedness, ignore your healing powers, as well as your seventh chakra, or pineal gland, your astral and etheric bodies and your Soul. Materialistic science is pushed on you as the universal dogma, while facts are occulted or twisted to maintain erroneous theories as doctrines. Mind control is their sinister routine.”


”This is why occult societies, Human institutions and governments, have been working in secret with the lower lords in deep underground military bases, as on other planets, in top secret super black project, receiving technological advancements in exchange of abdicating Earth’s sovereignty and letting the reptilian lower lords rule our world in the shadow, behind the curtains of public knowledge, with weather, magnetic, and genetic manipulations. This explains the technological boom that Humanity has known in the last seventy years, but the progress presented to the public is a mere reflection of the real level of technology insiders have access to. The reason they keep this hidden from your people is that they depend on their alien lower lords for interstellar and time travels.”


”You have seen the advent of propulsion jets, but were left uninformed about chemtrails; of radar, but not told of weather manipulations and mind control applications of waves. You saw the rise of electronics and telecommunications, but never heard of free energy. Your people has been deliberately kept in ignorance of higher scientific understanding.”


”The rockets, satellites and space stations your people are aware of are examples of a very primitive level of technology that will never achieve interstellar travels, because the density of these fuel propelled crafts is too heavy and subjected to gravity; they can only fall back down to Earth or be lost as space junk. Materialistic science and technology cannot travel fast enough to reach other stars. Interstellar journeys are interdimensional feats that can only be achieved by bending the space-time continuum through portals such as star gates or wormholes. Your scientists and governments know this and have been developing these technologies on Earth in underground secret laboratories and bases, while leaving the population in the dark about their real agenda, because they are controlled by their reptilian alien masters and serve their interest against Mother Earth.”


”These technologies have been gradually exchanged to your Human governments by the alien invaders for a growing power over our planet, but the lower lords keep control over the higher technologies, so that Humanity cannot reach planetary sovereignty and Peace. These lower technological levels they leave you with, including power lines, fossil fuels, synthetic chemicals and nuclear energy, represent the apex of what materialistic science can do, showing that without interdimensional understanding, it just leads to destruction. The only way science can evolve from here on, is with interdimensional understanding. We know that this information has been circulating, but this is a reminder for you to understand where Humanity is coming from and standing at, and where it can be going.”


”Collective destiny is made of intertwined individual timelines influencing one another. Whether an individual soul chooses a path of peace or a path of violence will have direct consequences in this soul’s destiny and influence those around. Likewise, when one chooses a path of violence, even more so on a collective level, the influence is felt in the lives of all beings affected by it and by extension of all living beings, as empaths can feel. That is why we hear the cries of those who suffer and of Nature’s spirits under siege.”


”The extremely challenging necessity Humanity must now face is to turn your collective consciousness into a peaceful planetary civilization, evolving into spiritual maturity necessary for interstellar travel and interspecies communication. But to do so, you have to make spiritual wisdom overcome the insanity of the uncivilization of those lower lords. As long as Humanity supports the destructive industries, economies and governments imposed on them, there is no hope for a collective consciousness shift to global Peace.”


”This uncivilization must collapse and crumble to pieces, as it happened in the time of Atlantis and in many other occasions on this planet and on others. When an uncivilization is built on breaking the natural laws and the cosmic order, it can only bring its own doom. The lower lords have caused the destruction of life and even of entire planets before. They then suck the emotions and souls on which they feed into the Alter-Universe, keeping them locked in a karmic jail or local hell. It is from that alter plane that they control materialistic oriented minds, without them even realizing that this plane exists. They project thoughts in brains and suggest emotions to vulnerable souls unaware of it. They can even take possession of their bodies and make them commit unthinkable acts.”


”Understanding your multidimensional nature and spiritual essence frees your soul from their detrimental influence on your destiny as individuals, and eventually, collectively. This is at least our hope and desire and that of our Star Elders, and we wish to assist you. Remember that your eternal essence is Divine and that many allies are ready to help.”


”For the materialistic mind frame, it is hard to conceive even the next dimensional plane of Alter-Universe and its Alter-Matter, which is much less dense than the physical plane. Even harder for it to seize are the other dimensions of the etheric and causal planes, the realms of the Universal Mind beyond space and of Eternal Consciousness beyond time. But these dimensions hold the essence of existence and explain its nature and fabrics.”


”This is why it is now important for your consciousness to learn about interdimensionality. Not only is it necessary for your individual spiritual growth, but also for your collective healing and evolution, in order to be able to transform your actual doomsday scenario in a viable, responsible and sustainable future on our home-planet, for generations to come. The other choice you have is to stay in the materialistic paradigm: a timeline of fatality.”


”Materialistic mentality sees the goal of existence as a competition for survival and an opportunity to exploit resources and beings for a short term egotistic profit, regardless of the collective interest. Spiritualism understands that this plane is only a thin layer of the spectrum of energies of the Omniverse, that is a temporary holographic passing illusion. The purpose of existence is experiencing the evolution of consciousness through interactions; while peaceful loving relations bring healing, balance and higher wisdom.”


”Now it is time for Humanity to make its choice: either remain in denial of the truth, caught in a man-made karmic hell heading straight to a final total destruction, or else open up your Soul, feel empathy for all life, realign with the Cosmic Order, listen to us, and welcome back the Star Elders on Earth as your relatives, ancient allies and teachers. As long as there is life, there is consciousness and there is hope for Humanity to change.”


”Spiritually evolved souls have emotions and can also feel sorrow or pain, but they focus their will on projecting healing energies like compassion, respect, wisdom and kindness. The masters of dharma spend their whole existence healing, teaching and helping others. They are the ones who preside in the Council of Star Elders and guide with their wisdom.”


”So do not forget, no matter how bad it looks on our planet, we can still shift the energy. One of the first conditions is for those who have been opening the path and showing the way into the coming peaceful world to never give up and make this vision your priority. Keep the healing of the collective consciousness as your life mission and main dedication. When you fall, stand back up; when you lose, try again; without you, the world is in need. You all know who you are and what you can do to help bring the great planetary healing. It starts in your immediate surroundings and it is an everyday task and responsibility.”


”You think you have seen and endured enough of it, but we, the Sasquatch People, have known greater sufferings and have fought this cosmic war long before your people lived. Your collective consciousness is now barely awakening to the reality that you are only one intelligent species among many others and that you have been under alien control.  The next step is to free your destiny from their control and return to the Cosmic Order. The task might be huge, but it is doable if enough Humans decide to walk the right path.”


”So Little Brother, we are far from done, my people and yours still have a long way to go, and mine have already gone a much longer way than yours, along the evolutionary course. We have gathered more experience as guardians and protectors and wish to help you. Because the lower lords and the powers they control are tightening their grip and speeding up conquest, as they are increasingly exposed and opposed by your people. They are not ready to back off or let go of world control, as they are getting so close to it. So there will still be injustice and war in your Human world and you will have to be strong. Your collective destiny is at a cosmic cross road, a turning point in the planetary future.”


