Preface Christopher L. Murphy
Foreword Lee Trippett
Introduction Kewaunee Lapseritis

Chapter 1 Cryptoanthropology: The Ancient Ones
Chapter 2 The Sasquatch Whisperers
Chapter 3 The ET/UFO Connection
Chapter 4 The Hyperdimensional Sasquatch & Quantum Physics
Chapter 5 The Vortex Phenomenon: Unusual Cryptids
Chapter 6 The Elusive Evidence: Revamping the Empirical Model
Chapter 7 A Native Amerindian Perspective
Chapter 8 Researchers and a New Approach to Science
Chapter 9 The Future of Sasquatchery
Chapter 10 The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

Afterword I Jann Weiss—Interspecies Communicator
Afterword II Kathleen Jones—Interspecies Communicator

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