February 18, 2018

Written by Kelly Lapseritis (Sasquatch Communicator)
There is an increasing amount of activity and reports from all over the world about the Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti/Yowie/Yeren/Wild Man making contact or leaving evidence of their existence. Despite this, there is still a large amount of skeptics that continue to want to see “scientific proof” that such a being exists, but our science lacks the tools to measure the evidence already provided. There is more than enough physical proof of their existence and relationship to us, but mainstream science dismisses it and uses the facts they do obtain to cover up the truth, much like they do with other beings that have been proven to exist. An example of this that is well known is all non-human remains and skulls that were destroyed by the Smithsonian after they could not be explained by science.
Once you have experienced the Sasquatch People, there is no denying their existence. It’s kind of like trying to “prove” or explain the phenomenon of love… there is no physical evidence to present, but when you experience it, you know what it is. That is part of the heart and soul connection that many have with the sasquatch or other multidimensional beings. There is actually a plethora of physical evidences of their existence but most is not accepted by mainstream because it doesn’t fit their agenda. They have many specimens of bodies and bones and proof is presented daily in way of tracks, hair, feces and forest phenomenons such as large structures or trees uprooted and placed upside down. Personally, we have samples of hair as well which has been tested to be primarily human and primate but it has other dna within it that cannot be explained and is found in no other substance on earth.

According to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s research in the Sasquatch Genome Project, three genomes were sequenced and they aligned, but when they looked at the nuclear part of the hairs to align it down chromosomes, they discovered something very unusual. The test determined that the nuDNA sequence was closely related to human, but it was not human and it was also something that has never been seen before. The genomes aligned with one another, meaning they came from the same species. So, here we’ve got three independent DNA samples from three different parts of the country from three different submitters and they are all showing the exact same thing on genomes! Based on these findings, the scientific name of ‘Homo sapiens cognatus’ was applied for and later published by ZooBank, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. Homo sapiens cognatus was selected since cognatus means ‘blood relative’ in Latin. Since the mitochondrial DNA that determines maternal lineage was 100% modern human, the Sasquatch People are literally our blood relatives. ZooBank has officially validated the application for the name Homo sapiens cognatus for the Sasquatch People. This is the first official step in scientific recognition of the species.

