We’re pleased to announce the new website for The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series and other information about sasquatch communication at https://sasquatchmessage.com/

Unfortunately, the old website psychicsasquatch.com where these messages were previously published was injected with and taken down with malware, so Kelly Rainbow Butterfly (Lapseritis) created this new website so that these important messages are still available. Here, all three of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books can be read in a pdf viewer or linked to order a paperbook or e-book version on Amazon.

These books have been made possible due to your love, support, and search for Truth. It is our intent to help others heal and find their path of Light by continuing to share these messages to humanity on behalf of the Sasquatchi Collective Consciousness.

Please note that The Sasquatch Message to Humanity by SunBow TrueBrother and Kelly Rainbow Butterfly (Lapseritis) are no longer affiliated or sold with Kewaunee Lapseritis’ books “The Psychic Sasquatch” or “The Sasquatch People” per Kewaunee’s request. All 5 books previously published by Comanche Spirit Publishing are all still available on Amazon and Kindle for purchase.












April 15, 2020


April 15, 2020

Dear Friends, Family, and Community,

I want to make you aware of developments in our lives. As many of you know, Kewaunee and I (Kelly) have decided to take separate journeys and dissolve our marriage. I am grateful for our 6 year union and our many achievements on our spiritual mission to bring forth the truth and share the love of the Sasquatch People and other multidimensional beings. It has been an honor to help facilitate in bringing sasquatch and human communities together from around the world and I am thankful for the continued love and support of our community and friends. Most of all, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in service and help others. Please respect our privacy during this transition and send only words of love, encouragement and strength regarding our uncoupling.

I continue to work as an intuitive counselor and as a writer, editor and publisher for the new Rainbow Butterfly Publications of which “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” book series is being republished. Book 1 is already available on Amazon and Kindle and Books 2 and 3 are expected to be available on these channels no later than 4/25/2020. I am also continuing to organize the Psychic Sasquatch Retreat and other events and online meetings/classes as well as working with the autism community and the Children of Earth Coalition (COEC) which was founded in 2019 and is currently being expanded. My son and I are living peacefully in Colville, WA surrounded by a loving and supportive community and although we were thrust into instant homeschooling, it has been a great blessing and we are both experiencing expansive healing, growth, joy, love, and prosperity.

We are living in grace during this Earth-shifting time but the current state of the world has left us uncertain about how the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, WA will look this year. At this time, we are still planning on having an event in September and are making arrangements to also have virtual online options available to participate for those who are unable to travel or in the event that the restrictions on physical gatherings is extended through the summer. I recommend that you NOT purchase your ticket at this time until we know for sure that the retreat will be allowed to happen as planned. I will keep you up to date on the developments of this gathering as more information is available.

I wish you all abundant peace, health, and prosperity as we all navigate these life-changing times together. One thing that social distancing cannot affect is how we link our hearts and come together as one, whether that be virtually or in another realm. I feel blessed to share this planet and collective energy with you during this time and look forward to co-creating a beautiful new reality of freedom, respect, and peace with other kindred sovereign beings such as yourself.

In Love and Light,
Kelly Lapseritis – Spirit of the Rainbow Butterfly


We are excited for the new release of the book “Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – An Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch” by SunBôw!
We have all heard the statement “The Time is Now.” The Sasquatch People notoriously use this phrase with humans that they communicate with too. But what is it time for? It is time to re-member who we are. It is time to remember where we came from and where we will go from here. It is time to take back our power instead of giving it away to others. It is time for change. It is time for Truth to be revealed.
In this book and for all its readers, it is time that the full history of hairy humanoids is understood and innerstood. From ancient times to stories shared by the Native Elders, from legends and myths to personal accounts, and from science to spirit; this collaboration of knowledge is the most comprehensive tome disclosing the truth and authenticity of everything in the world of Sasquatchery.
The author, SunBôw TrueBrother, has a unique connection to the Sasquatch People. Not only is he a direct descendant of this race of hairy giants, but he is also a gifted communicator that has been channeling and transcribing their messages to humanity for years. In The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books 1 and 2 that he wrote, the Sasquatch Elders (most notably the Elder named Kamooh), shares profound information regarding their race, earth’s history and human history, quantum physics and multidimensional aspects as well as what is required of the human race to create positive change on this planet and to heal these karmic cycles.
With his experience and close kinship with the Forest People, SunBôw is the perfect composer for such an essential monograph on the topic of the Hairy Men. Like his other works, the author continues to divulge deeper truths and uncover all of the deception, distortion, and disinformation surrounding all things Sasquatch-related.
Like most major disclosure movements, the information herein is expected to ruffle some feathers and become unpopular for many who subscribe to false belief systems or “official reports” on how bigfoot encounters took place. As most of you know, enlightenment is not a sweet and happy process, but is rather an unlearning of everything you’ve been taught. To realize that you have been deceived for most of your life is akin to mourning the loss of a loved one; like the death of the world as you knew it before you learned the truth. You may feel many stages of emotions as you process this information; quite often in the order of 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance. Please keep in mind that this is normal, the feeling will pass, and that it is stirring up an even greater awakening within you as you remember and resonate with this authenticity. This is also how we can begin to heal our collective karma too, by re-writing history as it is rather than believing the histories written for us by those who seek to make us forget.
While some may mourn the loss of the false world and beliefs, others may feel overjoyed and relieved that this reality is being validated in this encyclopedia. It is exciting to finally have answers to so many of the questions we all have, and while they may be disheartening for some, it is still far better to know the truth than to blindly follow the misconceptions that so many believe. After all, awareness is the first step to change, and the time is now that the delusions regarding the Sasquatch People are changed and that the true facts are exposed.
In Love and Truth,
Kelly Lapseritis
Get your copy here:

Many people have inquired with Kewaunee Lapseritis and I about he whereabouts and well being of interspecies communicator Kathleen GreVie Jones Odom whom wrote the afterword in Kewaunee Lapseritis, MS, MH‘s book “The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection.” We were asked not to disclose this news before this video and tribute was released to announce that Kathleen transitioned from her earthly body in November 2018.

This wonderful video by Chris Munch pays special tribute to her and includes previously unpublished “Sasquatch 101” material (at 1:40) read by Kathleen in 2014. In these questions, they discuss their origins and their relationship to our people and the Earth Mother, as well as to off-world visitors.

This is followed by remembrances (at 18:33) from four correspondents and experiencers who knew and loved Kathleen, including Molly Hart Lebherz, Kewaunee Lapseritis, Kate (experiencer and friend), and Bill Baum (Lee).

Finally (at 25:37) we offer a mediumistic essay that we believe conveys some of Kathleen’s realizations about sasquatch from the other side.

SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH offers a counterpoint to the popular media’s frequently sensational and distorted reporting on the subject of sasquatch. The series is presented by filmmaker Christopher Munch, director of the motion picture “Letters From the Big Man” (www.lettersfromthebigman.com).

Godspeed, Kathleen, and thank you to Chris Munch for this beautiful tribute and to all who contributed to it.

Watch the video tribute here:

“SASQUATCH SPEAKS” Part 1 by Hale Mednik:
The Sasquatch People have come out of hiding, and have begun communicating with people all over the world, shamans, healers, elders, and empaths. They have made close friendships with many. This film features interviews with several of these experiencers, who share their incredible stories of communication with the Sasquatch people. Explore the amazing reality of who the Forest People really are and hear their stories. They are ready to speak. This is part one of three movies to be released in the next month or so.
Congratulations to Hale and thank you to everyone that helped co-create this amazing film!
Sasquatch Speaks Part 1 features interviews by:
Kewaunee Lapseritis
Kelly Lapseritis
SunBow TrueBrother
Su Walker and White Otter
Cristina Del Rosario
Garrett Duncan
Clifford Mahooty
Susan Goddard
Carissa Fisher
Gayle Fowler
Moesy Mae Huggins
Derrell Stokes
Rainbow Templin
Cindy Carter
Shakara Tosha


Filmmaker Hale Mednik just released Part 2 of the “Sasquatch Speaks” documentary! So many wonderful stories and explanations of the loving Sasquatch Elders and our connection to them. This video features interviews with:

Erin Renee
Mike Bodewitz
Chino Tammy Anthony
Brian Bland
Christina Schwind
Lisa Marie Beltjens
Carissa Fisher and SuSun Flowers
Gayle Fowler
Cristina Del Rosario
Su Walker and White Otter

Most interviews were filmed at the 2018 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreatat the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, WA.



Part 3 of Sasquatch Speaks, the fantastic and comprehensive documentary Hale Mednik filmed last year with Michael Toglia and Christiann A. Burch, featuring Sasquatch communicators from around North America is now live.Sasquatch Speaks Part 3 features interviews with:

Garrett Duncan
Kewaunee Lapseritis
SunBôw TrueBrother Jean Letellier
Kelly Lapseritis
Su Walker and Rev. White Otter
Erin Renee
Mike Bodewitz
Brian Bland
Christina Schwind
Clifford Mahooty,
Derrell Stokes and
Shakara Tosha

If you haven’t watched part one or two yet, you should start there. They are all on the Sasquatch Oracle channel on YouTube.

