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March 7, 2011

and Their Interdimensional Connection
280 pages; ©2011
$20 U.S.(includes tax) + $5 U.S. shipping ($15.00 shipping to Australia, Europe and other countries outside the continental USA; $7.25 shipping to Canada)
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Preface by Christopher L. Murphy
Foreword by Lee Trippett
Afterwords by Jann Weiss and Kathleen Jones

Kewaunee Lapseritis
P.O. Box 1384
Chewelah, WA 99109
Or call (509) 935-0606

Kewaunee’s new book is the ultimate book on the Sasquatch phenomenon. Because the Sasquatch are genuinely people—not animals—Kewaunee is a crypto-anthropologist, not a crypto-zoologist. He elaborates on why they are humanoid beings and their purpose here, based on 32 years of interacting with the giants (and ETs) (out of the 55 years researching them). Kewaunee draws information from 187 witnesses who also experienced telepathic communication. Quantum physics describes the reality of mental telepathy, invisibility, inter-dimensionalism, and other PSI phenomena, and is actually juxtaposed with psychic Sasquatch and ET behavior.

Kewaunee has been successful in his research because of his benign, spiritual, field methodology (no guns or cameras)—not unlike Dr. Jane Goodall’s approach with chimpanzees, except the Sasquatch are highly evolved nature people. They are terrestrial extraterrestrials, living inside giants’ bodies. In his book, the forest giants reveal a salient message to humanity—that the planet is dying at the hands of exploitative man and in 2012 there will be a huge shift in human consciousness that most earthlings are ill prepared to face. The Sasquatch people, who are the ultimate environmentalists, want to share their ancient wisdom with the human, but few are listening.

Although there is a chapter on the Bigfoot/ET/UFO connection, the UFO phenomenon is woven onto every chapter, since many of the Sasquatch work with several races of friendly Star People as they prepare to assist humanity for the coming cosmic Earth changes.

“I’ve always known that there was something more complex to the Sasquatch phenomenon than it just being a wild animal.”
—Bob Gimlin, witness to the 1967 Bluff Creek Patterson film

“There exists a growing network of contactees like Kewaunee who now know from personal encounters that the Sasquatch’s cognizance of reality seems to surpass our own in mind/matter relationship that our young science is just beginning to consider.”
—Jeremy Lynes, Sasquatch experiencer

and Their UFO Connection
248 pages; ©1998
$20 U.S.(includes tax) + $5 U.S. shipping ($15.00 shipping to Australia, Europe and other countries outside the continental USA; $7.25 shipping to Canada)
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Preface by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD
Foreword by Dick Robinson
Afterword by Standing Elk

Kewaunee Lapseritis
P.O. Box 1384
Chewelah, WA 99109
Or call (509) 935-0606

This book is about a scientist/researcher looking to empirically prove that Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists as a living primate. Kewaunee’s paradigm of the world abruptly changed when, in September 1979, a Sasquatch and ET telepathically spoke to him, revealing their psychic reality. Later, he found other “experiencers” who had also been approached by Sasquatch who had communicated to them their concerns about how modern man is destroying the planet. At times, there were Starpeople and/or spaceships involved. The book is a well-documented, fascinating account that already has become a classic since its publication in 1998.

The Psychic Sasquatch provides us with revelations about these gentle creatures and the astonishing truth about their connection with extraterrestrials and why they cannot be found.

“Once in a while a book comes along of such magnitude that it brings about a new look at what exists out there besides ourselves. This book will certainly bring forth thought-provoking concepts to contribute to a positive human transformation.”
—Dick Robinson, Originator of “Grizzly Adams”

Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis will be on The Good Nite Show with Little Triv this Wednesday night/Thursday morning (July6-7th)! The show broadcasts on a local college station in the Cleveland area called WRUW and the recording is uploaded as a podcast the next day. It’s a 50,000 watt station so it covers Northeast Ohio all the way up Lake Erie and a little bit into Canada. The podcast is on iTunes– just search The Good Nite Show w/ Little Triv!

The show has focused more recently on paranormal subjects, specifically bigfoot. Kewaunee and Kelly will be on to discuss the psychic Sasquatch and their interdimensional/UFO connections, as our show has taken a more focused turn onto the paranormal (specifically Bigfoot).