The following is an excerpt from an article by SunBow (DawaOutah LomaKatsi), a Sasquatch Communicator, written in February 2015 where 
some of this "lack of evidence" is explained and why:
  “What we know about Sasquatch that mainstream will always deny or cover up…
     Western religions and science are based on an anthropocentrist vision of the universe, placing the Human race at the center of the planet’s very purpose, on top of the ecosystems and at the apex of the evolutionary process, as the most intelligent life form on Earth, if not in the universe. Modern science, with its materialistic approach, still fails to explain many unconventional or paranormal phenomenons.
For these reasons, modern civilization is unable to seriously address or acknowledge officially such phenomenons as the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences, or other humanoids like the Sasquatch.
     The Sasquatch, from an adaptation of its Salish name Sasq’ets, also called Bigfoot, has been described in many parts of the world for centuries, in oral traditions and historical accounts, up to these days.
     They are known by a variety of names, the most famous being Yeti (Tibet), Alma (Siberia), Yowie (Australia), Didi (South America), Skookum, Seatco (Washington, Oregon), Skunk Ape (Florida), Misaabe (Eastern Canada), or Bush Men (Nunavut). Other names include Indian Devils, hairy giants, old people of the forest, it is also associated with Windigo. A correspondance could be made with Hanuman and the Ape People of the Vedic scriptures or several similar stories transmitted for centuries.
     In one of the earliest written account, at Nootka Sound, on Vancouver Island, the Spanish-Mexican naturalist Jose Mariano Moziño Suárez de Figueroa described the fearsome giants in 1793: ”Locals speak of a Matlog, a resident of the mountains, who fills everyone with unspeakable dread. They describe it as having a monstrous body, covered in all manner of rigid black bristles, with a head similar to a human’s but with larger, sharper and stronger fangs than a bear’s, very long arms, with its fingers and toes armed with long and curved claws. Its screams alone, they say, can topple anyone… Members of the tribe received word long ago that these entities owe their existence to demons.’
     Skeptics and systematic deniers have for their best argument the lack of material evidence and fossil proof. In fact, since the 1850’s, there has been dozens of reports of such creatures being either captured alive, killed or found dead, and many bodies were taken whole or in parts for study. In modern days, witnesses often report military personal or FBI recuperating corpses of dead Sasquatch. The Washington State’s wildlife guide list the Sasquatch and mentions DNA samples taken by the FBI for analysis.
     There are generally two most widespread approaches when it comes to studying the Sasquatch. First: the cryptozoologists, who see it as a surviving prehistoric primate, maybe Gigantopithecus, and they range between Bigfoot hunters wanting to kill the beast to prove its existence, to conservationists who consider it as an endangered species that needs to have its natural habitat preserved in order to survive. 
The other most common approach is the anthropological view, which sees Sasquatch as a primitive race of cavemen or unidentified Hominins, maybe Homo Erectus, Neanderthal or an unknown Homo genus.
     Both of these approaches fail to consider some important factors and thus to explain the mystery of the origin and nature of the Sasquatch. The best sources of information of this subject are certainly the cultures that have interacted for centuries with those beings, whether in Tibet, in Siberia or in America. The legends and stories about these creatures on Turtle Island alone could fill entire book shelves.
      Stories of old, as well as modern accounts, refer to strong psychic powers and paranormal activities, superhuman abilities, beyond what would be expected only from the most advanced shamans, and often UFO sightings associated with those beings. This makes us wonder if we really are the highest form of intelligence on this planet, if the Sasquatch are in closer contact with the star beings and the wildlife, given that they have succeeded in keeping hidden from us all this time.
     Although many accounts talk about a peaceful, benevolent being, the majority mention a frghtening dangerous monster to avoid, who attacked people at times and stole them, mostly women and children. After many research without much satisfying results, finding mostly the two conventional approaches described above, I finally came across a few interesting sources that provide a different perspective.
The first source has a more spiritual approach, from a contemporary Native scientific engineer from Washington State, who combines first hand experiences with stories he heard and ancestral knowledge.
     The second source is scientific, based on the results of a five year study in Texas of over one hundred samples of Sasquatch DNA gathered in several locations. This ancient knowledge and these new discoveries are uncompatible with conventional science, explaining why mainstream will never lift up the cover up and disclose the truth, unless a radical change of mentality and real opening of mind happens.
      The existence of Sasquatch, emissaries between our world and the underworld, proves in itself the existence of supernatural powers, extraterrestrial intelligences, human hybrids, and intraterrestrial populations. This hidden knowledge, kept secret by the elite, is the reason why mainstream academics are not ready to change their debunked evolution theories, and adapt to a wider and wiser perspective.
     Homo Sapiens Sapiens thinks himself smart, but we are far from knowing it all, concerning the vast Omniverse we are part of. Maybe we are not at the top of the evolutionary chain and there might be higher intelligences than us. Transhumanists suggest that the next step of evolution has to be brought by a technological enhancement that will turn us into cyborgs, more and more depending on technology.