Also just released is Sasquatch Languages and Light Languages which was filmed during the Sasquatch Speaks shoot. Featuring Garrett Duncan and Shakara Tosha doing Sasquatch Languages and Light Languages. Also with Tammy and Anthony Chino discussing downloads.

All four of these videos in the Sasquatch Speaks series by Sasquatch Oracle (film maker Hale Mednik’s YouTube channel) can be found in this playlist in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7PW5-MvPD432HN2MVPBAdE3meQqIhm_m



Kewaunee was first interviewed during the International Ufo Congress in 2014. We join him now in 2018 with his wife Kelly, to discuss further issues on the ancient humanoid form humnaity was given in the age of the dinosaurs, as they were mutual hunters. Yes, Sasquatch, Big Foot would hunt them. The British secret special forces teams were briefed on humanity’s original bioform 70 years ago. We are the direct derivatives of Sasquatch. Their lives are typically 900 years plus, as John Urwin was briefed. This Livestream was severely trolled and interrupted. We lost the feed in the US, and locally in Wiltshire it was lost to YouTube. This edit replaces the original 2 parts. Number witheld phone calls plagued part of the interview, so the line was pulled. Kewaunee’s first encounter with the Sasquatch was on Ben Nevis when he lived in the UK in the 60s.

Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis had a great interview with Todd Medina on SOULSPEAKS 5D at Soulogy One Studios.

This Special Edition aired on Facebook live from 3:30pm EST (12:30PST & 830pm BST) on May 25, 2018

They discuss many deep topics and give wonderful insight into the interdimensional Sasquatch Elders and our Cosmic Connection.

Guidance from the Elders for the vision of SCENIC, Experiencer story by SunBôw

SCENIC is more than a website. It is a vision, a concept, of a global network for free open collective disclosure of information about Sasquatch and Star Elders, from the first hand accounts of contactees. Beyond informing the public, we create connections between experiencers and interested seekers, as strength is in number. We aim at multiplying events and circles to develop interspecies communication. The website is only one gathering point among many circles of a larger global network on the grounds.

In the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1 and Book 2, I described several of my experiences with the Sasquatch Elders, as well as the teachings received from them. Less than three years ago, when I returned from my first close encounter and direct communication with Kamooh, I thought I could not talk to anyone about this life changing experience. Just one week later, at the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering, I was being asked to share my encounter in circles with Elders. The following month, Kamooh asked me to start writing the message he had to transmit to Humanity from the Council of Sasquatch Elders. Unsure of the feedback and outcomes, I followed the guidance, and soon started an ongoing disclosure effort that has been making ripples far and wide and created many connections.

There were four promises that Kamooh made, as explained in the first book, that were all fulfilled beyond all expectations. He first promised that the Sasquatch Message would find resonance with a large audience ready to receive it. Secondly, he said that they would keep manifesting and teaching me along my path. Thirdly, he said that more and more people would come out and share their experiences and the messages they receive from Sasquatch. And fourth, he promised that they would gather us from around the world in a global community. Since he made these promises, two books with their teachings have been published, with a third one written by a collective of co-authors channeling Sasquatch, a few of them channeling Kamooh. We have had online communities of Sasquatch communicators and two international Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreats, with a third one on its way, while the Sasquatch Message was also shared in several other events and gatherings, on websites and in video interviews. The number of people reached now amounts in the thousands, while experiencers are in the hundreds.

With these amazing results in such a short time of this unfolding progress, I was giving thanks and asking for guidance this winter, to know what was the next step needed to carry the whole process further to a higher level. As often when I go outside to do my daily prayers, if I focus on the Elders, they often manifest in some way, as consciousness is a non-local non-temporal phenomenon and interdimensional telepathic beings can travel at the speed of thought and project their image wherever and whenever suited to match our linear timelines. That night, many Sasquatch Elders were standing in the cedars, facing me. After meditation, the Elders’ guidance instructed me to create a new network where experiencers can share their stories and make them available, in a collective contactees library. This network is intended to facilitate disclosure and empower the Sasquatch contactees community.