It is a caller-heavy show, so we encourage you to call in with your questions at (216) 368-2207.


Good Nite with Little Triv

The tent and RV camping at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center is SOLD OUT now, but there is still plenty of room available in the bunk dorm at the facility where there are bathrooms, showers, and a refrigerator for cold food/drinks. Bedding (blankets, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.) are NOT provided for the bunks, so please arrange to bring your own.
In addition, there are 3 motels in town and a few within 20 miles of the town of Chewelah, Washington as well as places to camp. Attached is a brochure listing local places to stay as well as local places to eat so that you can plan your trip. Food will not be provided during the conference but we will have a salad bar for which you can pay the caterer directly and also Peace+Love organic snacks such as salsa and hummus, or you can bring your own food. Chewelah has a local Safeway grocery store and a Tree of Life health food store. For dining, I recommend The Terrace Grille Global Eats in Chewelah. They are open 7 days a week for long hours and has delicious, creative, healthy, and organic food and a nice outdoor dining area. Also, I don’t know why it’s not listed in the brochure, but Chewelah also has an El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant.
The Chewelah Creek Inn will give a 10% discount to anyone mentioning t is nearly filled up now… room for only about 3 more tents now. The Chewelah Cottage listed in the brochure is apparently no more because they have not responded to my inquiries for 3 months. There is still plenty of room available in the bunk dorm at the facility where there are bathrooms, showers, and a refrigerator for cold food/drinks. Bedding (blankets, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.) are NOT provided for the bunks, so please arrange to bring your own.
We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Less than two weeks after our first annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event in Chewelah, WA, Kewaunee will be speaking at the 2016 Honobia Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference on the weekend on Sept 30th-October 1st!

“Among the incredible lineup of guest speakers at this year’s Honobia Bigfoot Conference is Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH, someone who has a whole different approach from most, if not all, of the Bigfoot researchers viewed on television.” – Honobia Bigfoot Organization

More information about the Honobia Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference can be found here:!conference/lqw5c   AND

2016 Honobia

There are many legends and encounters documented throughout history and many cultures of giant hairy hominids. Although they are known by hundreds of different names, for the sake of this post, we will call them the Sasquatch People. No matter where they come from or how they look, the Sasquatch are people and just like us Humans, they are neither good nor bad in nature. There is long history of reports of the Sasquatch being gentle giants who are spiritual psychics and caretakers of Mother Earth or being blood-thirsty cannibals, and everything in between. Well, there were human tribes in America, Africa, New Guinea and probably around the world at some time, that have practiced cannibalism. Does that make the Humans a race of evil cannibals too?

Many researchers in the Bigfoot Community debate over personalities, habits, and history of the forest people which is senseless in trying to categorize an entire group of people. There are certain physical aspects that are more common in some races than others but that still has no bearing on our soul or intentions. A perfect example would be to say that everyone with dark skin is from Africa or everyone with almond-shaped eyes are from China when we know there are many diversities in every country, culture, providence, state, city, neighborhood, and family… no two people are alike nor can be compared with another, nor is an entire race responsible for the actions of individual souls.

The wisdom and messages from our Elders shared through this group, page, the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, and Kewaunee Lapseritis’ books (‘The Psychic Sasquatch’ and ‘The Sasquatch People’), are from the benevolent beings that we have been blessed to have a connection with. Many people oppose these messages and warn of false prophets or demons sent to falsify religious truth while others report them to be great healers and angelic guides.

Haloti, an Ancient One that befriended Kewaunee in 2005, shed some light when asked about a bad-vibe hairy person named Damos who tried to trick his friend Sandy whom was researching with him along with her partner Mike. Haloti replied that Damos was a Shampe with evil power who tried to trick her so that he could mate with her.

DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBow) says,
“Studying the various different accounts from Native oral traditions, we see that the cases of cannibal Sasquatch are found mainly in specific areas, where most likely some individuals or tribes have turned that way, maybe in reaction to being chased and warred upon, or in isolated cases.

An interesting historic example reported in the late 1700s tells of children being stolen from a Pawnee village, somewhere in the Midwest. After some time the Pawnee warriors pursued then and finally killed three hairy giants with much difficulty and many bullets. There were 17 skeletons of children they had eaten there.