But the only real lasting evolution Humanity can do is by elevating its collective consciousness to a higher spiritual level, recognizing and honoring all life forms, on this planet and eventually on others. Only through that approach can we hope to establish contact with other forms of intelligence, if not higher, at least equal to ours in the eyes of Creator. Then, we might learn something new and grow up. And if any form of life ever pose a threat or a problem for us, it is not by ignoring it that we can help it. For some this is nonsense, for others it’s wisdom. The relevance is that we are not alone, nor on top in this vast universe.
     To know and understand who else is around might change our views and understandings of who we really are. In this thread I’ll share a few info recently found, that might be of interest for some. We are all relatives.”
To validate SunBow's statements above, the following message was given to SunBow by Sasquatch Elder Kamooh in 
'The The Sasquatch Message to Humanity' Book 1, written in Autumn of 2015:
”As we are incarnated beings, there are plenty of physical proofs of our existence. But we conceal usually most traces and offer proper burial to our dead in undisclosed protected locations, inaccessible to your specie. Some of your people go around hunting us either to find or to cover up physical proofs of our existence, and they have succeeded in doing both. Being highly telepathic beings, when some of you identify tracks left by one of us, that one of ours knows who it is and what is their intention.”
”Likewise, when one of yours succeeds in taking pictures of one of ours and publishes them, we can hear the thoughts of those seeing it and feel the fears, hatred and ridicule we are subjected to in the uncivilization enslaving your people. This hurts our Soul. For this reason, we avoid cameras and having our DNA sampled. Material proofs of our existence can also threaten the safety of my people, if used to track us by the powers serving the lower lords, including some of your people, knowingly or not.”
”Our Human allies are not concerned about proving our physical existence, since there will always be denial in the uncivilization of the lower lords no matter how much proof is provided, to maintain the official program of the global control agenda through the false doctrine of specieism and an ideology of domination. Our Human allies are rather concerned about our rehabilitation in your collective consciousness as your elder relatives and long-time allies. Through the transmission of the ancient knowledge we have carried to this day that was largely forgotten by your people, we can once again as before work together in reestablishing the Divine Law and Cosmic Order on our home-planet.”
”My people are the living proof of the stories of your origins carried in your ancient sacred scrolls and in the ancestral oral traditions of your tribal peoples. Our knowledge is what your people has forgotten about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny. This is why the lower powers that have taken over this Earth are trying desperately to deny and cover up our existence, turning it to ridicule, for the public to keep ignoring the message we carry, while waging in secret a covert genocide against my people.”
”But a greater number of your Human People still sees our message as mere fantasy and fairy tales. They are not yet ready to reconnect with their ancient DNA star seeds genetic memory, or their souls cannot recognize realities they have not yet known or understood. This is easy to understand, knowing that the lower lords modified your genetics and have systematically erased every ancient teachings, and physical remains standing as proofs of your long spiritual evolution since the days your first ancestors.”
”Your science counts up to eight and a half millions of different species on this home-planet Earth, and this approximates around ten to fifteen percent of all earthly life forms. Transposing this beyond earthly proportions, we can barely comprehend the infinite possibilities of species and inter-species relations.”
”So in the end, what does it matter to your Human People if my Sasquatch People really exists or not? Why can’t your controlled religions and limited science acknowledge the reality of our very existence? Is it because our presence proves that your scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding are wrong? Could it be that the recognition of my people’s existence could free you from the enslaving paradigm?”
”Knowing that my Sasquatch People does exist forces you to reconsider all your certainties and beliefs. Our very presence proves that you are not the only, nor the first form of intelligent life with spiritual consciousness on this home-planet, even less so in the whole Omniverse of which you are a tiny part. Our existence also confirms that your Human People, like my Sasquatch People, were bioengineered by our Star Elders for a spiritual mission as part of a greater evolutionary plan for Soul consciousness. It is written in your and our DNA star seeds, and the existence of Sasquatch brings clear proofs of it.”
”The understanding of who my people are lifts up your consciousness to higher levels of knowledge, with the realization that there are interdimensional beings who can live or shift into dimensions beyond your normal perceptions. But you can also learn to reconnect with those dimensions, existing yourself on different planes, within the same Omniverse as we do if you remember your own spiritual essence.”
”We are not giant apes nor even related to them, as your cryptozoologists pretend; nor are we primitive hominids, nor even more related to them than to you, as some of your anthropologists tend to believe. Recognizing our true origin from the Star Elders and our spiritual wisdom, is the acceptance of yours. We are offering you your best opportunity to re-enter into inter-species peaceful, spiritual relations, and to realign with the Cosmic Order, to join back in our Star Elders Council, like your first ancestors did.”
We are excited to announce the availability of  the video recordings of speakers and events from the 2017 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference (now known as the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference) at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington!
We appreciate Max Guiley who worked hard during the gathering, recording with eight different video cameras and adjusting sound, wiring, and lighting, and a fantastic job editing the videos. These recordings are a blessed gift that will keep on giving! Thank you for putting your self and energy into this creation for all to benefit from.