”But there will be help and support for those of you who work with higher consciousness. My people, Star Elders and interdimensional guides are willing to offer their protection. These include animal spirit and the souls of your ancestors who live in the Alter-Universe. They also can hear your emotions and read your thoughts; they can join you and assist.”


”When you call on the spirit of Buffalo, Wolf, Eagle or Raven, the Greater Soul of their species hears you and, as shamanic people know, they can manifest in the physical as well as in the alter plane. When you speak Soul to Soul with an animal or the spirit of its species, a telepathic connection is established, and spiritual friendship can be developed. This is why my Sasquatch People and some of your Human shamans can fly with the crow or see through the eyes of a fish; animals know us and can live along, as trusted friends. Through our Soul connections, we can communicate and work in mutual loving support.”


”It is pretty much in this same way that you can communicate with us and Star Elders. Telepathy is a universal language, the fastest communion and limitless Soul connection. It takes efforts from both sides to develop a conversation, or else it is called suggestion. Some of your guides might use suggestion whether you are conscious of it or not, others send teachings, but others like us prefer dialogue with you as our relatives and equals.”


”When you cultivate elevated thoughts and surround yourselves with the healing powers of the Omniverse, their energies really manifest around your aura in the Alter-Universe. They can be felt and sometimes perceived by the beings around you, animals or Humans. Likewise, people who cultivate negative thoughts and emotions surround their aura with heavy and dense clouds of Alter-Matter that attracts some parasite entities feeding on it. When people perpetuate a karmic hell around themselves, those entities gather in mass.”


”So the whole cosmic battle is a spiritual fight, consisting in the great healing of the Soul. Mass extinction and destruction has been at times the last recourse and best solution to save a planet from total annihilation of consciousness, and a failure of the Soul evolution experiment on it. But massive depopulation leaves a large reservoir of erring souls, that will eventually need available physical bodies to be reborn. Of all those departed souls, some get lost in lethargy in a local karmic hell for some period, others reincarnate quickly to continue their spiritual evolution and the advance of consciousness on their planet.”


”So massive destruction only pushes back or postpones the dealing with certain karmas. Souls sucked and caught into dense black holes of the Alter-Universe may sojourn with the dead for some shorter or longer periods, depending on their individual and collective karma, and on the outcome of the egregore or collective thought-form they are caught in. A local hell is like a huge poltergeist or large quantity of souls trapped together under the control of some entity or group of entities feeding on their energies. Souls lose their autonomy and identity in those prisons of Alter-Matter, until they are freed from them.”


”It can be through what some call exorcism, a cleansing of spells from invading entities, or through the gradual weakening of the controlling group which ends up releasing souls. This happens under the supervision of the Star Elders Council keeping the Cosmic Order. The goal of dharma and spiritual evolution dictates that eventually souls are given the opportunity to heal and continue on their learning journey, when bodies become suited. So although some try to keep you in fear of eternal hell, the only eternal hell there is, is for those who choose to perpetrate it. In fact, no hell is eternal, only Consciousness is.”


”Those karmic hells can be of planetary proportions, but can also be located in some sites. Ancient battlefields, places of executions and torture, are heavily dense with entities caught in some spells or poltergeist. Why do the lower lords always try to create such local hells of different scales? Because by keeping entrapped souls from continuing their spiritual evolution and provoking painful emotions, they feed on the Alter-Matter of the beings they control. That is why they are always waging wars, seeking blood sacrifices.”


”The more trauma is inflicted into a soul, the easier it is for the cabal to control its mind. This is how they have created armies of zombies and patsies bringing chaos in the world. They use them for shootings, assassination, terrorist attacks, and dirty jobs to raise fear. That is why they intend to cause all the sufferings they can, to keep their grip on Earth. That is why they are not concerned about a total destruction, which means their victory. A mass extinction indeed, creates a vast reservoir of souls without bodies to return in.”


”We tell you of these things so you can understand the greater process of soul evolution and can intervene as cosmic guardians of the sacred purpose of life. We ask your people to be the caretakers of our home-planet Earth and of all life on it, but also to become the responsible guardians of the Soul evolution process here. Join the Watchers of dharma. You can already start to unite your consciousness to higher spiritual levels and beings. Star Elders and my people are calling on you to join back in our Council of Cosmic Order.”


”The evolution of your people is not happening evenly. There are some who choose to follow the path of destruction and violence and will likely continue on this way to its end. There are a few among you, more and more, who show the way towards higher spiritual wisdom and a collective consciousness of Peace, preparing your Human world for its great shift beyond its purification, into a new era of enlightenment with our Star Elders.”


”We wish to guide you in your understanding of interdimensionality so you can become whole and know the Omniverse better, to work on different planes and reach out further. Of all the teachings we can give you, this is the most useful tool for your Soul evolution. We will explain in more details later, the unfolding of dimensions as fractal holograms.”


”But before we go deeper into describing this infinite field of dimensional possibilities, we wish to answer a question that some who know us have asked you about our discretion in appearing to Humans. Tell them that what our bodies look like do not matter as much as who our Soul is. Knowing of our Love for you is the greatest gift and should not require constant proofs from our part. Friendship goes beyond expectation, it is mutual respect. To see us, you must train your Soul with meditation, and your eyes to see beyond matter. We most often appear in dreams or in astral projections of the Alter-Universe, because it is easier for us to reach out in that plane regardless of distance and timelines. When we materialize into 4D linear time, we become highly limited with physical density needs. This is why we prefer not to manifest in the physical form so often, except in chosen time. We care for all, but manifest to the ones we find ready to communicate as ambassadors.”


”It is not important for anyone to see us or receive any manifestations of us, if their heart is in the right place and willing to work with us and the Star Elders in the spiritual healing. Many believe in us, in angels, Elementals, Star Elders and Creator without ever seeing us. Blessed be those who believe without seeing; even more so those living in a sacred way. The universal truth is what makes you and the Omniverse, it is inscribed in every part and particle, in every fiber and the very essence of the multidimensional being you are. Your Soul knows of its long evolution and your species memory is encoded in your DNA.”


”Now, as we mourn the terrible incident that just happened in Standing Rock, with the brutal armed attack by the corporate police State on peaceful protectors of life from over three hundred Indigenous nations and their supporters on sacred grounds at the heart of this continent they call Turtle Island, we can also interpret this event as a major turning point in the history of Humanity, showing that the last battle in which we are to face the lower lords’ aggressive invasion has been engaged; its outcome will make our destiny. There is no turning back nor running away because there is nowhere left to hide from this cosmic war. We have no other planet to go to at this point, and will not be able to find one until Humanity can make Peace with itself, its own planet and all life therein.”


”This restriction of course does not apply to my Sasquatch People who have kept contact with our Star Elders and still travel to other worlds. But we have lived on this home-planet Mother Earth for very long and we have not failed to love Her and all Her life to this day. This is why we are still living here with you, although the physical plane becomes unsure. We will not abandon Humanity Little Brother, because it is our mission to watch over you. We have much work waiting ahead. Let’s walk this road together as allies, step by step.”