When the vision became clear and the name SCENIC spelled out for me, they replied with a series of branch cracking sounds, like happy snaps. So I started building the site and launched it, and soon the experiencers stories started coming out. A couple weeks later, with over 1500 visitors from 46 countries, I was grateful for these early results and went outside one night to pray. From the corner of my eye, I saw for a second the large silver back local Elder of whom I had only heard of from accounts. Then, within arm’s reach in front of me, Kamooh’s face appeared fully materialized, as a smiling sign.

When hesitating about starting a fundraiser, Kamooh told me that it’s not about me, it’s about us as a community of interspecies communicators, to help continue the disclosure with our Sasquatch Elders. It’s a cause worth supporting and the amount of dedicated efforts can only be sustained with a network. Having been in service for decades and now expanding my fields of activities to disclose crucial information and raise awareness towards higher consciousness, Kamooh reminded me of my worth.

On this last Blue Moon of March, on Saturday night, I went to the sweat lodge grounds to do ceremony and ask for guidance. Kamooh had asked me to meet him there, to smoke with him the pipe that has his hair on it. As I was walking down to the river, I saw him standing next to the lodge, his whole body fully materialized. I was not overly surprised and kept walking his way, but soon started shivering from the intense energy felt from this close encounter, so after a few seconds, maybe five, he disappeared.

A fluid sound like sprinkles followed along next to me as I walked toward the lodge. I knew definitely that he was there and after circling the grounds, I set up for ceremony by the altar. I filled the pipe with Hopi tobacco and smoked it as usual, with prayers. Then I played some Hopi flute and chanted with the drum, including the Kitchi Sabe song, hearing occasionally a gentle grunt or peaceful sigh behind me.

There were a few shadows of Sasquatch silhouettes standing among the surroundings trees, visible for some time, as seen a few times during ceremonies. After a couple hours, nothing else spectacular had happened, so I wrapped up my bundle and got ready to leave. I looked around to see if anything was showing up, as I felt Kamooh was close, but saw nothing. I thanked him for appearing to me briefly again this Full Moon and admitted that, even though I’m not afraid, I’m still impressed when I see him.

I scanned the field once more and just 20 feet behind me was a deer, appeared out of nowhere, with no tracks in the snow behind it. It felt right away that this was no ordinary deer. It walked towards me and we looked at each other for a long time. Then the deer slowly walked around me and the sweat lodge, stopping a couple times to stare at me for some moments, like if saying: ‘Don’t you recognize me?’. Then the deer turned behind a small tree and disappeared in front of my stupefied eyes. I walked right away to the spot, fifty feet further and searched around, but no deer, and nowhere it could have gone. Kamooh told me that if a Sasquatch form is still too impressive, he can take another more gentle form.

He told me to be gentle, but to stand our grounds, defend our communities, maintain our sacred ways, to not let ourselves be discouraged by outside pressure, face the mission with faith, do our work staying detached from the outcomes, see the obstacles as opportunities offered to upgrade our abilities, be ready to shape-shift, adapt to all changes, do not stagnate in one site, keep spreading the truth.

The Sasquatch People and Star Elders have been patient with Humanity, in spite of senseless attacks, just like the Indigenous Peoples who have withstood through all kinds of persecutions and have stood strong as caretakers, and preserved their ancient knowledge and wisdom for us to benefit from the teachings and medicines they have carried, like the sweat lodge.

So with these many signs, encouragements and this precious guidance, I will carry on the best I can in doing my humble share towards the long awaited cosmic disclosure and the consciousness awakening. Kamooh, on behalf of the Council of Sasquatch Elders, has made his life mission to build bridges between his people and us Humans, to help in the healing of our collective karma and planetary spiritual evolution, and he has asked me to assist him in this disclosure process, with everyone who wants to join, to reconnect and reunite with our cosmic Family, for the greater good of all life on Earth.

It’s about all of us, all life on Earth and the destiny of future generations. Let us unite with our Elders…

–  SunBow TrueBrother

Guidance from the Elders for the vision of SCENIC, Experiencer story by SunBôw



SunBôw, author of the first two “Sasquatch Message to Humanity” books, is launching a new website:

SCENIC: The Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication!


Our purpose is to show the world that our Sasquatch Elders are peaceful and wise beings, who can become great teachers.

Mainstream researchers and media too often depict Sasquatch as a primitive primate, a dangerous monster to be hunted down.

There are hundreds of first hand experiencers around the world, from those who had an encounter, to those who have developed ongoing communications and friendly relations with Sasquatch.

It is time to show to truth to the world about the Sasquatch People, our closest relatives in the universe, who remind us that we are not alone, but part of a long lineage of intelligent species.