Garrett Duncan (9/1):

Kewaunee Lapseritis (9/1):

Su Walker and White Otter (9/1):

* Speakers Panel Q&A (9/3/17):
Question and answer hour at the 2nd Annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference at the Chewelah Learning Center, Chewelah, Washington, September 3, 2017.

* Saturday morning opening – Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis announcements, Mary Alyce Nyquist singing “The Rainbow Connection,” Shakara Tosha and The Sabe Song *Thank you Bigfoot* (9/2/17):
Saturday Opening at 2nd Annual Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference 2017, September 2, Chewelah, WA, with Kelly & Kewaunee Lapseritis, Mary Alyce Nyquist,…

Garrett Duncan and the Laughing Healers – Gayle FowlerSuSun Flowers, & Carissa Fisher (9/2/17):
Navajo Shaman, Garrett Duncan; with Carissa Fisher, Gayle Fowler, and SuSun Goddard at 2nd Annual Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference, Saturday, September…

* SunBôw (DawaOutah LomaKatsi) (9/2/17):
DawaOutah LomaKatsi (Sun Bow) at the 2nd Annual Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference, Saturday, September 2, 2017. Sorry ’bout the typo: “Psychich”…

Kelly Lapseritis (9/2/17):
Kelly Lapseritis presenting at the 2017 Sasquatch Conference in Chewelah, Washington, September 2017.

Mick HarrisonLeigh Kerr, and Kagi Taka Raven (9/3/17):
Australians Leigh Kerr, Mick Harrison, and Brook Nobelius (Kagi Taka Raven), presenting on Sunday Sept 3, 2017 at Chewelah Washington, 2nd Annual Spiritual and Psychic…

Shakara Tosha (9/3/17):
Shakara Tosha — — presenting at the 2nd Annual Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference 2017 on the final day of Labor Day Weekend,…
Each video can be viewed at the individual links above or found on Max Guiley‘s Vimeo channel VIDEO MAZAMA (including the videos yet to be uploaded) at:
Thank you to everyone that played a part in the contribution of this amazing conference, gathering, recording, and family!
Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis

Join Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis tonight on Haunted Voices Radio as we are interviewed by Todd and Phil from 9 -10pm EST (6-7pm PST) about the psychic Sasquatch People and The Sasquatch Message to Humanity!

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A new article came out today in our local newspaper The Independent in Chewelah, WA about Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis, their work with the Sasquatch People and who they are, and the annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference!

Thank you to our local community and friends and family from afar for supporting our work and this reality. Chewelah is a small conservative town that has grown considerably in their open-mindedness of the Sasquatch People. In the 2 years since we started planning our first event, it has grown into a large international gathering with many people having more sightings and experiences in the area. Thanks to all of your who support us and attend the gathering and contribute to raising the vibration and consciousness of the whole area!

Here is a direct link to the article online:



What do you think the dolphins might have to share during these chaotic times on our Sacred Planet? Or the whales, or trees or owls? Or the bees. Or Sasquatch even! Their intelligence and wisdom are far greater than any of us were taught in school!

Mare Cromwell (Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author and Healer) will be interviewing a group of very gifted animal, tree, and other communicators starting Weds, Jan 17th through Weds, March 7th, at 8:00pm EST. (All interviews will be recorded and available to download later.)

I am thrilled to announce that I’m one of the communicators participating in this series. I will be bringing wisdom from the Sasquatch realms forward, along with some of their powerful healing energies. You can join myself and Mare live on Weds, Feb 28th, 8pm – 9:15pm EST (5pm – 6:15pm PST).

This promises to be a profound series of sharings from these other sacred realms here on Gaia. You are most invited to join us!

Note: This webcast series has been specifically requested by Mother Gaia during these ‘chaotic/dynamic’ times.

For more information and to register –

Deepest Blessings of Love and Light!