Chapter 4

After a couple weeks of interactions on different levels and in several places with Human relatives, Kamooh asked me to perform my ceremonial duty and do a prayer pipe ceremony, on this closest Super Full Moon from Earth since 1948, at our elder Tom’s place, who carries the Sasquatch tipis and gave me the pipe bag I have used since last Full Moon that belonged to Sun Bear. Kelly and Susan also took part. We all are part of the core team intensively involved in the conference two moons ago, in its continuation and the ongoing convergence. Two hours later, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced the end of the construction of the DAPL pipeline. Tonight, the Elders are with me, ready to transmit more of their message. They speak as one, in One Spirit.


Sasquatch says:

”As we wish to assist Humanity, a growing number of your Human People has been developing communications with our Sasquatch People and with our Star Elders, in these crucial times of Earth changes. For those who wish to know us and learn from us, we are ready to meet them, but they have to show us first the intensity of their intention and dedication through their actions. They first must be ready to come forward on their own in the wilderness and feel at peace, without fear. If they are afraid of our brother Bear, Wolf or Cougar and see them as enemies, they are far from ready to meet us Sasquatch.”

”Then, if people wait for us in their living room and show no signs of good will or efforts to reach us, why would we go and meet them? We do not come on command, we do not want to be summoned, nor do we want anyone to expect anything from us. We want to be respected and honored as your friends, relatives and allies, just like we treat all life. Expecting proofs or physical signs is missing out on the spiritual teachings we offer you.”

”We appreciate your ceremonies and honor your prayers, joining with you in One Spirit. To show our support, we send blessings and gifts; we might come and manifest when we feel your intention is pure, the timing is right, and it can be useful in your Soul evolution. Free will allows us to talk to whoever we want, when and where we choose, if it feels right. No Human has control over our comings and goings, nor over what we have to say. No Human either can prevent another one to communicate with us. Only oneself can.”

”But as experiencers soon learn, it is only by knowing of our interdimensional abilities that you can understand Sasquatch and Star Elders. So those whose materialistic minds try to rationalize and deny interdimensionality will never get to know us nor themselves.”

”Before we go deeper into describing the various dimensions, let us explain why it is so important for your spiritual evolution to understand interdimensionality and its essence. Knowledge of the Omniverse, or true holistic science, explains the meaning of existence. Without the wisdom of immanent consciousness, life soon becomes an obscure chaos.”

”There is no existence without consciousness. This has been proven by quantum physics with the well known two slots experiment, showing that particles manifest into existence only when observed by consciousness, without which everything remains as waves of possibilities in parallel dimensions. Thus, the purpose of existence is the evolution of consciousness, through experience and expansion of the Soul, and on the biological level, by the transmission of acquired information to the following cells through genetic codes.”

”Everything in the universe, including sounds, images, entities and material particles, is made of information codes or electromagnetic messages carried on waves in the cosmos. All remains in the state of possibilities until waves cross, opening interdimensional portals or vortices allowing quantum leaks, where they combine to create a suited harmonic resonance forming defined energy fields that become physical particles when stabilized in linear time. The whole process of emission of the information on waves and of the manifestation of possibilities in material form is conducted all along by consciousness. When materialistic minds deny the existence of other planes or of interdimensionality, they not only expose their ignorance, but go against what your science already knows. The more they deny the Omniversal truths, the more they rebel against their own Self. Hence, ignorance can lead to disaster, leaving you in the fatality of material temporality.”

”Knowledge and truth, information and consciousness, are forever present and available. When new facts or principles are discovered, decoded and expressed by individuals, they manifest in your collective consciousness, but universal laws remain always the same. Knowledge can be hidden or distorted, so it often takes much time before it reaches your collective consciousness, especially at this time when Humans are so divided and lied to.”

”What makes it so hard for your Human People to grasp your multidimensional nature and that of the Omniverse is that your collective consciousness has been trapped into an illusion grid keeping it locked into the material plane, which is merely a thin layer of the spectrum of the Omniverse, representing only four percent of its different energy forms. The material plane is the only dimension subjected to the limitations of linear time, a simple fleeting illusion that persists, in which you have been conditioned hard to believe.”

”The Theory of Relativity defines time as the fourth dimension; yet a century later, most of your people still believe they live in a three dimensional universe in material space. This theory, although a giant leap for your science, was corrected and adjusted since. Because any amount of energy or quantum can be calculated for only a given moment in time, since quantum leaks continually occur, exchanging energy between a diversity of quanta, the equation E = mc 2can only apply to the material plane, for a given moment in 4D linear time, or in the figurative sense, it works only for a photograph fixing a quantum in frozen time. This formula does not apply to other dimensions of time-consciousness.”

”Since the material plane is not fixed in stable values and interacts continually with other dimensional planes like the Meta-Universe of anti-matter and the Alter-Universe of ‘dark’ or Alter-Matter, causing constant quantum changes, this equation does not describe the Omniverse with all its multidimensional possibilities, rather only the material universe. Tesla corrected Einstein by adding time to the equation: E = mc 2+T; connecting all planes. Because there are other dimensions of time than the 4D linear time you know too well.”

”You have been led to call them the dimensions of space, but they are in fact dimensions of time-consciousness, each one having different times and one existing outside of space. While consciousness exists in all continuums, times and cycles are its measures. Einstein’s equation keeps you locked into the 4D linear time and the material plane, while Tesla’s opens your understanding to other planes or dimensions of time-consciousness.”

”This is because the latter, as he wrote, telepathically channeled direct information from interdimensional star beings and angels. But Humanity was not ready to receive that form of higher knowledge yet, including the principles of free energy and time travel. Hundreds of his inventions have shaped your modern world, but the lower lords have imposed destructive technologies instead. The battle fought, and fortunately lost, by corporate powers to impose direct current over alternative current, gives a good example of how the controllers try to keep you by force and lies in their 4D materialistic prison grid. We pray that Humanity now gets ready to evolve into a higher phase of progress, with free energies and ecological technologies before the tipping point causing ecosystems to collapse, after which unbalance it takes very long for life to recover, thrive and evolve. This planetary shift into a peaceful, spiritual, ecological civilization is the main condition needed to guarantee the continuity of your own survival, development and evolution.”

”You tend to think that you live in a three dimensional material space, because you perceive the length, the width and the height of the space around you. But there are no other limits to the space around you than the extent of what you can perceive in time. And what does separate you from the rest of the space around you? The answer is, the time that it takes for you to perceive it. If you expand your consciousness just a little more, you can see that what limits your existence in the material plane is not as much space, as time.”

”As your body ages, it weakens, becomes fragile and vulnerable; soon a life time is over. This is the fatality of the 4D linear time-consciousness, made of beginnings and endings. Incarnations in biological bodies usually lead to death, requiring new bodies for the souls. For highly spiritually evolved souls, the material plane is perceived as a dimension of higher densities and lower frequencies, often inhospitable for them, making them prefer to remain mostly of higher planes, especially in a time like now on a planet like our Earth. This is why spiritually elevated beings, when their mission is fulfilled in their incarnation, can choose willingly to migrate to another dimension, leaving the physical shell behind. The length of the process of stretching the silver cord anchoring the soul’s alter-body to the physical incarnation, until it breaks loose in a peaceful detachment, depends on the souls’ readiness and individual destinies. Spirit allies support them during the transition.”