When I published my book on Native legends in 2003, I mistook the Sasquatch for the Windigo, an evil hairy cannibal giant of the Anishnabe legends. It was Grandfather Commanda who told me that Misabe is the name of the Big People, while Windigo is a cannibal, also described as an interdimensional hairy giant of the woods. They are called Genoskwa in Ontario and are described in the same way, as hairy cannibal giants.

In the NW territories, the Bush Men are also depicted as cannibals and hairy giants, feared and avoided by Natives. The Hopi have the Shalako, a tall hairy cannibal ogre. In BC, where Sasquatch is very present in the lore, they describe both aspects. Tsonokwa is a cannibal Sasquatch-like being that steals children and eat people.

But they also have many stories of encounters with Sasquatch, some including abductions, where no one was hurt. Many clans proudly claim some ancestry from them. But in general, they tell the children not to go alone in the woods, especially at night, for fear of meeting Tsonoka, while it is said that the Sasquatch should be left alone. Natives avoid places where they are known to live.

But in many tribes’ teachings across the continent, there are stories of how the Sasquatch has magical power and can be a great teacher of medicine for shamans. They are called Elder Brother and said to be wise and spiritual.

In my last encounter with Sheelah (a female sasquatch that SunBow met last week ), when I heard the hiss and growl and saw the red eyes, I knew I was better to stay away. But as she has been sent to me by the Elders who knew what they were doing, it turned into a healing experience, for her and for me. This made me understand that some Sasquatch may be hurt and angry at Humans.

If I had reacted with fear and hatred or had tried to shoot her, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell the story. But since I had connected with her people before, I understood that her soul was hurt and angry at Humans and she needed help for her to understand that not all Humans are evil, just like once we have met a good Sasquatch, we know that not all of them are evil, dangerous, nor to be feared.

Then there are some of their kind that have been genetically modified and implanted, or controlled by other means by the lower lords, just like some Humans are.

Not all Sasquatch are wise shamans nor very spiritually advanced beings, just like us Humans, and that’s why we should be careful not to idealize them as a perfect race.

My first question to Kamooh was to help me understand what had caused so much fear and stories of violence between his people and ours. So he explained in length and details that some had acted under anger and revenge during warring times and that some have fallen under the control of the lower lords. I believe that the ones under control have been released to cause confusion and fear and to prevent our reunification with their people.

Those among them who are acting as bridgers and interspecies ambassadors are a only a few, mainly Elders and shamans, just like those among us who take part in the same process. We couldn’t send guys like Donald Trump to represent our species towards them, just like there are some rogue and brutal individuals among them.

The ultimate purpose of the reconnection of our people with theirs is our mutual healing, both for us and them. But I believe the majority of Sasquatch have kept connected to their greater Soul and spiritual mission, as opposed to Humanity that has been led astray since long.” – Sunbow

To date, Kewaunee Lapseritis has documented 359 people that have had friendly encounters and telepathic communication with the Sasquatch People. This does not include the thousands of others that have not reported it or spoken to him personally. I myself have spoken to over 70 communicators that Kewaunee has not, and many other “spokespersons” of the sasquatch are documenting and counseling others with their experiences. This phenomenon continues to grow at a fast pace, and all communicators report the same type of messages of Love, Peace, Respect, and Ancient Wisdom.

As time progresses and the veil thins, we are hearing about many more encounters, sightings, visions, and telepathic communication with many beings and spirits from people all over the world. We will hear more and more about impossible beautiful miracles and ugly destructive agendas from all angles of the multi-dimensional spectrum. Many of them will be true (except for many mainstream media outlets who are purposefully sharing disinformation to mislead and confuse those seeking spiritual truth), and many of them will be smoke-screens, so we must rely on our own inner-knowing and intuition on the personal actions and reactions that we display.

The best advice to give is to follow your heart and keep faith in your own higher-self and knowing. Most here are sensitive to the energies around us and can feel the difference between a high and low vibration/energy in our environment. Trust your intuition, and if it doesn’t feel right, walk away and say a prayer for protection. Instead of fear, send love to them instead. It is those that show it the least whom need it the most. All beings and life forms deserve our respect and understanding, it is only through unconditional love that we can resolve these differences and make peace with each other as DawaOutah and the Sasquatch named Sheelah experienced last week.