Kelly Lapseritis 

The following is Sasquatch Elder Kamooh’s end of year message to humanity channeled by Seth Buoymaster. Kamooh suggested that this message be launched today, on Winter Solstice and before mercury goes direct.
“I am grateful to all of you who are taking the time to learn from us and initiate the planetary stewardship initiatives.”
“Just as your people have a myriad of personalities, so do my people. It pains some of us to see so much destruction and we are making renewed efforts to heal ANY unforgiveness. It can be difficult for us at times to be in the back drop of life, on the outside looking in and seeing the struggles and the effect of the struggles, and are so grateful for all of our collaborations to assist you as for so long we have been consciously separate.”
“Some of my people are hurt by your people and forgiveness is working its way through to heal any damage, so that we as a people remain in love. This is our choice. What we are sharing is a message of forgiveness so the tension ends, the separation ceases, and harmony is restored for all.”
“We have learned much this year since your people and my people are merging once again in a harmonious co-creative relationship. We have learned that life can move forward for your species as the destructive minority’s power is running out and people are having to face that which they have denied needs healing through tough love. The unseen manipulations are reversing and as bad as the environment seems, it is turning around slowly but surely. The reclamation phase of planetary stewardship that has been initiated is well on its way as it was started years ago from the Guardians and people that have been doing this specific ground work. Enlisting more help gets more done.”
“The consciousness technology of Authentic Perfection was brought to your attention to RECLAIM the lands, waters, and airs, and this planet Earth. The more you help, the better it gets. When you gift your natural object into water, land etc., you are essentially saying “this area is reclaimed to Authentic Perfection as it should be,” and it sets up an ever increasing field of transformation to shift out that which would do harm to that area.”
“There are others that are trying to make everything inhospitable. By reclaiming, you are moving that unhealthy presence out and acting as guardians of the areas you gift, and it also helps to empower the other allies that coexist on this planet. As you leave the crystal or natural object, it continues to work on all of our behalf by taking the stand of Authentic Perfection, the true reality field. This helps you continue to focus your energies on what else is important.”
“One thing we hear a lot is “what can I do to help?” We are working to help you with that with action, personal and for the masses, that will assist the fulfillment of your true contracts with life.”
“Book Three is well on its way and we ask you to prepare yourselves by utilizing the following forgiveness dispensation for self-transformation. Also to prepare for the upcoming year, Book Three, and what it has to offer, it is suggested that all food and drink be enhanced through the consciousness technology of Authentic Perfection enlivenment as explained in previous Planetary Stewardship Initiative.” (
“Part of the Reclamation Phase is reclaiming yourselves. Our hearts are growing every time we have a loving interaction with you because we can see a building of a collective of healthy interspecies relationships which helps to create a future without warring with each other.”
“Those of you who are blinded by your own past pains and want to harm us or fear us as a coping skill, we forgive you. Yet we ask you to take a look at the reason (inner unresolved pains) within yourself that encourages you to act so uncivilized and observe it instead of acting upon it unconsciously. There isn’t any love in your endeavor to harm another; you are so much more than that.”
“The victim/victimizer roles you want to initiate with us are something we choose to avoid for obvious reasons. We have demonstrated many times that we choose peace, not war, by walking away and not engaging unless your people disrespect our home lands. Isn’t that demonstration enough to get our point across? We choose peace. Seeing yourself out hunting to kill as we walk away; what does that say about you? Asking yourself why you are choosing war is one of the most important questions you can ask on your path to live a loving, health-full life. Again you are so much more if you choose.”