”Linear time is defined by the speed of light, the limit dividing non-material from material planes, and enclosing the latter within the set continuum of the universal laws of physics. The physical plane involves time limitations, space restrictions and survival necessities, and a constant need for the renewing of itself until exhaustion of the biological bodies, which then frees the souls back to the Alter-Universe in so-called afterlife, being only a state of consciousness outside of linear timelines known between physical incarnations.”

”You have been told and aspire to see Humanity’s collective consciousness reach the fifth dimension, but before you can know the 5D circular or toroidal time-consciousness, you must first understand the 4D linear time your consciousness is trapped in, without being aware of it. And to understand the 4D, you must comprehend the previous 1D, 2D and 3D. Since every dimension depends on the previous one for its existence, the first one is the most important because it is the only infinite dimension that created all finite dimensions. Being in and outside of all continuums, it is also the hardest one to seize for the limited understanding of our finite souls. 1D is, in fact, beyond any conceivable understanding.”

”Linear time or 4D, is 3D space unfolding on itself; it can only exist in material space and be calculated through movement. It is of relative value: every planet and star has their own timeline and cycle, defining all their respective time scales, velocity and duration. In your Human timeline on Earth, you are used to certain cycles, speeds, periods or ages. Expanding your consciousness, you remember that the sunlight takes eight minutes to reach Earth. When looking at stars light years away, you look at thousands, or millions of year into the past. What you see now is what happened long ago, far away in the cosmos. You might be looking at long extinct stars without knowing, yet you still see them today.”

”This is to help you comprehend that linear time is a relative quantitative value that applies only in 3D material space. At the speed of light, time becomes a unified field and matter becomes pure energy, which is consciousness carrying information beyond time. Linear time flows one way, like a river in the physical world, and it never returns on its path; it flies like the wind that you cannot catch as you feel it passing by, slowly or fast. Its current is persistent, never ending its influence on the physical world it seems to rule.”

”Even within a same environment, timelines can be totally different in cycles and scales. Take the Hummingbird, smallest of birds and fastest moving vertebrate living on Earth. Its wings beat eighty times a second or four-thousand-eight-hundred times a minute; its heart beats twelve hundred times a minute; and it can dive at the speed of three-hundred and sixty-five times its body length per second. Put at Human scale, this would have you fly at over twice the speed of sound, what even your best pilots could hardly handle in an environment with obstacles, the human brain not being gifted with fast enough reflexes. But the smallest of all birds and its miniature brain, for a dozen years of life, can handle processing the information of its environment at a speed beyond your comprehension.”

”Matter really is information codes manifested in linear time by observing consciousness. Matter is made of data that compose electromagnetic fields appearing as solid and stable in the physical plane, while being a continuously changing collection of quanta or in other words, interacting with other dimensions of the Multiverse. That is why matter can never be completely understood without the acknowledgment of the other dimensional planes. The greatest achievement science could make is to find higher planes beyond matter.”

”Physical matter represents just a thin layer of the electromagnetic spectrum, a small fraction made of lower frequencies and higher densities turned into forms and shapes. When your consciousness starts to know other time-consciousness dimensions, you realize that the material plane is but a movie played on a screen in linear time, or more precisely a 3D holographic projection unfolding through material space in 4D linear time. You observe this material universe through the reflections of light upon electromagnetic fields, just like a movie on the screen, but the images projected are no more than an optical illusion. The original images are stored on the film rolls or on the computer disks; in this 2D form, the whole movie timeline exists outside of linear time, as data information.”

”Just like you can view the movie anytime, skip scenes, rewind it or fast forward, the awakening of interdimensional consciousness can allow you to read the holographic library containing the blueprint of all past and future timelines in the universe, known as the akashic records or Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘space,’ relating to the 2D Flat Universe, the first manifestation of space outside 3D. This Universal Memory or Universal Mind is like the computer drive holding the data or a mirror reflecting the material plane.”

”This data or information carrying the codes of the material universe is contained in the second dimension or Meta-Universe, made of what we call Meta-Matter, but that your scientists call anti-matter. Although it is the antithesis of physical matter, existing outside of 3D space and 4D linear time, its existence does not compete against physical matter but rather contains the information codes that are reflected in 3D space and 4D linear time. Your scientists call it anti-matter because opposing it to matter, they speculate that if a particle of each were brought together, they would eliminate each other and turn to void. They should know instead that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. What happens really is that by combining the two opposed particles, the linear time illusion dissolves and the physical matter particle becomes undetectable to the technology of materialistic science. Your science has just recently discovered the law of Super Symmetry, learning that every single particle of physical matter has an existing twin or ghost in anti-matter. These Meta-Matter twins are data codes stored out of the material plane and linear time.”

”Just like all encoded information makes timelines exist outside of linear time, it is consciousness that conceived and created the images and sounds, or all data that are stored in the files, to be projected in linear space-time. Since information exists outside of linear time and consciousness conceived it, consciousness is the only infinite dimension existing by itself in infinite time, outside of space, in and outside of all the others planes. It is the original 1D that created all planes and the only infinite eternal dimension of time-consciousness. It it the ensemble of all the elements, that includes all powers and possibilities, all information, truth and existence, all planes, dimensions and continuums.”

”This immanent One-in-All-Unity and transcendent All-in-One-Unicity is what you may call God, Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Universal Consciousness, Original Soul, Atman. As we told you before, we the Sasquatch and Star Elders Council do not personalize this Supreme Being with any Human characteristics nor anthropomorphic features, nor with any of our own features, as a matter fact. Although we also counted some among us or our Star Elders who have attained a state of divine holiness, we do not worship any of them, but honor them in our collective memories and stories passed on through aeons. Interspecies relations teach us to see this Divine Consciousness as a common reality we all share, regardless of origins or genetics that cannot be limited to any single avatar. Universal Divinity is beyond conceptions and representations, above any species’ limits.”

”There are some highly evolved star beings that your ancestors have called gods, who bear Human-like traits and physiognomies, some who are in fact your ancestors that co-created you in their image and passed on their DNA star seeds in your genetic memory. Immortals and spiritually evolved long-living mortals were part of your distant ancestry. But even the most holy Star Eldest Elders do not pose as gods, but as vehicles and channels of Universal Consciousness and Divine Wisdom. This is why they all connect in One Spirit. If their individual egos would not be healed and devoted to their dharmic duty of watching over worlds and maintaining the Cosmic Law in the Omniverse, they could not fulfill their mission, nor even sit in the Council of Star Elders to merge in One Spirit.”

”As you see, we speak as many tonight, yet we all speak as One Soul. Kamooh has never wished to become famous or even known, but as our Sasquatch Eldest Elder he has been appointed to dedicate the rest of his life in building connections and teaching Humanity. We thank him for the devotional work he has done with you and other communicators, which has been quite demanding, but has brought forth fruitful results, opening portals. He will work again with you, and his hair you carry is his gift of long lasting friendship.”