We send a call to all friends of Sasquatch, experiencers and communicators, to come forward and share openly with the world about the peaceful relations they have developed and the messages they have received from our Elders Sasquatch.

Your stories and accounts can be recorded in video or audio files, or in written documents. Texts size can be anywhere between a few lines to a few pages. You can sign or remain anonymous if you prefer. We will give due credits to all contributors. Interesting links to existing files are also welcome. We will publish your stories in a special section on our website.

Send your Sasquatch stories either to me personally in private messages, or subscribe for free to our website and submit your posts there for approval. Thank you gratefully for helping us in educating the world about who truly are our Sasquatch relatives.

Visit our website freshly launched this first weekend of March.

Having another interview with Regina Meredith today, I will mention the new website and this initiative to gather testimonies from people who know, respect and Love the Sasquatch People.

Best blessings to all. We are all relatives of One Family…


Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication (SCENIC) website: https://scenicsasquatch.com/


Our objectives:


  • To facilitate a peaceful and spiritual approach to interspecies communications and relations.

Promoting non-violent spiritual ways to contact non-Human intelligence and especially Sasquatch.

Helping people to develop connections with Sasquatch, providing information, counseling and support.

  • To document communications between Humans and non-Human intelligence, mainly Sasquatch.

Offering a website for experiencers to share about their communications/interactions with Sasquatch.

Recording in written, audio or video files, the accounts of Sasquatch experiencers and communicators.

Making available to the public the first hand accounts given by a number of Sasquatch communicators.

  • To create a network of Sasquatch communicators and other paranormal experiencers.

Encouraging Sasquatch communicators to connect together and share experiences and knowledge.

Promoting public education about Sasquatch through online networking, documents, videos and events.

To produce intensive research, interviews, documentaries and texts, from encounters in many regions.


To support SCENIC, please send your donations:

via Paypal: http://www.paypal.me/oneunitednation

via e-transfer: http://www.lomakatsi@yahoo.ca


Our website:  www.scenicsasquatch.com

Thanks and blessings to all. May our consciousness rise…


Promo Video for SCENIC featuring excerpts from SunBôw’s first interview with Regina Meredith (11/17) and from the 2nd annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat in Chewelah, WA (09/17):



“After publishing two books and giving a few speeches about my close encounters and communications with Sasquatch, within international circles of Sasquatch experiencers online as in events, the Elders have inspired the launch of a new network (SCENIC) to promote a peaceful spiritual approach to interspecies communications and to facilitate long term ongoing connections between communicators, the Sasquatch and an interested public.”

– SunBôw



Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the third annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference on Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. This weekend gathering includes conference speakers, spiritual and developmental workshops, sharing circles, vendors offering products and services, meals (additional), fun activities, and many opportunities to commune with kindred spirits, nature, and our beloved Sasquatch Elders. Tickets for this event is available at: https://2018psychicsasquatchspiritualretreat.eventbrite.com


In accordance with the Sasquatch People, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, we propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing ourselves, our planet, and our collective consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings. Our presenters will share their own personal encounters with these sentient beings as well as the messages that have been shared with them to assist in learning Universal truths, healing ourselves and relationships, co-creating together, and understanding our perspective realities.

The speakers and workshop presenters for this event include:

  • Kewaunee Lapseritis MS, MH– Master Herbalist, Dowser, and Author of “The Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People”
  • Kelly Lapseritis– Sasquatch and Star Elder Communicator, Author, and Clairvoyant
  • SunBôw– Shamanic Practitioner & Author of “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” Book 1 and 2
  • Clifford Mahooty – Grandfather Zuni Pueblo Elder and Engineer
  • Christina Schwind– Multi-Dimensional Activator and Accelerator and Light Body Healer
  • Georgeanna DeCarlo –  QHHT Practitioner, Author, and Sasquatch Communicator
  • Garrett Duncan– Navajo Shaman and Teacher
  • Gayle Fowler – Master Teacher in Reiki and the Feather Way and Sasquatch Channeler
  • Su Walker– Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive & White Otter – Shamanic Practitioner
  • And more to be announced!