“Whether this message came from us or from anyone else, it helps to hold your minds and actions accountable and gives you an opportunity to act with more accountability and sobriety.”
“Our love for you can be challenged along the way, yet we choose forgiveness and peace. Your maturity levels will determine your choices from now on since you are now realizing that you are more than a reaction to life; you are a co-creator with life, rooted in your conscious choices.”
“What we would like to offer is a dispensation of forgiveness. Some of you do not know how to forgive others or yourself. We would like to offer you the opportunity to initiate forgiveness into your lives as the tension in your collective is very high and needs to be brought to your attention as unforgiveness creates destruction. There is a rift between yourselves and life and unforgiveness, and all of its affects are needing to be transformed in order for a peaceful life to be reborn from your species. This changing of the energies is part of the reclamation initiative.”
“All you have to do is say “I choose forgiveness” and a dispensation of the energies of forgiveness will imbue you with its power and wisdom. Take a moment to feel the energies permeate your consciousness and cells.”
“This activation will go as far as you apply it in your life. Whenever you notice something or someone that you need to forgive, past or present, hold them in your consciousness and say “I forgive you” as if they are present with you even if they are not physically.”
“Notice the effects within as someone that you needed to forgive is forgiven after this dispensation. You may notice that there is much more power in the energies that flow forth to purify and perfect that situation.”
“At night as you relax, ask the question “who or what do I need to the most forgive now?” As you receive the impressions, affirm “I forgive you” and notice the healing results. For some of you this may be difficult. Break through your resistance to forgive by repeating “I forgive you.” I assure you that holding onto the unforgiveness is much more painful than experiencing the relief that forgiveness brings.”
“Make this next year (2018) the year of forgiveness so you can free yourselves from the damaging effects of the hypnotic spell of unforgiveness. You will be restoring your personal power every time you forgive, and as you will find out in Book Three, your personal power determines the direction of your life.”
“This simple yet powerful self-discipline will starve out the love deniers (lower lords, intruders) as they thrive off of the massive loss of personal power brought about by the unforgiveness. Is that what you choose to be a part of now that you know the truth? No? Greatness then! Do you choose to live your life 100% in eternal life alignment with forgiveness? Yes? Greatness then!”
“As the voice from our collective to your collective, we choose peace, we choose love, we choose to co-create perfection. Will you co-create with us? Yes? Greatness then!”
-Eldest Elder Kamooh-
*** Per Kamooh, this message speaks to the enlightened crowd as well as the ones seeking enlightenment. Kamooh says “A larger crowd will be attracted to read what is written and the message will help many to stop the insanity of irresponsible unconscious warring with life. Many are on the verge of taking the step out of insanity and opening their hearts which helps them to FEEL once again. We do not take it personally, we are calling it out to dehypnotize them and help them cross that threshold. We suggest to let go of any personal anger at the overly skeptical and ignorant ones to life, as they need love too. This creates a separation from the loving messages to reach them. Simply INCLUDE them with tolerant patience and discernment. This helps them to be fully touched by our presence instead of being blocked as unworthy. Love them all.”
DISCLAIMER: The related technologies are offered for theoretical exploration only; not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailments or affliction.
Seth Buoymaster practices energy and holistic healing in Beverly Hills, Florida. Seth has a B.S. in Holistic Health from American Institute of Holistic Theology (A.I.H.T), is a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho), and is a licensed Reverend of the Dolphin Star Temple ( To learn more about Seth and his services, visit:

Winter Solstice Traditions and Rituals

The winter solstice is a major pagan festival, with rituals of rebirth having been celebrated for thousands of years.

The Winter Solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness. According to spiritualists it is also known as the dark night of the soul. This is the night when the veil between dimensions is the thinnest. If you take time to listen, you may hear the whispers of messages from beyond.

As we wind down the year this is the time to honor your shadow self. The Solstice is a powerful time of  self-reflection, recharging, renewing and birthing new ideas. The longest night allows us to quietly reflect on the past year and to think about where we would like to focus our attention in the year to come.



We are kicking off our annual fundraiser to help us gather the funds to continue having this annual event and making it better every year. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and go towards growing this international circle of allies and ensuring a great gathering with affordable costs to attendees. If you wish to make a donation towards the 2018 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and the costs of publishing and printing The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book Series, please click here:

Thank you all for your beautiful contributions to making this event what it is; this re-union has already grown far beyond a regular conference, so we have changed the name of the event from “Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference” to “Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat.” We look forward to growing this circle of friends and opportunities for learning, sharing, and healing.


The 2018 gathering will be on Labor Day weekend, August 31st – September 2nd at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, WA. This year’s gathering will have more workshops and more scheduled gathering circles. Tickets will go on sale in January 2018, offering early bird prices.


Some of the returning speakers and workshop presenters this year are Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis, SunBôw, Garrett Duncan, Gayle Fowler and a few others waiting to be confirmed. Darrin W. Owens will be a new presenter in 2018 and many more new ones will be announced later as well. Check back soon for more information!

The following message was written by Seth Buoymaster of Beverly Hills, FL as channeled to him by Sasquatch Elder Kamooh in December 2017. Seth is a contributing author to the Sasquatch Elder transmissions in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book Three.

Planetary Stewardship Initiative for Planetary Reclamation

Kamooh says, “Thank you all for your previous work and readiness for initiating constructive change on this planet. The time is now to start the planetary stewardship initiative. There is an influx of energies at this time allowing for major changes in our ability to bring forth the patterns necessary for upgrading the platform of life. Let’s all do our part to assist in this reclamation phase of planetary ascension and meet the Creator half way.”

“What is co-created here is a consciousness technology used to transmit consciousness into objects. This is to be used for part of the Planetary Stewardship Initiative. This technology is for all to use to help perfect the lands, waters, airs, the planet and all beings, basically everything as it is all connected. This takes a lot of pressure off of having to hold space as some of you call it.”


“Simply place a clear quartz crystal or any natural object on or near the circle below for thirty seconds. What takes place is a complete purification of the object, then an enlivening of Authentic Perfection. What the energies of Authentic Perfection provide is a blueprint for anything it touches to always be pulsed to a higher and higher state of perfection, purifying imperfections on the whole. This technology is impervious to counterproductive manipulations. Once imbued, the object will continue transmitting Authentic Perfection forever or until it’s no longer needed.”


“That which is unaligned with perfection manifests as imperfect playouts such as sickness and health. Sickness and health for example are paradigms that beings can learn from, and then there is the reality field of Perfection where sickness and health concepts don’t exist. This is pointed out because perfection energies are coming to the fore as the imperfections crumble now at an ever increasing rate. The more you align with Authentic Perfection, the easier it is to process the influx of plasma energies from the eternal domains that are opening up to you once again.”


“Perfection is the destiny of Earth and it is up to you to choose to take that personal wave of ascent or not. By feeling the call and utilizing this consciousness technology you will be helping all life forms on the planet to align with the perfection energies flooding onto the planet at this time. I know some of you are saying that it does not seem like it as there is much imperfection playing out, yet we encourage you to let go of your fear and move forward. We are working diligently with this brother to bring forth messages and actions in Book Three that will help you to help yourself out of the destructive loops most are stuck in.”


“We would like all of you that choose constructive life to take a deep breath now and affirm that LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN FEAR. As you meaningfully repeat this, we will be sending you love to help cleanse you of your fears so you can step up to your daily roles as planetary stewards. Relax and the love will go deeper. This helps to shatter the belief that fear is more powerful than love, let fear shatter now. This one belief is playing out so much and is one of the undercurrents of all your internal and external warring. Enough is enough of buying into that paradigm, yes? Greatness then!”


Remember Planetary Stewardship

“Feel these next words and let them awaken a Re-membrance in you. “All beings that are aligned with the collective and live upon a planet, understand that planetary stewardship is a natural, loving action taken to express your gratitude for the opportunity to live.”


The Time is Now

“To start, print out and place your finger on the circle and feel the Authentic Perfection fill every cell in your body… You can do this through your electronics also as the light will send forth the energies, yet we suggest to stay away from electronics as often as possible. Now choose an object and place it on the circle for 30 seconds, and notice as a living Consciousness Field changes the heart of the matter.”