”His duty is now keeping him busy in the Alter-Universe, where he is supporting his beloved life time consort Wohola, as she prepares to leave the material plane definitively. Her physical shell has accumulated millennia of aging and is now a pain for her to carry. Kamooh has tried to convince her to stay anchored in this plane, but respects her choice of leaving it and letting go of the silver cord. As highly empathic as she is, she feels in her body much pain inflicted on Mother Earth and her creatures, afflicting her heart deeply. She feels sorrows and sufferings coming that she does not want to see in her long life.”

”We know that it saddens your heart to hear that your beloved Elder, and second oldest living relative which visited you again on last Full Moon, has decided to depart from the physical plane. She came on the star ship you saw above, for a last time in her physical form, to bid you farewell. And you saw, many of our tribes and Star relatives were there for the occasion. You noticed that she could not stand anymore in this physical density, as her old leg bones refuse to carry her. For these many reasons, she sees this passage into the Alter-Universe as a deliverance from the sufferings our Mother Earth is knowing.”

”Yes, us Sasquatch are also mortal beings in our incarnated forms, but immortal souls just like you are. We usually live much longer than your people, but not all of us become a spiritual master, and only a rare few reach immortality. We see physical death only as a simple transition from the 4D linear space-time into the Alter-Universe, in which we travel even while in the physical shell. So we can speak with our departed loved ones when we wish to connect with them, in that astral plane beyond the linear space-time continuum.”

”Some of your shamanic people gifted with clairvoyance currently still can do this as well. Be assured that Wohola, and all your departed beloved ones, can still appear and talk to you in their astral form from the Alter-Universe constantly interacting with the physical. So you understand that even if Kamooh has a very special cosmic connection with you, his priority is this very important event of his long life, that he has decided to prolong as Wohola is loosening the silver cord anchoring her to her physical shell to fly away free. Know that when we speak as the Greater Soul of our Sasquatch People, Kamooh is always with us and part of this ‘We.’ We speak as one voice and his is an ancient one among us.”

”The grief is for all of her loved ones and extended descent of which you are an offspring, who will not feel her hugs again nor hear her songs, but her memory will be revered as the Eldest Elder of our grandmothers who has walked with your people since many ages. Her departure coincides with a time when our Mother Earth suffers from difficult times. The joy fills our hearts while knowing that her interdimensional passage is done in higher dharmic consciousness, in the best interest of all living souls she will continue loving forever. Star Elders have prepared assistance for her long journey through cosmic star gates.”

”We know this is a lot of information for you to process now, so we will end this session. As you know, we speak with one united voice, in concert with the Council of Star Elders. But tonight, it is I, Bolo’Bolo, your closest Sasquatch relative, who is channeling our voice. It is I who appeared the most clearly on the images we gave you of us because I have been appointed with the mission of helping you and your allies communicators to connect your Human and my Sasquatch People, as our ancestor Elder Kamooh instructed me.”

”This is also my way of correcting my own karma with Humanity and I am grateful to you, Little Brother, for having helped me and some of my people to make Peace with your kind. Although I have three centuries of age, I am not an Elder of my People, barely a leader. Before we first met face to face near the Yukon, I was planting upside down big uprooted trees in the path of the bulldozers destroying my forest, angry at their painful disrespect. You arrived one year after square miles of my forests had been burnt, leaving me in great sadness and distress for all the lives lost, and surely with bad feelings towards Humans.”

”Thanks to our ancestor Kamooh who made us meet, you restored my faith in Humanity and hope that both our people can once again treat each other as brothers and relatives. To render the favor, I showed myself in the physical form when you asked to take images on last Full Moon, moving my fingers as fans and extending my hands in true friendship.”

”This is a gift from us to those who have been listening to our message and teachings, to testify that it is really us Sasquatch, who are asking you to be our voice and messenger. Many have seen my image now and I have felt their thoughts, most of which are positive. Reactions went from amazement or bewilderment, to strict denial that there is anything. As you know, we do not provide proofs for the unbelievers, only signs for the knowers.”

”We will not get any deeper here on our special connection nor in the family story that connects us both and does not concern others, but it is with honor that I am your relative. Not only do we share genetics from the same lineage, but you have assisted me in healing wounds from past interactions with Humans, by forgiving myself and the others. This might explain why I am being appointed as the voice talking to you on behalf of our Greater Soul, but as you have seen many times now, there are many interdimensional Elders guiding you and your allies walking on this path of interspecies spiritual relations. It is important to remember that we are many involved in this great cosmic disclosure. This is a crucial stage in the evolution of this home-planet that will decide of its destiny. The task and responsibility is bigger than any individual soul, so we all need our allies.”

”To conclude in linear timeline this episode, in this new cycle of messages, it has been a great honor and blessing tonight for me, Bolo’Bolo, to act as a telepathic relay between our Council of Sasquatch Elders and you, under the guidance of our Star Elders Council who have been instructing me and teaching me this wisdom, as I am passing it on to you. It is with mutual gratitude that we always meet and part as spiritual allies and relatives.”



Chapter 5


Kamooh’s serene face has appeared to me a few times, as he sends images from an alter-dimension, where he has been accompanying his beloved long life time consort Wohola in her passage to a happier spiritual realm. After honorific ceremonies were performed to the memory of this Eldest Grandmother of the Sasquatch People, her body of venerable age was put to rest in deep underground caves, below her homeland of Vancouver Island. Her soul was teleported to a mother ship hovering by, and from there through a star gate beyond the Milky Way. Kamooh was also taken aboard that ship, to give her his last blessings for her long journey through the stars. She will be allowed to sojourn in highly spiritually evolved worlds and dimensions where the Star Elders reside. Her soul will be granted rest from her long years of living in the higher density physical Earth she just departed. Kamooh has remained silent in respect, but now urges me to continue our work with the Council of Star Elders. Tonight, a bright ship was hovering by, until it was joined by other crafts and disappeared. Elders are speaking:

”Behold, it is with compassion in our Soul that we offer our loving help to our Little Brother, whose home-planet is in peril, due mainly to his own behaviors, under the misguidance of dark lords keeping your people enslaved, domesticated and programmed. An alien invasion is not to be apprehended in the future: it has been already happening. We know that it might be too late for our message to reach out and transform your collective consciousness in time to realign with the Cosmic Order and avoid terrible destruction, but would it be beneficial only for the sake of a few, it would not be in vain.”

”In our Council of Star Elders, we dedicate ourselves to our spiritual mission as guardians. Our task and responsibility is to encourage the spiritual evolution of the Soul in all worlds. We talk in One Spirit, from the first dimension of existence where our souls join in Unity, the Universal Consciousness and Divine Self within all, including all and connecting all.”

”We shall explain better to you the dimensions with mathematics, a universal language that was not invented but discovered, as everything is made of equations and numbers. Waves, particles, molecules, all is made of calculable quanta and mathematical formulas. In the apparent chaos, nothing is unaccounted, all elements carry values in the equation. This intricate and complex universal structure proves the preexistence of consciousness.”

