Results of April 29th Wake Up Now Conference

May 11, 2011

My talk at the conference was a total success.  A DVD of my talk will be available in a few weeks at:  While speaking at the podium, three audience members saw two living Sasquatch apparitions standing on each side of me.  There were probably more people that did not approach me after.  NOW IF THAT IS NOT PROOF OF AN INTERDIMENSIONAL SASQUATCH THEN WHAT IS?

4 Responses to “Results of April 29th Wake Up Now Conference”

  1. Marsha Ramana Says:

    Awesome ! I will check out the DVD.

  2. toprhino Says:

    Thank you Kewaunee for continuing your life’s joy with the wonderful Sasquatch People and the Ancient Ones. They love you and will always be with you. Great Blessings to you, Anna Mancini I LOVE your new book. I sent out an email to my list to tell them about it. Hope that helps.

  3. The Sasquatch wanted you to be there! Because of spreading the messages and also awakening within others the TRUTH… Bless you Kewaunee- The Sasquatch and I adore you very much!


  4. Lynn Says:

    congratulations on the new book. -Lynn from Idleyld.

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