Response to New Book

April 27, 2011

 The new book Sasquatch People has received exceptional reviews from peoople.  Thank you everyone for your support.   On April 29th to May 5th, I,ll be speaking at a major conference in Albuquerque.  For more information, go to: .  In my first book Psychic Sasquatch, there were 76 witnesses who had psychic encounters (telepathy, etc.).  In my new book, I documented 187 witnesses.  My book has been out one month and now the statistics are 192!!!  This is very significant scientifically.

3 Responses to “Response to New Book”

  1. mary Brown Says:

    Be sure to give us a report about the Albuquerque conference!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!


  2. Interesting that you were educated in my neck of the woods—I lived most of my early years in Hancock Mass. Just a stones throw from Williamstown and North Adamas Mass. Went to Elentary school in those “”one-room”” school houses—before they were done away with, in fact was in the last class Nellie Cameron taught, before the Hancock Village school closed its doors. Many fond memories from the area, (I have the memory book 1976 that she put together with pictures that go back to early 1900’s) Thanks for putting together this book. The subject is well needed to be discussed and shared. I believe Hancock had its own version of suck like being–no one wanted to acknowledge.

  3. Hello: Thank you for your comments .. dear New Englander! I love the Pacific Northwest and don’t have family there any more. Glad you enjoy my book. Warmly, Kewaunee

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