The Sasquatch People do not care to connect with curiosity or thrill-seekers, only those that wish to evolve into higher spiritual peaceful inter-species relations with all life forms. If you choose to call on them and seek them out for this purpose, it is a very good possibility that you will develop your own relationship with them. Likewise, if your agenda is to hunt, kill, exploit, or stroke your ego with a sasquatch encounter or ‘proof’, beware, because you may get back exactly what you put out.

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” – Persian Proverb

Pete Travers

.Pete Travers head 2

Pete Travers head sketches for The Painted Cave


Thank you all for your continued support and donations for this event! The details and planning are coming along because of your generosity that gives us the opportunity to make deposits on our reservations.

Tickets are $69 per person until September 16th or until tickets sell out, whichever comes first. Purchase your tickets for the event and camping or bunk here:

We have extended the event into the following day now, and it is open to everyone who purchases a ticket for the conference. The conference is 9/17/16 from 8:30-6:30 in the lodge at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center and then on 9/18/16, we will gather at the outdoor amphitheater at the facility for a more casual and spiritual gathering from 10am-3pm. Additional speakers and teachers will talk briefly, music will be played, and there will be many opportunities to meditate, hike, explore, connect, etc. around the area. The amphitheater seats about 150-200 so we encourage lawn chairs, blankets, coolers with drinks, etc. Please also bring your musical instruments and spiritual tools that you may wish to use, share, or teach to others.

If you are staying at the facility in the bunks or camping in your own tent, there is no limit on the amount of time you spend in this area. Although there is no additional charge for the gathering on the 18th, donations are accepted.

Food will not be provided during the event but we will have a vendor with organic snacks and there is also a large kitchen that you can use to store perishibles. We also plan to have a salad bar available to which you can pay the caterer directly. Otherwise, there are several places in downtown Chewelah to eat and shop (9 miles down the mountain from the event). No food is permitted to be left outdoors unattended, even if sealed. Safe storage will be provided.

For anyone planning a trip from afar, Spokane International Airport (GEG) is the closest one to fly into. Chewelah is about 60 miles from the airport (almost 90 minutes with traffic). There is a bus service called Gold Line that can transport you from the airport to the city of Chewelah, but the only stop in town is at the Safeway gas station which is 9 miles from the Chewelah Peak Learning Center up Flowery Trail Rd (Main St.) We do plan to have a van and a couple other vehicles as shuttles to and from the facility to town where food and shopping is, but they will most likely be set up for trips at designated times (still to be determined). Gold Line’s bus fares are currently $22 from the airport to Chewelah. You can learn more about Gold Line here

For those that choose to camp in the bunk dorm, it is $22 per person per night. Tent camping is now SOLD OUT but both are limited to a 4 day stay. Tent and RV campers may use the outdoor amphitheater and restrooms at the pavilion, as well as those staying in the dorms have a restrooms and showers to use. Food may be stored in the kitchen, but at this time, we are not able to use the kitchen to cook meals. There will be another small group using different buildings at the facility on this weekend, and we ask that you please be respectful of their space and use only the large outdoor upper amphitheater to gather as opposed to the lower pavilion that is near the camping field.

We are really looking forward to this event and so are the Sasquatch People! They are gathering many tribes and leaders for this event to connect with kindred spirits. This event is a one-of-a-kind, never one like it, so it may be unconventional from other conferences, but that is what we want! Feel comfortable being yourself and connecting with higher vibrations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Kelly Lapseritis at

Thank you and best blessings!

Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis

Outdoor Amphitheater at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center

Outdoor Amphitheater at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center


Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis will be on Spirit Radio – the Paranormal Experience with Lynne Nickerson and Willy Hassell this Saturday Night 6pm-7pm PST / 9pm-10pm EST (Sunday 2am-3am GMT)
Listen live at

Host Lynne Nickerson says, “This is one subject we’ve only touched on and haven’t had the opportunity to fully explore until now. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about this enigmatic creature, and now we’ve got guests who have first-hand information. Kelly and Kewaunee will help destroy some of the ubiquitous misconceptions. Please join us for an eye-opening discussion.”

For past shows you may have missed.


Purchase tickets for this event here:


Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the first annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. Our Elder Brothers, the Sasquatch People, have a critical message for humanity to share. Our speakers will share the Forest People’s wish for the Human People to join with them and reintegrate the Council of our Star Elders and tell of their own experiences with these gentle Nature Folks. The way to begin to heal ourselves and our collective karma is to practice unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, and to help one another, which is the focus of this meeting.