“We suggest that you get a bag of grade A clear quartz spheres or clear quartz crystals and place the whole bag of them on the circle for thirty seconds. Then as you go throughout your life, place them into every head spring, ocean and waterway. Place them in spots that we guide you to or where your Eternal Authentic Self guides you (more on that in Book Three). You may offer them in graveyards, dark feeling areas, near factories and tailing ponds, farms, fish tanks, in your well, at the base of the largest trees you can find, at a minimum of 4 inches into the soil.  You will notice that if you place one in a forest, it will transfer the information for hundreds of miles and the results are accumulative. The tree beings have massive energy fields and the root systems are extensive to spread this information; the mushroom network is awaiting the enlivened crystals. For those who are Grid Workers, place them on intersecting lines or ley lines themselves.”


“Place the crystals or natural objects onto snow-capped mountains, at the four corners of your home, one under the mattress, one in the refrigerator, one to hang under a ceiling fan in your home. Enliven incense on the circle and burn it daily to allow the air elementals to carry the imbued smoke to the areas in the atmosphere needing purification and perfection realignment. Make a crystal to hang from trees to enliven the elementals as they passes by it. You may even use rice if you don’t have crystals; any natural object will do.  If it is larger than the circle, that is okay.  Place prisms on the circle for activation and place them outside or in a sunny window and feel its pure authentic rays of perfection transform the environment. Print a copy of the circle and place it under garbage cans and it will help with your trash areas.”


“These are small and mighty gifts you will be offering and if you follow guidance, the placement will be setting up a Global Crystal Grid System for the assistance of perfection manifestation and assisting in the reclamation phase of this planet.  These offerings will help to transmute the poisons on every level, from your flawed creations and the consciousness that created them. If you have a special pendant, place it on the circle and it will create a talisman to wear to take yourself higher and higher into the absolute state of perfection realizations. It will help to dissolve the imperfections that you created and that were intruded upon you. You may also notice the enlivened object creates a powerful protective field around and through your entire being.”


“Think of the healing power of this circle as a gracious host helping you all along the way. If it feels after some time that the power is not as strong, it is because your energy handling system needs a rest to integrate; this is normal as perfection always brings about the highest and best in the highest and best way. Thank you all for your initiative.”


“With a huge hug from all of your Elders, we thank you, we love you, and we support you whole heartedly.”  

Seth Buoymaster practices energy and holistic healing in Beverly Hills, Florida. Seth has a B.S. in Holistic Health from American Institute of Holistic Theology (A.I.H.T), is a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho), and is a licensed Reverend of the Dolphin Star Temple ( To learn more about Seth and his services, visit


DISCLAIMER: .The related technologies are offered for theoretical exploration only; not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, ailments or affliction.


ADDENDUM: Seth said that he created this circle by holding the exact positioning to align with the energies of Authentic Perfection.
I asked him if one could create their own circle with proper intent and he said, “People would have to have more than an intention, they would need the specific signature running through their cells without compromise to initiate the enlivenment. If people put it on their cell phone background or even have it as a pic on their phone, it harbors the energies of it. So yes they can create one, but they have to KNOW; that is why the first step is to place a finger on the circle and really surrender to allow the energies to change their very structure. Then if their DNA/RNA is up to par, they can work to transmit it. This of course can be a lot easier said than done, for an authentic enlivenment as opposed to a phantasmagorical falsity.”

Here is SunBôw’s interview with Regina Meredith, co-creator of Conscious Media Network and anchor for Gaia TV’s new media division on Open Minds and Healing Matrix, that was recorded in British Columbia in October 2017. They discuss The Sasquatch Message to Humanity and his personal experiences.

This interview is available at Regina Meredith‘s new free video streaming website:
Thank you to everyone who attended, helped, and supported us in our first international extension of the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat!
DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBôw) and Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis presented about the spiritual, psychic, healing, and interdimensional aspects of the Sasquatch People for an audience of beautiful kindred spirits in Canada (and some US travelers) with the help of many great allies such as Clayten StedmannSherolyn Haakstad, Evie Clare, Daniel Airth NelsonLeo Carpio, Jules Delaney, Annie Gleason, and many more. Much gratitude to all that helped make The Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering and sharing of truth and knowledge a success!
Here is a link to photos and short video clips of this gathering:
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