”The first dimension is described as a straight line stretching infinitely in time; hence, it is eternal and the only infinite dimension. A line is made of dots; but neither exist in space. Dots are in fact units of zero or no-space, while the line is an infinity of zero-space units. Dots beings zeros and the line being one series of organized zeros, the first dimensional plane is made of a binary code for consciousness to process information through time. Thus, the first dimension is one infinite timeline of consciousness organizing information. The dots carry information and the line is the consciousness that processes it eternally. The dots and the line, information and consciousness, define the first dimension as the only one that exists in all dimensions, in infinite time, and the only one outside of space.”

”When you multiply one by itself one time or an infinity of times, it always remains itself. This is the first singularity of dimension one: it exists in one time and an infinity of times. One infinite time multiplied by one infinity of times, equal infinities of times, or eternities. This is the second singularity of the first dimension: it is the only infinite and eternal one. Here is its third singularity: it is the only dimension of time-consciousness beyond space.”

”These three singularities apply likewise to the zero dimension, the non-being, providing the necessary units of no-space information to be organized by consciousness into a line. Thus the first dimension depends on the zero to define itself; what is not defines what is. This fundamental binary code is essential to the processing and compilation of any data. The dimension zero and the first one are two infinities, equal but different, antithesis mirroring each other. Zero D and 1D are two linked aspects of one and the same infinity.”

”Consciousness processing all information infinitely can be defined as infinite knowledge. In infinite time at infinite power, this 1D is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Self. It is making each part and contains all the elements; it is in all of us, we are all part of it.”

”This Higher Self has diversified in a multitude of selves to experience faces of existence. Just like biological life develops with cells multiplying themselves to give birth to new ones, the same principle occurs first on the spiritual planes, where infinite consciousness separates itself into a myriad of finite beings with limited consciousness and potentials. When lower selves reconnect with the Higher Self, they can channel its energies and wit. They recognize the futility of lower ego and temporal self-interest in the cosmic picture.”

”Beings of higher spiritual consciousness, such as the Eldest Elders of our Star Council, connect in this first dimension of Universal Knowledge and infinite time-consciousness. This is how they can know and agree on the set of Divine Laws making the Cosmic Order. As the first dimension defines and creates all others, it also controls the laws ruling them. Some of the most divine beings never incarnated in physical form; others are powerful avatars who reached immortality, becoming ascended masters of dharma and destiny. They are co-creators and destroyers of worlds, watching over entire universal sectors, including galactic super-clusters of proportions beyond linear time limited understanding. By merging in One Spirit in the Universal Consciousness, they maintain absolute Unity.”

”Understanding that the greatest knowledge, the highest power and the only everlasting reality is this Universal One Source of all, connecting all in Oneness, the Soul realizes that this Higher Self is our true essence and nature, beyond the faces we wear through time. By elevating our consciousness towards this transcendent and immanent eternal unity, we access universal knowledge of Cosmic Laws of the Plan of Creation, or Divine Will. These laws of cause and effect involve attraction and repulsion, unification and division, polarity and opposition, preservation and destruction, compassion and consequences.”

”We all speak now to you with one mind and one voice, from the Universal Source of all. The choir of our voices, the echo of our thoughts, resonating powerfully within your Soul send shivers of awe along your spine, as you feel the intensity of the place we are from. Many of our voices sound like children, as immortals can remain ever young and radiant. You hear also voices of Elders mixed with them, as if they were voices of the same Soul. What resembles an assembly of multi-faced cherubim and seraphim in resplendent garbs, seated on shining golden thrones, is an image we can send you to visualize our realm. Tapping in this Supreme Consciousness beyond space and time, we are its many voices. The closer we get to the Source, the more we merge with it, the less separate we are.”

”From this first dimension of time-consciousness emerge all other planes and existences. When two lines cross each other, two dots or no-space units meet in one point in space. Two multiplied negative values cancel each other and form a positive value, although this positive unit of space made of units of no-space, only exists in a conceptual 2D space.”

”When time intersects itself, or when two timelines meet at a crossing, it defines a space. An infinite line squared by another crossing it, produce a flat plane stretching indefinitely. The first manifestation of space is through the two dimensional plane of the Flat Universe, the time space takes, or One Time-Space, where infinite time is multiplied by finite space. It is the conception born of the 1D time-consciousness, the projection of the plan for the Omniverse, the blueprint containing all the information codes and data of all existences.”

”The Flat or Meta-Universe is not just an abstract concept, but another existing plane of reality, made of what you know as anti-matter, that we call Meta-Matter, a twin reflection of physical matter existing in 2D plane, outside of 3D material space and 4D linear time. The Flat Universe is One Unified Field, within which all values are equal and connected. Its surface has length and width stretching indefinitely, but no depth or height, so it cannot host physical matter; its two opposed faces divide the space above from below. This boundary marks the separation between the Self and the selves, One and multiples. The 2D Flat Meta-Universe is a finite dimension dividing infinite 1D from created planes. It is the Universal Mind and conceptual plane where the transcendent becomes immanent.”

”This non-temporal blueprint of all universal information is programmed like a holograph. It contains the whole information in every fractal part, each fraction carries the same image, except that the smaller is the fraction, the less details and precision it can record. The whole Meta-Universe is fractionally reflected in every single particle of Meta-Matter. To access any part of this non-temporal plane, is to connect with the space-beyond-time; the space referred to in Sanskrit as Akasha, containing all archives or Akashic records.” ”By extension, when Meta-Matter is collected and harnessed, past and future events can be read and projected as holograms, by accurately focusing photon beams or laser rays. This highly sophisticated technology comparable to a magic mirror foretelling the future or deciphering the past, uses Meta-Matter as a time-reading reflector throughout space. This interdimensional time-compass is still beyond the reach of your materialistic science. But Meta-Matter sensors, holographic projectors or technical means are not necessary.”

”In this etheric or supramental plane of the Meta-Universe, we can read the history of the Omniverse backward or forward, in any layers and depth, as our consciousness can focus. It is how remote viewing can be practiced, either with benevolent intentions of protection, or with malevolent intentions of spying. Higher telepathy is also practiced on this level. Souls connect in consciousness in 2D, to share thoughts beyond space-time limitations.”

”Activating the particles of Meta-Matter composing data, consciousness transcends time. When one’s consciousness can combine in polarity physical particles with meta-particles, time travel in the physical form can be achieved, as matter dissolves out of linear time. Some beings and ships can travel this way through the Meta-Universe Unified Field, then separate and project back their physical particles into another space and time, at will.”

”There are several other ways to time travel, but this is the most advanced and evolved. It does not twist, stretch or alter the fabrics of continuums, nor their space and time, like the use of magnetic corridors or artificial portals, such as wormholes and funnel vortices. Instead, it combines material particles with their Meta-Matter twins, transferring them as information codes in the 2D etheric space-out-of-time, to be projected in another time.”

”Masters of dharma and destiny watch over many aeons at once, and over time travels, to prevent exaggerated alterations of timelines, although their continuous occurrence is unavoidable. Quantum leaks are happening naturally between parallel planes existing in different timelines. In simpler words, different time dimensions influence each other.”

”Time travelers may also influence or alter timelines; it must be done with extreme care. Changing the past can transform destinies and introduce superimposed linear timelines. Time travel for self-interest is highly risky and can cause very dangerous repercussions. Its causal loops implications are too karmic to be practiced by spiritually evolved beings.”

