Preface – Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle
Foreword – Dick Robinson

PART I: Field Data
Anthropology or Zoology
Mrs. Jones’ New Friend
The Mt. Hood Experiment
Sasquatch and the CIA
The White Sasquatch
Terror in the Midlands
Sasquatch in the Pickle Patch
Bigfoot in North Carolina
Legend of Medicine Mountain
Bigfoot in Ohio
Communicating with Bigfoot
Bigfoot in New England
Spiritual Keepers

PART II: Analysis and Implictions
The Bigfoot/UFO Connection
ETs, Sasquatch, and Psychic Healing
The Interdimensional Bigfoot
A Genetic Experiment?
Universal Reality

PART III: Supporting Materials
Wisdom from Sasquatch – Standing Elk
How to Contact a Sasquatch

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