The speakers for this event include Kewaunee Lapseritis – Author of “The Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People,”  Kelly Lapseritis – Inter-species communicator and event coordinator, Andrew Robson – Author of “Sasquatch Revelations,”  SunBow (DawaOutah Lomakatsi) from Canada whom transcribed the Sasquatch Message to Humanity from Kamooh, Chief Golden Light Eagle (Standing Elk) of the Ihunktowan Dakota Nation, Jenny Marks – Multidimensional Light Language Communicator from Sasquatch & the Star Nations, Dr. Igor Burtsev – Director of the Center for Hominology in Russia, and Grey Wolf (Harold Will) – Sasquatch communicator and Heyoka as known in the Sasquatchi Nation.


On behalf of the Sasquatch People, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, we propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing our planet and our own collective soul consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings.


The Chewelah Peak Learning Center is beautiful wilderness facility about 50 miles north of Spokane, WA and just a few minutes away from the 49° North Ski and Mountain Resort. This location is a perfect setting for this event and has many accommodations for everyone. Tent and RV camping is available on-site or you can also choose to bunk with others in the dorm room. The town of Chewelah also has 3 nice motels and a nice variety of restaurants and places to dine about 8 miles from the Chewelah Peak Learning Center (as well as many places between Chewelah and Spokane). The premises has a small hiking trail, a pavilion, fire pit, and an amphitheater for your enjoyment also, and would present wonderful opportunities to connect spiritually with the Sasquatch and Ancient Ones. For anyone that wishes to stay at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center (bunk or camp), meals are made there as well (pre-paid), but there is no menu, so the only option is what they are serving. If you camp, no food is allowed outside; there is a kitchen indoors to store and refrigerate food. Do not leave food out for the Sasquatch People either as it will attract bears and unwanted animals on the property while others are camping. No guns are allowed on the premises!

Guests that attend the conference on Saturday 9/17, are invited to a private gathering on the grounds of the Chewelah Peak Learning Center on Sunday September 18th, from 10am – 4pm. Speakers will share spiritual wisdom from our Elders and there will be many opportunities to connect with the Sasquatch and Ancient Ones. Lawn chairs and musical instruments are encouraged. No weapons, alcohol or drugs permitted.


Prices for this event are $49 (plus a $3.69 fee) per person for sales by May 31, 2016. After 6/1/16, the cost will be $69 (plus fee) per person or $80 at the door. Seating is limited to 380 people in the lodge during the event. If you would like to stay in a bunk in the dorm at the facility, it is $22 per person per night. Tent or RV camping on the grounds is $15 per night. Tickets for the event and bunks can be purchased here:


The Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event will be streamed live online through Crowdcast on September 17, 2016 from the location in Chewelah, Washington! You can REGISTER, join the CHAT, suggest TOPICS, and ask QUESTIONS starting now! This will help our speakers to plan and incorporate your suggestions into their talks during the live event. Click here to register to participate on Crowdcast now for only $1. Contributions are accepted as well, but the dollar registration fee is to ensure that everyone joining us is a person (not robots or spammers), and it also saves your spot and allows us to see the analytics so we can better plan for next year’s event!

While the conference is streaming live on September 17th, it will automatically be recorded at this same link so that you can go back to watch it any time you like.


A fundraiser has been started to help us meet our goal of $8,000 to make this conference happen and to cover travel expenses for our speakers. Any amount is a blessing and we know that this first event will take its own flight and carry through for many years. Help us bring the Sasquatch’s message to Humanity to the world, by investing in this first historic step to creating a reality. It is Universally appreciated!


* Chewelah Peak Learning Center’s website:

* The Sasquatch Message to Humanity (50 chapters):

* Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference on facebook:

* Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis’ website:

* Andrew Robson’s website:

* The Sasquatch People on Facebook:

* Chief Golden Light Eagle (Loren Zephier’s) websites:

Star Knowledge AND Establishing Contact

* SunBow’s website:

* Jenny Marks’ website:

* Igor Burtsev on facebook:

* Grey Wolf (Hal Will):

* Wisdom from our Elders (facebook group):

* One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace (facebook group):



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