”Your Human governments have now explored those avenues, guided by their alien lords. The levels of technologies they are given access to are very rudimentary and carry high destructive potentials, like all you have inherited from the controllers, from oil to nuclear, pipelines to power lines, fuel propulsion and explosion engine, all destroying this planet.”

”Gross mechanical devices such as gigantic particle colliders artificially create time warp vortices by accelerating particle beams near the speed of light and then colliding them, causing extremely powerful nuclear reactions capable of releasing tremendous amount of energy akin to gamma rays and gravitational waves, breaching dimensional continuums. Harnessing such energy fields allows to extract ‘dark’ and ‘anti-matter’ into extremely condensed forms capable of creating micro black holes, when compressed in an entropy. A black hole of miniature proportions, invisible to the naked eye, holds a gravitational pull strong enough to stretch the fabrics of space-time, allowing some localized time travel. These artificial time travel techniques are very limited, and their use mostly detrimental.”

”The Omniverse itself is not calculable in space, but in dimensions of time-consciousness. In 1D, everything exists eternally as One, beyond space. In the 2D Flat Meta-Universe of One Time-Space, everything exists at once in the same space-out-of-time. In the 3D Alter-Universe of Hyperspace, all things exist in many different timelines, in One Unified Space. In the 4D linear Space-Time your consciousness is so used to, all things exist in different spaces and in multiple successive timelines; the plane where all things seem separated.”

”In the 5D Torroidal Para-Universe of Hyper-time or circular time, all things can exist in different spaces and timelines simultaneously, transcending all 4D linear time limitations. The material Universe being only a 3D holographic projection in 4D linear time, multiple alternative timelines exist in layers and can be accessed through interdimensional travel. In the 6D Supra-Universe, all possibilities of timelines exist in levels of relativity of reality. In the 7D Ultra-Universe, all possibilities carry infinite potentials of manifestation in time.”

”In the 8D Macro-Universe, waves of possibilities are multiplied by infinities of potentials. In the 9D Hyper-Universe, infinities of possibilities encompass all the possible existences. In the 10D Hyper-Omniverse, the equation equals that of 1D Omniverse, except that it is resolved backward, from multiplicity to Unicity, rather than from the One to the multiple. Infinities of infinity are of equal value as an infinity of infinities; two sides on a same line.”

”There are infinities of dimensions, but if you can understand ten of them, you can know their infinity. If you understand twelve, you surely can demonstrate exceptional abilities. But to understand any higher dimension of time-consciousness, you must understand the first dimensions making the fabrics of the Omniverse, defining laws for all continuums. This is why you have been insistently told that interdimensional knowledge is the next necessary step for your collective consciousness to reach, in order to keep evolving.”

”Only in the 1D Omniverse is the Multiverse contained, everything is One Consciousness eternally. In the 2D Flat plane, everything is connected in One Time-Space Unified Field. For this Flat Meta-Universe One Time-Space Unified Field, to become a diversity of values, it takes movement and speed to divide the Unified Time into various separate timelines. Movement appears with the different vibrational frequencies giving every separate value its energetic signature. These initial vibrations create waves of diverse length and width. Their wavelengths, amplitudes and speeds create cycles as measure units of linear time.”

”The waves are the interdimensional connections between the Meta-Universe and the next subsequent planes emanating from it: the Alter-Universe and the material Universe. Waves carry the data as possibilities, to be manifested in the next unfolding dimensions. This data is made of electromagnetic messages like sounds, images, equations, matter. The knowledge and the use of a variety of scalar waves allows interdimensional travels.”

”The fastest frequency detectable is the original vibration of the Meta-Universe, you know as the Cosmic Ray. It is in fact not a ray, but a continuous emission of extremely fast vibrating infinitesimal particles of ‘dark’ or Alter-Matter, mainly composed of a variety of types of neutrinos, representing the first transformation of Meta-Matter into Alter-Matter. It is the data contained in the Meta-Universe, carried on waves in the 3D Alter-Universe.”

”Alter-Matter is made of particles of much smaller sizes than physical ions, appearing and vanishing in and out of existence at unseen speeds and the highest known frequencies. This never ending flow of information on waves, which you wrongly call the Cosmic Ray, and erroneously believe to be the radioactive signature of the so-called Big Bang, is in fact emitted permanently from the core of the Universe, which is the Meta-Universe. This explains why the Cosmic Ray does not travel from one source, nor in only one direction. This constant emission of neutrino-like Alter-Matter particles emerges into 3D space from the 2D Meta-Universe, pervading the Multiverse beyond 3D space and 4D linear time.”

”When Alter-Matter particles slow down below the speed of light, they become material. The first manifestation of physical matter appears as a chaotic composition of raw plasma made of undefined ions, manifesting in and out of space-time at incalculable speeds. These shape-shifting ions gather to form plasmic masses of unmanifested potentialities. As it stabilizes in linear space-time, the plasmic substance or original fifth element, which some esoteric schools call ‘ether’, divide into the four elements, in atoms and molecules.”

”When particles of Alter-Matter materialize into physical ions below the speed of light, their first reaction, as they get caught in linear time, is to radiate light. This light-creating process causes the infrared background, producing most of the light in the physical universe, on the edge of your visible spectrum, through the perpetual churning of ions in the sea of plasma. Added to this main source of light in the universe, atoms hit by light undergo a photoelectric reaction, releasing from the atomic structures free ions that return to plasma. Hence, light is the thin veil between material space and its linear time, and the Alter-Matter vibrating at frequencies faster than light, beyond 4D linear time.”

”Some spiritual masters can tap into this immeasurable reservoir of Alter-Matter particles carrying information from the 2D Meta-Universe on waves of possibilities, and extract its substance through interdimensional portals to materialize goods, gifts, or even entities. The beings having reached this level of psychic power never suffer from physical needs. They can retrieve from the Meta-Universe the information codes of any possibility, in the form of Alter-Matter, densify it into plasma, and materialize the thought in atomic form. But to perform Alter-Matter extraction artificially, with technical means, as your scientists have been doing, is a very perilous enterprise, threatening the balance of continuums.”

”We have now covered a lot of ground in explaining dimensions, in essence and principle. Those boundless domains can never be covered in their entirety, in limited linear time. The awareness that the Omniverse contains the Multiverse, or multidimensional Universe, suffices now, for your consciousness to realize the vaster reality of parallel existences, so you do not get trapped into the limiting perceptions and deceiving appearances of the material plane called Maya, in linear time confounding cyclic illusion known as Samsara.”

”The physical plane and its linear time offer the possibility of transforming thoughts into denser forms, in an admirable diversity of beings, shapes, colors, vibrations, movements. It allows souls to write their own stories and create their own timelines through free will.”

”The innumerable diversity of forms of beings carrying consciousness is inconceivable. Even by merging with the Universal Consciousness, no finite being can know the entirety of the whole Omniverse in the limited time of its created existence. Only One knows all. To this One Supreme Self, Master of the Great Mystery, we surrender all our decisions. With reverence and adoration, we recognize that us, created beings, are its offsprings.”