The Chewelah Peak Learning Center is a beautiful wilderness campus and the perfect setting for this event that has many accommodations for everyone. Tent and RV camping is available on-site or you can also choose to bunk with others in the dorm rooms. Private rooms for families or small groups are also available, however pillows and bedding is not provided. The premises also has several hiking trails, a pavilion, fire pits, a large outdoor amphitheater, indoor restrooms and showers, clean drinking water, small refrigerators, and it would present wonderful opportunities to connect spiritually with the Sasquatch People, nature spirits, and other sentient beings that are present. The center is located about 45 miles north of Spokane, WA and just a few minutes away from the 49° North Ski and Mountain Resort in Chewelah, Washington, USA.

*** Weekend guests may camp out on Thursday evening (8/30) and stay until Monday afternoon (9/3) at 1:00pm.



Speakers and presenters are offered a vending table for $100 for the entire weekend. Vendor tickets are $100 per day or $300 for the 3-day weekend which includes 2 people (vendor and assistant) and sleeping at the facility (tent, bunk, or RV) as well as access to the conference, workshops, and event activities. If there are additional people travelling in the vendor’s group, they are subject to regular ticket prices (with the exception of children under 14). We are able to provide up to 2 large round tables for vendors but if you require special accommodations or equipment, the vendor is responsible to provide them. Vendors must apply by sending the following information to Kelly at sasquatchgoddess@hotmail.com:

  1.    Name of business, location, website and other relevant information
  2.    Names of people who will be vending and assisting with your booth
  3.    Products or Services you will be selling or offering
  4.    How much space you may need and if you are bringing your own tables, chairs, awning or other large supplies
  5. Are you vending for one, two, or three days? If less than 3, which days?Once this information has been provided and approved, a code will be sent to access the Vendor ticket types so that you may purchase them.

So far, we have vendors selling the following:

  • Books
  • Shirts and apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Spiritual and Shamanic items
  • Sasquatch carvings and items
  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Personal Services such as psychic readings, massage, light language, and consultations



Several workshops on various spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic, and self-help subjects will be available by different presenters. Workshops are included in the ticket price unless otherwise stated by the presenter for materials during the class. Many more workshops will be announced closer to the time of the event, but some of the confirmed ones this year will include the following:


“Telepathy 101” with Su Walker and White Otter

“Sacred Rainbow Rays” with Carissa Fisher and Susan Goddard

“Connecting with your Spirit Guides” with Gayle Fowler

“Multi-dimensional Training” with Christina Schwind

“Toning with Frequencies” Garrett Duncan and the Laughing Healers

“Sound Bathing and Frequency Healing” with The Chinos

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Group Session” with Georgeanna DeCarlo

“Healing the Emotional/Light Body” with Georgeanna DeCarlo

“Herbal Walk” (identifying plants and their medicinal, survival, and edible uses) with Kewaunee Lapseritis



Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are prepared by the facility and are available for purchase for Friday (8/31), Saturday (9/1), and Sunday (9/2). We ask that you pre-pay for meals as soon as possible to ensure that enough food is made. The menu is tentative but will at least include one of the following each day:

BREAKFAST: coffee, juice, eggs, toast or croissants, fruit, and light snacks

LUNCH: salad bar, taco bar, sandwiches, soup, pizzas

DINNER: salad bar, taco bar, pizzas, spaghetti, cooked vegetables

If you choose not to dine or sleep at the campus, the town of Chewelah also has 3 nice motels and RV camping facilities, and a variety of restaurants about 9 miles from the Chewelah Peak Learning Center (as well as many places between the cities of Spokane and Colville).



Prices are subject to an additional service fee from Eventbrite. All children 14 and under are free*.

Standard ticket prices are:


Day Pass (no camping) – $70 per person

$70 per person for the full day of events including conference and workshops. Does not include the price of meals.


Weekend Pass – $150 per person

$150 per person for the full weekend of events including camping, conference, and workshops. Does not include the price of meals.


Vending Day Pass – $100 per table/booth

$100 per vending table (for 1-2 people) per day which includes access to the conference and workshops. Does not include the price of meals.


Vending Weekend Pass – $300 per table/booth

$300 per vending table (for 1-2 people) for the whole weekend (Fri-Sun) which includes access to the conference, workshops, and camping. Does not include the price of meals.


One Meal – $12 per person

$12 per meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday


All Meals – $100 per person

$100 for 9 meals which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


* Children under 14 are free to attend the event but there is a $20 charge per night to sleep in the dorm bunks. There is no additional charge for children staying with adults in a tent or RV.

** Scholarships available for work trade. Email sasquatchgoddess@hotmail.com to inquire.

*** Refunds on tickets are available by request, minus 25% of the total price (refund fee).


TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE: https://2018psychicsasquatchspiritualretreat.eventbrite.com


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