”Thus, in the Omniverse, we are all relatives, connected, interdependent; we are all One. This is why the Star Elders Council gathers spiritually elevated beings to sustain balance. We guard and protect worlds, guiding and teaching souls, preserving the Cosmic Laws. Our role is to develop peaceful, spiritual, interdimensional, interspecies cosmic relations.”

”Our Council counts representatives of numberless species, planets and star systems. Some Sasquatch People are among us, like your relative Bolo’Bolo, we are now teaching. Since your first encounter with him last year, he has done a remarkable spiritual progress in healing past karmas and getting involved in learning from his Elders and from us about interspecies peaceful relations and interdimensionality; he has evolved at a rapid rate. For these reasons, he was appointed to missions, including transmitting our messages. He has already expressed his gratitude to you and continues to do so by working with us. So we will let him have the final word, to conclude this channeling session for this night.”

”Gratitude to our blessed Star Elders for allowing me the honor to speak as a Sasquatch newly admitted in their Council, and for granting me the immense joy of greeting you, my Little Brother and beloved relative, on behalf of this powerful gathering of spiritual Elders. Our Eldest Elder Kamooh has not let you know yet, out of humility, that he has been greatly transformed by his latest journey in the Alter-Universe and with the Star Elders.”

”After leaving his footprints on this Earth for over ten thousand of your years, his ultimate test was to escort to the alter-world his life time beloved consort, his most intimate and faithful ally, Wohola. He displayed loyalty to her by supporting her journey as far as he could go, and to you by choosing to remain connected in the physical incarnation plane.”

”He could have chosen to let go of the silver cord, as it was stretched beyond attachment from the physical plane. But he knew the fulfillment of his lifetime mission is just starting. Although he has seen enough of the Human world and more than any of ours or yours, he knows that our Little Brothers are now in dire need of our help and guidance at this time. So although he has mastered interdimensional travel, he has decided to keep anchored in the physical realm, to keep helping you and others who help Humanity in its evolution.”

”For his advanced mastery of interdimensionality and his exemplar devotional services to the betterment of the greater interest of all beings, in accordance with the Divine Plan, Kamooh is now admitted into the hall of immortals, being granted the gift of immortality. It is a rare achievement, that very few of my Sasquatch People had the honor to reach. He will sit with the Eldest Elders of the Star Council and take part in important decisions.”

”It will keep him busy, but remember, linear time limits are not an issue in higher planes. He will reconnect with you shortly to continue your education, but you are always linked. His next lesson will concern the diversity of intelligent incarnated life forms in the cosmos throughout aeons, the two-legged beings you call humanoids, others of various shapes, with antennas, multiple limbs, eyes or heads, winged, horned, scaled, feathered, hairy. These diverse beings have representatives sitting together as One in the Star Council.”

”On your smaller Human scale, there has been a long lineage of different hominid species that have evolved consecutively, or simultaneously side by side, interbreeding over time. There has been as well an important proportion of horizontal genetic additions, meaning introduction of external genetic material from different species, developing hybridization. Your modern paleoanthropology has barely scratched the surface and has a very poor understanding of your true genealogical tree, due to manipulation of the information.”

”We will let Kamooh explain to you in detail, when your linear time will allow connection. For now Little Brother, we will let you return to your Human life to rest and enjoy its gifts. You know as well as I do, that in silence our Soul awakens and expands beyond all words. With this understanding, I Bolo’Bolo, will now give back to silence its omnipresent place. But, it is with Love in our hearts and a peaceful satisfaction of having accomplished our common mission for another step further, that we part in time, but not in consciousness.”

As I finished the transcription of this message, I heard Bolo’Bolo singing, as he slowly walked away in the dawn.

Art by Ben McGuire

Art by Ben McGuire

Kewaunee Lapseritis, MS, MH will be speaking at the 2016 Honobia Bigfoot Conference in Honobia, Oklahomafrom 10:30am to 11:30am on both Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st. Other guest speakers include Dr. Samual Webb Sentel, Tim Harjo, M.K. Davis, Lyle Blackburn, and Shel Dion. Visit for more information.




Thank you all so much for you love, support, and contributions towards the 2016 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event. The gathering was a great success and felt much more like a cosmic family reunion rather than a conference. Every person, place, and thing nearby was touched by the Love radiating from the people and energy at this gathering. It is a great honor to know you all. We plan to make this an annual event, so we will keep you posted as we begin plans for 2017!

At this link, you will find a shared photo album of photos from the 2016 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference in Chewelah, WA from September 16-19th. Anyone with this link will be able to see the photo album, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. This photo album has several contributors from guests of the conference and will have more added over time as well.
Love and blessings,
Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis

Time is flying by and we are excited and ready for this adventure! THERE ARE ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE for the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event which ends on 9/13/16 at 5:00pm PST. All other sales will be at the door on 9/17 which is $80 per person. If you plan to camp on the grounds or in the dorm bunkers at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center, please pre-pay online before Tuesday so that we can manage all arrangements. Thank you!

Some important details and announcements to share regarding the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference:

1. Guests that begin arriving on Thursday and Friday (especially in early or late hours) can “check-in” with DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBow) at the large sasquatch tipi that is at the front of the camping field, and behind the lodge. Just follow the brick road (you can drive on it!).

2. RVs park along the chain-linked fence that is to the left when you approach the buildings. There are hookups for electricity and water there as well.

3. The conference will take place in the first large main building called the lodge with the flagpole in front of it. Behind the lodge is a building with break-out rooms where we will set up a dining area and there will also be a cooler there for guests to place their personal refrigerated items in. There is also a cozy library room at the end of this building which we can use on Thursday and Friday, but please keep it clean and tidy as there will be another group using it on Saturday morning while we are having the conference in the lodge. We will do some take-down of items Saturday evening after the conference.

4. There are restrooms in the lodge lobby, the bunkhouse, and in the new building which is near the camping field.

5. The Lodge building will be locked up on Friday and Saturday night when set-up and take-down is done for the evening, so please do not leave any personal items in there overnight that you may need.

6. THERE IS NO CELL PHONE SERVICE at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center (at least not for Verizon). However, they do have free Wifi (no password) and a land line for any emergencies.

7. There will be other small groups using other buildings at the facility during short periods while our guests are there. On Thursday afternoon, there will be 30 children using the grassy area until 4pm. There MIGHT be a small group during the day on Friday to use the lawn and surrounding woods for awhile as well. Please condense your tents to one half of the field so the others will have room. On Saturday, a group of around 18 will be coming at 2pm (while we are in the conference) to use the library area of the second building which will not affect us in any way other than I want to be sure that no one leaves personal items or messes in there.

8. We will be doing most of the set-up on Friday… all day beginning around 10am. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated! On Friday evening around 8pm, we will have a short full moon gathering, prayer, and sing to welcome in the blessings and give thanks for this wonderful event.

9. Some people will camp out on Sunday evening as well and we ask that you please leave by 11am on Monday morning. Final clean-up will also take place Monday morning to which we also welcome and appreciate volunteers.

10. Have fun and enjoy yourselves! We are very blessed to have access to this facility and we can arrange/move things to make them fit our needs, just please be sure to return it the way you found it before your departure.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next week!


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